Friday 15 May 2015

Beauty Box | L'Oréal Paris Cannes 2015 Collection

While September is called the January of fashion, May, very well, can be called its holy month. Just when we were catching our breath from all the Met Gala action, here comes the most awaited international event of the year- The Cannes International Film Festival.
Yes, it is that time of the year where the best of couture fashion, international films and A-List celebrities are all found under one room on the French Riviera to celebrate the best of world cinema. 
Even though it is an international film festival, Festival de Cannes is very popular for its high fashion and glamorous red carpet looks.

While most of us can’t attend the event, thanks to L'Oréal Paris, the festival’s official makeup partner, we get to try out some of the latest products that the stars themselves will we wearing.
Every year, L'Oréal Paris releases a special edition Cannes collection in honour of the festival.
I got to try out some of the products and have created two classic, all time favourite red carpet looks that have been spotted year after year at the Cannes red carpet.

Romantic Glossy Look
I chose to go with a romantic theme for my glossy look. A soft look that reminds you of fairytales and a midsummer night's dream!
The delicate pinkish red shade of L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick- Rose Symphony gave the look a dewy pink pout. Staying with the theme, I opted for emerald green smokey eyes, instead of classic black, to give the look a dreamy feel. 
Completed the look with a side swept soft curls reminiscent of old Hollywood glam.
Being a matte girl, this was my first time trying out L'Oréal Paris liquid lipstick. What I loved about it is, the way it beautifully fused gloss with lipstick. The final result is glossy in appearance without a sticky residue. 

Dramatic Matte Look

For my matte look I choose to go dramatic. While the first look was all about fresh colours and free-flowing hair, this one is more on the darker and structured side.
The deep plum, with a hint of maroon, Arabian Nights shade from the Moist Mat Limited Edition Swarovski Lipstick range was ideal for the dramatic look. I decided to up my drama quotient and pair my dark lips with extended winged eyes and gold eye shadow, a hint of rouge on the cheeks and a sleek bun. 
Since dark lips are quite a trend this season, this look is perfect to make a bold statement with just your lips. 
I swear by L'Oréal Paris Moist Mat lipsticks and was really looking forward to trying the Limited Edition Swarovski range. The texture and finish is same as the Moist Mat range, however, the Swarovski embellished case is an absolute treasure.
I have been using the classic black Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H eyeliner for a few years. This was my first time trying the Diamond Black. This one has hints of silvery glitter along with it that gives a slight shimmery look on application.
This look was inspired by Sonam Kapoor’s 2013 Cannes red carpet look.

Other than being timeless red carpet looks, both these looks are very popular, especially with the L'Oréal Paris ambassadors who often spot one or both these looks at Cannes.
Now that Cannes has started I can’t wait to see what all looks my fave L'Oréal Paris brand ambassadors will be flaunting. 

Till then, tra-la,
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Tuesday 12 May 2015

Ode To Summer

What is summer without its share of vibrant colours, eye-catching prints and flirty silhouettes? Even though the weather is practically intolerable, the fashion offerings of the season is why summer is such a hit with fashion lovers.

I got to see summer fashion in full bloom and all its luscious glory when I was invited to review and style Reliance Trends Spring Summer 2015 collection.
As I walked into Reliance Trends store, myriad of bold prints, bright colours and classic summer staples greeted me.
The colour palette offers everything from classic neutrals to delicious jewel tones to delicate pastels. Prints run from stripes to florals to exotic tropical. Flirty and flowy silhouettes in comfy and lightweight fabrics that are ideal for the scorching summer heat were found in abundance.

As part of the Summer Runway Project, I had to create a summer look featuring the latest collections of their in-house brands, DNMX, Fig, Fusion, Intribe among a few others. Judging by the images I uploaded on my social media platforms, safe to say, I was totally spoilt for choice!
After trying out a variety of looks, finally decided to go with a look that is a fine balance of summer classics and summer 2015’s biggest fashion trends.

I decided to let my model and stylist friend, Preeti Venkatesh, play muse for my Summer Runway Project looks. 
Her bohemian personality, plus, her gorgeous exotic features, were perfect for the looks I had in mind.

I opted to make these tropical print DNMX pants the hero piece of my look. What I really liked about the print is, even though tropical in motif and design, the colours were on a subtle side compare to the other tropical print pieces. 

I decided to pair the pants with a must-have summer staple, a cream colour Fig top. The eyelet design on the top adds texture and ups the overall style quotient of the look.
Completed the look by layering it with a lightweight DNMX denim shirt. The denim adds an element of colour to the look that contrast as well as complements beautifully with the colours of the tropical print.

[Outfit Details: Tropical Print Pants: DNMX; Cream Top: Fig; Denim Shirt: DNMX]
The final look is not just summer friendly but ideal for most Indian body types. From petite to plus size, this look can be easily worn by a number of women.Depending on how your mood is, you can keep the look causal or glam it up by adding some statement accessory and heels. Either way the look can be worn to a number of occasions with just few styling tweaks.

The second look is a laid back, part grunge, part boho, look. Swap the cream top and denim shit with an oversized DNMX navy tank top. 
This look is more on the casual side compared to the first look.
 If tanks are not your style, you can always opt for a boxy tunic or a sleeveless shirt.
[Outfit Details: Tropical Print Pants and Navy Tank: DNMX]
Other than being on trend and fashion forward, these tropical pants are quite versatile and can easily be styled in multiple ways. 
As impressed as I was with the collection, the pricing of the collections was even more impressive. Not only is Reliance Trends Spring Summer collection ideal to beat the heat in style but also pocket friendly! In a nutshell, this collection is totally on trend and in budget!

Guys, here's some great news! Reliance Trends will be running contests from 13th to 17th May on their Facebook page and you stand a chance to win this very look. 
What are you waiting for? Head straight to Reliance Trends Facebook and Twitter pages, and follow Fashionopolis on Facebook and Twitter for all the contest and giveaway updates!
Heartfelt thanks to Preeti, Saurabh and Abhishek for being a part of my Summer Runway Project. You guys are the best.

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Till then, tra-la,
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Sunday 10 May 2015

#SubscribeToSmooth With Gillette Venus

Fashion and grooming often go hand in hand. While we openly discuss all aspects of fashion, we are not so vocal about all our grooming rituals. 
In fact, this is one of the most important aspects of our grooming regime, and yet, we seldom talk about it openly. Time to put all qualms and inhibitions aside and freely discuss body hair.
As much as we wish and want, none of us are born hairless and we all have had our share of unwanted body hair issues. Without beating round the bush, lets get to the heart of the matter and discuss all things hair removal. 
As a teen, I started my hair removal journey with shaving until someone filled my head with multiple shaving myths. I then switched to waxing and since then I have been waxing. While I have occasionally opted for shaving, by and large I have stuck to waxing.

Recently, I was invited to a bloggers panel discussion with Gillette Venus brand ambassador Kriti Sanon, renowned dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty and beauty expert Namrata Soni to discuss shaving and how it’s one of the most hassle free and painless methods of female hair removal. 
The panel discussion was the perfect opportunity for me to reacquaint myself with shaving and have all my shaving myths and doubts put to rest. 
From busting age-old shaving myths to sharing their personal shaving experience, the event was very insightful and informative. 
Here is what the three esteemed panelist had to say about shaving:
Speaking about Gillette Venus, Kriti Sanon said, “I have always followed a strict regime when it comes to taking care of my skin. Gillette Venus products have always been skin friendly owing to the unique design and distinctive features that perfectly suit a woman’s needs. The best part of shaving is that its hassle free and takes minimal time and enables one to be ready for any occasion at all times”.

Dr. Rashmi Shetty busted one of my personal shaving myths: “Majority of women have apprehensions with regards to shaving. Many of whom believe that shaving will make their skin become darker or that hair would grow faster and thicker which is why they refrain from it. However, in reality hair growth is determined by one’s genetic and hormonal makeup.”
 She hopes and aims to bust such age-old myths and impart knowledge about how shaving is one of the safest, most effective methods of hair removal.

Sharing her shaving experience, ace celebrity makeup maven, Namrata Soni, states, “From time to time, rumors and myths have been discussed around shaving. The basic essential to achieve a healthy skin is to use the right kind of products in the right manner. While hair removal is a key part of everybody’s beauty regime, we need to also ensure that we use the method that best suits our skin type. Personally, I believe that shaving is one of the safest and most convenient methods and is suitable for all types of skins”.

After having a one of on chat with the panelists and having all my queries and doubts put to rest, it is safe to say I am all set to #SubscribeToSmooth and give shaving another go with 
Gillette Venus.
I will be busting shaving myths and sharing my shaving experience over a series of upcoming post. Watch this space for more as I get ready to Smooth Sail with Gillette Venus.

Till then, tra-la,
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Sunday 3 May 2015

Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 | My Favourite Collections (Part 2)

Like I mentioned in my first post, this season I have decided to share a list of some of my favourite Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 collections.
Here's is the second part of my fave collections.

Bazaar Inspires ‘Mulmul’
The humble mulmul played muse to eight Indian designers in Bazaar Inspires collection. The globally renowned fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, presented eight designers’ collections using Mulmul as the focal point during Indian Handlooms and Textile Day at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015.
From Anand Bhushan’s all white sleek collection to Hemant and Nandita’s Kashmir inspired collection that turned the simple Mulmul into a fashion fabric with surface ornamentation to Rabani and Rakha, who transformed the soft Mulmul into glamorous silhouettes, the collection showcased creative interpretations of this classic fabric. 
The beauty of the collection was, while all eight designers used the same base fabric, they each created collections so drastically different that one is literally spoilt for choice. Safe to safe, after this, I will never see mulmul as just a plain piece of fabric every again.

Urvashi Joneja
Urvashi Joneja is one of those designers whose concepts always seems to impress me. She finds inspiration in the mundane and interprets it with her vision in the most beautiful way.
For her Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 collection, Urvashi found inspiration from a phase of life that everyone is familiar with- ageing.
She based her designs on the process of ageing, an inevitable phenomenon in our lives. The tree rings motif (which also resembles human wrinkles) was used to highlight the theme of the collection. From prints to laser cuts, the tree rings motif appeared in a variety of techniques throughout the collection. 
Elegant in construction and beautiful in theory, ‘Retold’ by Urvashi Joneja sent a strong and stylish message.

Anamika Khanna
One of my all time favourite designer, Anamika Khanna’s collection was exactly what a grand finale should be. Dramatic, bold and statement making. 
A truly avant-garde couturier, Anamika’s interpretation of Sculpt was a display of craftsmanship and construction. With structured drapes, it was a fearless line, not confined to rules but an innovative blend of ‘sculpting’ and ‘de-sculpting’. Indian crafts were used in structural forms. The colour story played with silver, gold, ivory, gunmetal, black, soft pink, nude and a strong blue. 
The experimental silhouettes played with structural drapes. Exquisite embroidery like zardosi and thread and metallic were the perfect embellishment 
Whether it was the fabrics, silhouettes, colour palette or embroidery, the Sculpt collection by Anamika Khanna was an intense fashion experience that left us all spellbound.