Sunday 31 March 2013

Summer Fashion Staples

Here’s a fact: nobody welcomes a new season quite like the fashion world. Ever fashion house, brands and shop is doing its very best for you to know that they have the must-have IT trend of the season.For us fashion bloggers summer officially arrives when our inbox gets filled with summer fashion lookbooks and store visit invites. 

While browsing through the various summer lookbooks sent my way, I stumbled upon Promod's summer collection. To be honest, I have known about Promod but never really noticed it before. Out of curiosity I gave it a look, and I am glad I did.
While going thorough their summer collection, I not only found some stunning, drool-worthy pieces, but I finally discovered Promod.

[Coloured Jeans, Denim Shirt, Watch, Bracelet, Bangles, White Blouse, Mini Skirt, Sunglasses, Printed Dress, Cuff: Promod
Aldo Stripe Top, Aldo Metallic Flats, Charles & Keith Oversized Bag, Aldo Floral Print Shoes, Mango Bag, Nine West Colour Block Shoes, Inglot Lipstick all available at]
From classic to bright coloured jeans, floral print shirts and white lace trimmed tunics to printed dresses and everyday tops; Promod’s new collection is a fine mix of timeless must-have summer staples and the latest trends of the season.
While the entire collection is filled with standout pieces, my personal favourite's are the denim shirts, the splash effect floral print top, delicate white tunics/blouse with embroidered lace and embellished mini skirts.
The beauty of Promod Spring-Summer 2013 collection is, that most of the pieces can be worn in the day and with a few add-ons be transformed into night-out ensembles.
What I really liked about Promod Spring-Summer 2013 line, is that they have managed to create a collection that provides the modern women with affordable, sophisticated and easy-to-wear fashion.

What do you think of Promod's Spring-Summer 2013 collection? What are your must-have summer fashion staples and how do you like to style them? Share your views with me in the comment section

Till then, tra-la,
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Sunday 24 March 2013

Trend Spotting: Emerald Green, Colour Of The Year 2013

This year the streets of fashion have been turning green. No, not (just) with envy but with major style! From runway to red carpet to street style, “lively, radiant, lush green” better know as Emerald has completely taken over.
The colour gods, aka Pantone decided to make Emerald {17-5641} this year’s colour ambassador. And why should they not? After all, this verdant jewel tone is often associated with sophistication and luxury, and according to its official colour definition, it “enhances our sense of well-being by promoting balance and harmony.”
Also, after last year’s in your face, attention grabbing Tangerine Tango, Emerald with its refined allure comes as a breath of fresh air. No less attractive than its predecessor, emerald green is perfect for those who wish to wear a rich, luxe hue minus the all-eyes-on me boldness.

[Images via Pinterest]
Emerald may be a new shade for some, but here in India it has been a part of Indian attire for years. Often spotted in bridal trousseau or traditional Indian weaves, emerald along with many other tints and tones of green is culturally an integral part of Indian fashion ethos. Plus, the beauty of emerald is that it complements most Indian skin tones.

If you are looking for ways to tryout and wear Emerald Green, here are a few styling options to help you out.
Start Small: The simplest and safest way to experiment with a new colour is by opting for small pieces, aka accessories in that shade. Start with a pair of emerald green earrings or an emerald green tote or emerald green pumps. Once you have found the confidence as well as your comfort zone with the colour you can invest in bigger pieces.

[The look is a combination of Spring Summer 2013 three biggest trends: Bright Yellow, Stripes and Monochrome]

Colour Block with Contrasting Shades: Ever since colour blocking was discovered and made into a trend it has been a hot fave of the fashion world. A great way to mix ’n’ match bold and rich colours of your choice to create striking look. If you think you can rock a color block look, pair your emerald green piece with contrasting shades such as blue, purple, yellow and orange.

Balance With Monochrome and Neutrals: One of the best ways to style a bright hue is to mix it with neutrals. Pair it with a classic monochrome black and white combo (IT trend of the season) or neutral shades such as brown, grey, beige and navy. The neutral colours balance out the ensemble without diluting the charm or taking away the attractive quality of the main colour.
The trick to styling emerald green is by balancing out the ensemble’s colour palette as per your preference and picking a look most suited for you body structure and personal taste.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute stated, “The most abundant hue in nature, the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum,”
This year along with nature, emerald green is going to be the most abundant hue of the fashion world too.

What do you think of Pantone's pick for Colour of the Year 2013? And how would style emerald green? Share your views with me in the comment section.

This post was written by me as a guest blog post for Shop InOnIt's Style Blog.
Till then, tra-la,
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Tuesday 19 March 2013


The other day a friend of mine asked me a very profound question: "What the hell is a statement making piece and what is so statement-y about it? Ever other fashion blogger I see is using this word 'statement'. It's like you people have run out of adjectives to use nouns instead!"
As much as I wanted to point blank deny our obsessive use of the word 'statement', I just could not. I have to admit, the denizens of fashion blogosphere do use this term quite frequently and let's be honest quite loosely as well.
From an eye catching blazer to a pair of everyday sneakers with neon lace, a
 whole lot of people use the term 'statement' to just about describe anything. 

Here's the thing, before one can claim that he/she is wearing a statment making piece, let us understand what really does the word 'statement' mean from a fashion and styling perspective?
 In simple terms, 'statement' is often used to describe any piece of garment or accessory that is the attention grabbing, all-eyes-on-me piece of the entire ensemble.
{Last month at  Valentine's Day styling event hosted by Creo Lifestyle, I decided to style my simple  brown AND top and black Marks & Spencer jeans with Creo Lifestyle's statement jewellery and bag}

While some are comfortable in wearing statement making pieces such as neon top or embellished jeans, I prefer to flaunt a statement accessory or jewellery.
Personally I am comfortable wearing one statement piece at a time. But there are some fashion mavens who have mastered the art of effortlessly mix two or three statement pieces in one ensemble.
The keep to successfully styling multiple statement pieces is by balancing out the entire look without going overboard. {Anything that makes you look like a Lady GaGa or Nicki Minaj's clone is a major no-no!}

One of my all time fave styling combination is mixing trendy 
statement elements with simple, classic pieces.
 F.Y.I. Just like statement does not mean GaGa-esque, similarly simple does not mean plain or boring. These are clothes/accessories that don't scream for attention and are not the 'look at me' piece/s of the ensemble. 
The above three looks combine classic, evergreen styles with a statement element/s. The purpose of pairing a statement piece with a classic combination or simple outfit is to enhance the look without taking away from its original charm.

Since statement piece is an all eyes on me, attention grabing piece, it is best to wear it around an asset. Whether it is a garment, accessory or jewellery, you should opt for a statement piece that will not just complement your body type and skin tone but also flatter your personality.

What is your favourite statement piece? And how do you like to style it? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Monday 18 March 2013

Styled With Qup Accessories {Spring-Summer 2013 Collection}

Ms. Marilyn Monroe once sang, "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend". While Ms Monroe is absolutely right in calling diamond a girl's best friend, one really can't deny the fact that accessories are a girl's most loyal friend and companion.
As much as women love their clothes, they are seriously incomplete without their accessories! In times of need, most of us turn to our beloved accessories. Rain, shine, A.M, P.M, single, married, young or old accessories have and will always be a part of a girl's life. 
Honestly, what would women be without their minions of bags, shoes and jewellery? Plus, without accessories no woman in her right mind or style would ever be able to ever repeat the same outfit. Only with the help of accessories are we able to create new looks with old outfits.

Just like Carrie had a thing for shoes, I have a thing for all kinds of accessories. My constant search for finding trendy new accessories led me to discover Qup Accessories.
 An up and coming accessory brand, Qup Accessories have some of the trendiest pieces I have seen. A wide variety of bags, shoes, scarfs and jewellery to choose from, their aim is to create stylish accessories for the fashion forward woman who likes to adorn herself with the latest trends.

While Qup Accessories' entire Spring-Summer 2013 collection is filled with must-have statement-making pieces, here are some of my favourite ones.
All pieces show in the above collage are from Qup Accessories Spring-Summer 2013 collection. For more details on these products click here

What I love about Qup Accessories Spirng-Summer 2013 Collection:
 From bags, to shoes, to scarfs, to watches, to jewellery, every kind of accessory is available under one roof. There is a lot of choice in terms of style, colour and material to choose from. Everything had been designed keeping in mind the needs of today's fashion forward woman.

Along with being stylish and trendy, Qup Accessories are reasonably well priced. Most pieces available are well under Rs.2000/- {The average price range of a Qup Accessories is Rs.500-Rs.2000}

Qup Accessories Spring-Summer 2013 collection is a perfect balance of classic as well as statement pieces. Whether you are someone who likes traditional neutrals or classic black and white pieces or prefer bright and bold colours, vibrant prints and eye catching statement pieces there is something for everyone. From latest trend to classic styles there is a wide range of options to choose from.

Along with having their own flagship stores in Bombay, Bangalore and Ahmedabad, Qup Accessories are exclusively available online at
[Dress, Stripe Blazer Coloured Blazer: Mango
 Both Bags, Both Shoes, Necklace, Ring, Earrings and Watch: 
Qup Accessories]

Whether you are looking for accessories to match your office wear attire or party ensemble there is a stylish fashion forward Qup Accessories piece to style with and complement your look.

What do you think of 
Qup Accessories and their Spring-Summer 2013 collection? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Thursday 14 March 2013

GIVEAWAY: Juvalia & You And Fashionopolis Facebook Giveaway

William Shakespeare said, "All that glitters is not gold". But take it from me, all that glitter does not necessarily have to be gold if it is stylish! 
Stylish and chic is exactly what one of India's finest fashion jewellery brands; Juvalia & You has to offer. Trendy pair of earrings, necklace, rings, hair accessories, anklet and bracelet that have been designed keeping the latest trends as well as classic styles in mind to create unique one of a kind jewellery pieces for the modern day woman.

Fashionopolis is happy to be associated with and announce that one of Indian finest jewellery brands Juvalia & You offers an exclusive FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY for friends and readers of Fashionopolis.
Let me tell you this is no ordinary giveaway, cause there will be not just 1 or 2 winner but 4 lucky people stand a chance to win exclusive Rs.500/- voucher from Juvalia & You.

Terms and Condition for Valid Participation:
3. Share this Giveaway picture and tag 5 friends.
4. Comment and tell us why, “I must have Juvalia & You jewellery because…”

The best 4 answers each will win an exclusive Rs.500/- voucher from Juvalia & You.
Giveaway ends on 24nd March 2013. ENTER NOW!!!!!


Till then, tra-la,
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The L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards

Even before I stared my love affair with fashion and blogging there have been a few such things that have inspired me towards it. I fould my love for fashion and writing through the pages of Femina and the first beauty product I brought was from L'Oreal Paris.
So, when these two power house of inspiration and innovation decided to join forces to celebrate and honour women who have not just achieved by left a huge impact and brought about change in other people's lives, I really wanted you all to know about this amazing award and well as be a part of it too.
 Thanks to the 'Readers' Choice' section, we all can be a part of it and cast our vote for our fave nominee.

The L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards is all about felicitating women who have made a difference. Women who have stood up for a cause that’s closer to their hearts; whose efforts have brought smiles on faces of many, and who have helped others lead a better life.  

This is the second year of the L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards and it’s time to Meet these Women of Worth.
Honouring women with extraordinary accomplishments, outstanding leadership qualities and exceptional commitment to their careers and communities; the L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards will have 17 categories including science, business, entrepreneurship, sports, art, education, television, and music, among others. 

There are three categories in the L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards. Along with  'Editor’s Choice' and 'Jury', we the reader are empowered to pick our fave by voting in the 'Readers’ Choice' section.
To know more about the nominees as well as cast your vote click here:

What’s special about this year’s awards?
This year L'Oréal Paris is going a step further and will not only felicitate these remarkable women but will also provide grants to the winners of four categories that will be voted for by the readers and fans of L'Oréal Paris and Femina.
To insure your favourite woman and her cause win, please cast your vote.
Let me introduce you to the nominees in each 'Readers’ Choice' award category so that you will have a better idea as which of the nominees deserve your vote. {The one highlighted in red is my pick}:

A. Favourite Face of a Cause
1. Amala Akkineni - founder of Blue Cross Hyderabad
2. Shabana Azmi - affiliated to NGO, Mijwan Welfare Society
3. Sampat Pal Devi - leader of the Gulabi Gang
4. Dr. Sunitha Krishnan - founder of Prajwala (anti-human trafficking organisation)
More details click here

B. Science and Innovation
1. Neha Juneja - Designed a modern stove called The Greenway Smart Stove
2. Zubaida Bai - Works with Ayzh, a Social enterprise
3. Rashmi Bharti - Co-founder of Avani,which creates eco-friendly livelihoods
4. Promita Sengupta - Founder of Innovation Unlimited & Portable Sanitation
More details click here

C. Online Influencer
1. Anusha Yadav - Founder of the Indian Memory Project
2. Rajashree Khalap - Blogger and founder of the IND Dog Project
3. Nayantara Kilachand - Editor and founder of
4. Nilanjana Roy - Blogger, author of The Wildings and is very active on Twitter
5. Ruhi Sheikh - Fashion blogger at Republic of Chic
More details click here

D. Social Impact
1. Chetna Gala Sinha - runs a business school for women in rural Maharashtra
2. Usha Chaudhary - founder of Vikalp Sansthan, works to prevent child marriage
3. Kousalya Periasamy - founder of Positive Women Network (empowers HIV+ women)
4. Bertha G Dkhar - lost her eyesight & invented the Braille code in Khasi language
5. Alice Garg - founder of Bal Rashmi (exposed sexual exploitation)
More details click here

Each nominee has done something outstanding and remarkable in her field. They all have contributed to society and their works have left a lasting impact in our minds. And as much as I would like to select everyone of them as my pick for winner, the women I have chosen have inspired me with their works and words. Some have found a way to turn the negative in their own life to positive use. Some have chosen to speak on issues where others have stayed silent for long. All my picks are women who inspire me and whom I look up too.

 These women of worth have made amazing things happen. They have empowered others through their initiatives and innovations. 
As friends and readers of Fashionopolis, I would really appreciate it if you could join me in this cause and vote for your favourite nominee as well. What better way to celebrate womanhood than to support these wonderful ladies and their noble cause.

Till then, tra-la,
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