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New Brand On The Block: Bottega di Lungavita

Every time I crib about my oily skin issues to my dermatologist, his standard reply is, that I don’t have to worry about wrinkles for a long time. “Oily skin is God’s own way of delaying wrinkles”
While the long-term benefits sound very promising, the current problems outshine that promise. Like, literally!

Take it from someone who has dealt with oily, sensitive skin half her life, we think 5000 times before trying out a new skincare/beauty brand or product. One bad reaction and the side effects can be felt for months to come.
I very rarely take anyone’s recommendation in matters of skin care. But when a fellow oily skin friend of mine highly recommended a newly launched brand, Bottega di Lungavita products, I was quite keen on trying out their products.

When it comes to skincare I never try a new brand products that are heavy or cream based.
For my first time trying out Bottega di Lungavita products, I decided to sample their make-up remover, cleansing pads and lip balm. Safe, yet something that will give me an understanding of the brand and its products.

[Image courtesy Twinkle Dalal]

Review of Bottega di Lungavita Acqua Micellare (Make-up remover)
Make-up remover is one product where I do not mind spending. My main criteria is that the remover should gives a clean finish and removes all traces of make-up as well as suit my sensitive skin.

Before I tried out Bottega di Lungavita Acqua Micellare, I had only used cream based make-up remover. I was not too sure if a water based make-up remover would be able to give a clean finish as a cream based one.
However, after trying it out, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed with the product.

Verdict & Recommendation:
A great alternative to cream based makeup remover. It removes the most stubborn makeup with ease and gives a clean finish. Ideal for oily skin type as it does not leave a sticky residue.
Even though it is ophthalmologically tested, the remover does sting the eyes. If you are someone with sensitive eyes, it is best to avoid using the remover in that region.
Price: Rs.1350/- for a bottle of 250 ml.

Review of Bottega di Lungavita Lip Balm
Just as I have an unhealthy obsession with lipsticks, I have a one with lip balms too.
 I have to be honest, while I have tried all kinds of fruit and berry flavoured lip balms; this was my first time trying out an apple flavour one. 
Verdict & Recommendation:
Even before trying out the product I was in love with the flavour  and after trying it out, I must say this lip balm has made it to my top three all time fave lip balm list.
Lack of SPF is the only drawback of this lip balm. Otherwise, on every other counts it is perfect.
Price: Rs. 399/-

Review of Bottega di Lungavita Refreshing Cleaning Pads
It has been a while since I have used cleaning pads. One of the reasons being instead of cleaning, most of them would leave a sticky residue. I am so glad that after ages when I finally decide to try out a new cleanings pads it is this one.
Verdict & Recommendation:
These cleaning pads are idea for all skin types as they provide instant clean up. For someone with an oily skin type these cleansing pads are a boon. They clean as well as soak up the excessive oil, giving the face a clean, non-greasy and smooth finish. 
If you are someone who is always on the go and has to travel a lot, I recommend you carry a box of these cleansing pads with you at all times. 
One box contains 30 cleansing pads.
Price Rs.1690/-

After using these amazing Bottega di Lungavita products for almost a month, I can confidently say that Bottega di Lungavita make- up remover, cleansing pads and lip balm have officially become my must have skin and lip care product.

You can buy Bottega di Lungavita from

Please Note: These recommendations are based solely on my personal experience. Before using any of these products please make sure they are compatible with your individual skin type.
Before writing the review all the above products have been tried and tested by me for over a period of 2 weeks.
Till then, tra-la,
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  1. Good review :) Is is any good compared to Bioderma?

  2. I have oily skin too ! These seem like the wonder products :D Looking forward to trying these out :D
    xoxo <3

  3. Ha I always skimp on makeup remover. It's been baby wipes for years!

  4. Seems like a nice product Amena.

  5. Bottega's products sound promising, have u any idea if they are cruelty-free?

    great review :)

  6. I have sensitive oily skin, I think I am going to give brand a try :))

  7. I found them intresting..oily skin ( i need a try)

  8. thanks for sharing. I just tried the Neutrogena Facial cleanser (the one in a tube) and totally love it.

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  9. These products look great! I had oily skin issues when i lived in Bombay but now that i've moved i dont need to use any products