Wednesday 28 November 2012

Benefits Of Online Shopping.

For the longest time I have resisted the temptation of online shopping. I don’t know why but I had my (weird) reasons for resisting it. Then, just two days before our mother’s birthday my younger brothers literally forced me to get over my hang-ups and give it a serious try. Hey, desperate times called for desperate measures! (Their words, not mine).
 Ever since then, I have become a fan, follower and frequent online retail shopper.

If you are wondering what brought about this sudden change of heart, here let me share with you what I now consider benefits of online shopping.
[Images via: Group Solus]

Less Time More Finds.

Firstly, you can shop online sitting anywhere in the world. You can do it from your office desk, or while travelling in a train or even during a boring date, as long as you have a device- desktop, laptop, tablet, phone-and internet connection, you are good to shop.
Since most websites offer a variety of products-apparel, jewellery, electronics, skin care, bags, cosmetics, shoes- a number of things can be purchased at the same time from the same website. Plus, unlike mall shopping you will not find yourself trapped in long billing lines.

At Your Convenience!

As the online retail market grows so do the services provided by them. Most website offer free shipping which gives you the freedom to order things from anywhere within the country. Some websites even offer free worldwide shipping. 
For those who are tad bit plastic money shy, cash on delivery {COD} is your answer to online shopping. Also more and more websites are now offering interest free EMI facilities for your benefit. 
24-hour dispatch, 30-day return policy and 24x7 customer support are some of the USPs of online shopping. Not only is it convenient but also quick and less time consuming.

Everyday is Sale day.

I saved the best for the last. What if I tell you that there is a way to get great bargains and discount deal everyday instead of just during sale season? One of the reasons why I am so in love with online shopping is thanks to the concept of online coupons and discount vouchers. 
In my pursuit to find the best online shopping deals and bargains I very lucky found this amazing new website called CupoNation. It is currently India’s largest coupon portal.
What I love about it is that unlike many sites it is hassle free and very easy to use. CupoNation is open to all and is free for everyone. Plus one does not have to be a registered member to access their coupons and deals.
From electronics, books, apparels, flowers, gifts to services like insurance, restaurants, movies they provide a wide variety of options. You can find coupons and vouchers for well know brands such as Jabong, Myntra, Fashionandyou, Aircel, Snapdeal, Pepperfry, Zovi, Yebhi, Jet Airways, BeStylish and many more. Some of their discount offers are as high as 60% making it one of the best deal destination in the realms of online shopping. Plus, they also provide certain coupons and deals that are exclusively available only on CupoNation’s website.
All you need to do is find the stores you love to shop from. Next, you need to find a discount code for those stores and finally use the discount code at the store of your choice. Easy breezy, don’t you agree?
What I love about online deals and bargains provided by CupoNation is that you don’t just save money but you also get to buy the product you desire at the cheapest price available online. A win-win situation!
With festive, wedding and birthday season in full swing, opt for smart online deals and bargain available at CupoNation and enjoy the gift of giving.
It was only after I shopped for a to-die-for latest bag at 3 am in the morning dressed in pajamas and paying only 70% of the retail price did I finally realize the allure and value of online shopping. And once I discovered the wonderful nation of coupons, shopping, as I know it has never been the same.
Do you enjoy online shopping? And what according to you are its biggest benefits? Share your views with me in the comment section. 

Till then, tra-la,
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Monday 26 November 2012

Feeling {Fashionably} Festive!

They say,“be careful what you wish for; you just might get it!”
Ever since I started blogging, I have been hoping for a fashion themed contest. In fact, at the previous IndiBlogger meet I jokingly asked one of their team member if they ever plan to host a fashion-oriented contest? 
Therefore imagine my surprise and happiness when IndiBlogger teamed up with Shoppers Stop to create ‘The Perfect Festive Look’ contest. This is exactly what I have been wishing for.

Since we are in the heart of festive season I decided to create a look that can easily be worn to a number of social occasions and events.

Opting for a simple yet chic, what I like to call ‘AM to PM’ dress, this look is perfect for the modern everyday woman.
I chose red because not only is it synonymous with festivity but also compliments most Indian skin tones.
While the look in the collage is more of a party/night look, for a day/office look add a navy blazer or black cardigan and swap the gold sandals and fancy clutch with nude or black pumps and a tote bag and you are good to go. With minimum fuss this dress can easily be worn in a boardroom, a brunch date as well as on a dance floor. {For those who are not very comfortable wearing form-fitting, body-hugging dress, opt for an A-line or a wrap dress.}
From Christmas to New Year’s Eve party and from weddings, birthdays to family get-togethers and date-night this ensemble can easily be worn at a number of social and festive occasions.

What is festive season without the joy of giving? From jewellery to accessories to make-up and shoes there is something for everyone.
With limitless gifting options, here is a list of my fave Shoppers Stop pieces. 
Product Image Source: Shoppers Stop.

Are you a big fan of festive season as I am? And how do you like to dress for festive season? Share your views and suggestions with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Saturday 17 November 2012

The Art Of Fashion Collage Making

Everyone has a reason for starting a blog. Mine was to a way express my love, knowledge and understanding of fashion and aesthetics through my words and images. And as much as I love writing about it, I enjoy creating a visual pieces to express it.
Since I started blogging, collages have been my partner in crime. While style bloggers have their own personal closet to shop from and create stunning ensembles I love borrowing pieces from my virtual wardrobes.

My love for collages goes back to my childhood days. As a kid I used to cut out glossy images from fashion magazine and create my own interpretation of a fashion magazine. 
This childhood hobby of mine worked in my favour all through fashion school, as we had to create mood boards/ inspiration boards at the drop of a hat.
For those who do not know what a (fashion) collage is- it is an artistic composition made by combining different elements – images, swatches, text, and embellishments.

Since I started blogging lots of people have asked me loads of collage related question. From, 
why do I love them so much to how to make them and the different kinds of collages one can create?
The truth is, there is no one-way of making or one type of collage, be it hand made or virtually created.
Personally, I break down my collages into four groups and follow simple guidelines so that the end result is aesthetically appealing.

Different types of fashion collages

1. Product Display

2. Styling

3. Photomontage

4. Fashion Art/Editorial

The idea is to make the collage creative and not chaotic. It should visually appeal to people at the same time send the message you are trying to convey through it.

Fashion collage making rules I live by:
Balance It Out: A lot of people have great ideas that eventually become chaotic collages. Reason being they forget basic proportions while creating a collage. I have seen collages after collages in which the size of earrings, dress, shoes and background text is the same. Not only is it confusing but also very unwelcoming to the eye.
To make the collage visually appealing as well as believable the objects should be scaled to size in proper rations.

Keep It Real:
If the purpose of the collage is to virtually express your styling then make sure you create a look that can be worn in real life. I have seen collages in which a look is so horrendous it can put Lady Gaga to shame. Just because it is virtual does not mean the basic rules of good styling don’t apply. Keep this in mind when creating a styling collage. Ask yourself will I/someone I know be able to wear this in real life? If you want to inspire you readers with your styling make sure the look created in the collage is something they would want to wear.

Structure and Harmony:
The most important thing that goes a long way in making or breaking a collage is structure and harmony. Small things like alignment, spacing, propionate scaling and neat overlapping add towards making your collage a visual masterpiece. 

Also, thematic harmony of a certain kind is needed. Just like before baking a cake you know what type of cake you want to bake, similarly before making a collage one needs to know what type of collage you want to create. The theme can be specific one (festival, particular trend) or can be generic (seasons, colours). A theme acts as a building block from where you can take the piece forward.
Finally, refrain from over doing it. It’s very easy to keep on adding things. This only makes the collage look like a child’s craft project. A good collage is one that has all the elements it needs and not all the elements you can stuff in it. The purpose of the collage is to express yourself through a visual medium. If people don’t know what the basic theme of the collage is or what you are trying to say via it then the purpose is defeated.

A good collage is one that does all the talking without you saying anything.

There are lots of online sites as well as softwares for collage making but I make mine in Polyvore, Photoshop and Picasa.

Do you like to make collages? And what is your collage making mantra? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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