Tuesday 31 July 2012

Make It-NOT-Work!

Most people won’t dare leave their homes without their BBs and I-Pads. Yet, they very easily forget to give their appearances a once over before stepping out. In a world full of smart packaging and snazzy presentations don’t get left out because you forgot to take care of some small yet significantly important work place dressing etiquettes. Note to self: “Carelessness in dressing is moral suicide.”

I. If you've got it, DON’T Flaunt it!
Well, contrary to the famous belief, office is not the place to flaunt anything except your personality! Everything else should very well be covered up. Keep the sexy lacy top, see-through blouses, miniskirts, shorts, and bare midriffs for after hours. If needed, sheer outfits must at all cost should be worn with lining. Office ain’t no place to play peek-a-boo.

II. No Flipping!
For those who already don’t know, flip-flops are footwear for the home. Believe me, nothing screams laid back (read lazy) quite like walking in for a 9am meeting in your favourite pair of slippers.

III. Oh My, Look what the cat dragged in!

Wrinkled pants and stained or faded tunic top are just as bad as showing up in gym shorts and flip-flops. The "I don’t care what I wear" look does nothing to enhance your credibility. What you wear is the first indication of who you are.

IV. Are you Hairy Scary?
You know what is worse than a frumpy colleague? An impeccably well-dressed one whose hair is all over the place! Your hair is called your crowning glory for a reason. Not combing it is a cardinal sin! The “I just got out of bed” look works only in the editorials. Plus, it shows your unorganized side. Keep in mind; it is the little things that go a long way. Neat and tidy hair has always been the trendy way. Bad hair day or not, there is just no excuse for untidy locks. In words of Hubert de Givenchy: “Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.”

V. Never try this at Work.
Finally, you must always say no to: garish makeup, insanely long nails, clothes that are tad bit too tight, chunky jewellery and shoes that make noise. In short, anything that’s makes you look like Beyoncé’s back-up dancer is a big no- no.

Remember, if people are talking about your clothes more than your qualifications, you're wearing the wrong clothes.

What is that one thing you would never ever wear to the office? And why? Share your views and opinions with me in the comment section.
Till then, tra-la,
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[Images Via: Celebuzz, Pinterest, Lookbook.Nu, White House Black Market, Google Images]

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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Style It Thrice: Color Block Woven Sandal

Here a fact- there is very little that can distract me from a decadently sumptuous meal. So imagine my surprise; while digging into my fave mushroom risotto my eye land on something even more delicious. And mid bite I literally stop and ogle at these babies! Sitting diagonally across from me was this head to to insignificant vision of white. It was these colourful sandals on her feet that called to me. And ever since first laying eyes on them, I am totally obsessed with it. Since I could not find a pair at the Zara  shop, I so plan to buy me a pair online as an early Eid gift to myself.
For this week's 'Style It Thrice' segment, I have chosen a pair of color block woven thong sandals by Zara {$40, INR 2,790}. Its a personal favorite of mine. But as attrattive as they may look, a lot of people shy away from buying these colorful statement making footwear. One of the biggest reasons being they really don't know where to wear it or how to style it. Don't let their virbrant colors scare you off. The beauty of a these sandals is that it can be worn to a variety of occasions. Incorporating current trends and classic styles here are my styling suggestions.

Office Meeting Look: Gone the days where people wore only black or beige pumps to work. For a trendy work wear look pair these sandals with colored jeans, printed blouse and neutral tones color block satchel. For a more corporate look, trade the colored jeans for a colored blazer and black/navy pants.


Gallery Opening Look: While attending a local art gallery opening or exhibit one does not need to dress in designer wear. Ideally opt for a classy semi-formal look. To make a significant style statement, let your sandals and accessories do all the talking. Pair a  printed multicolor skirt with a simple tank top, over-sized clutch and statement necklace.

Cocktail Party Look: Fed up of wearing the uniform LBD or LWD to a cocktail party? Then spice up your look and mix and match your sandals with a bright orangish red dropped waist dress and vintage shoulder bag. Polish the look off with cuff bracelet stone necklace.

Sometimes, its fun to swap you regular shoes for a pair of statement making ones. Don't you agree? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,

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Friday 20 July 2012

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things!

Have you ever wondered what exactly does a fashion blogger need? Great sense of style? An eye for colour? Masters in the art of posing? Ok, Well we need all of that. But, as much time bloggers spend looking their stunning best and sounding fashionably cool, we spend a lot more time frantically researching and writing. Here is a list of my must-haves that help me navigate the fashion blogosphere as well as keep my creative energy flowing.
Functioning Computer: For a blogger our computers are our soulmate. Form communication to style expression as well as source of income, we need our computers. And how! Therefore a functioning laptop goes a long way in running a successful blog! You really can’t have or run a blog without a well–to-do laptop. 

Blog Wear: Like Clark Kent needs his red undies and blue body suit to become Superman, we bloggers swap our pencil heels for some comfy pjs to get our writing mojo on. Seriously, it's insanely  uncomfortable to churn out words, while decked up in bandeau dress and killer stilettos! When it comes to writing, comfort rules. 

Notebook and Pens: What do you do when you have a brilliant idea while waiting at the dentist clinic? How do you preserve that idea before it evaporates away? Say hello to a notebook and {colored} pen. Other that writing your ideas, notebooks are a fun place to collect your fave inspirational quotes, scribble away random thoughts and make fun doddles and drawings. Due to their compact nature, notebooks are easy to carry around pretty much anywhere.

Inspiration Board: Even before Pinterest became an {unhealthy} obsession, I used to love creating collages and inspiration board. Personally, these help a lot. Especially, when you are going through a creative dry spell. We may have upgraded from hand made collages to virtual inspiration boards, but their feel good quality is the reason why bloggers still love and rely on them. 

Healthy Bites: Since I started blogging my snacking has escalated to unhealthy proportions. Like me, if you need food to think, it’s best to keep healthy snacks at hand. You don’t want blogging to be a reason for bloating. Make sure you are stocked up on fruits, nuts, healthy juice, green tea and sugar free mints to nibble on while you ponder away.

Fashion Magazine: Well, they are after all the precursors to fashion blogs. Best place to source ideas, get new inspiration and catch up on latest gossip.

Easy-to-Carry Camera: No fashion blogger worth its salt is complete without a camera. Even if you don’t do style post, you need one to click pictures of beautiful people and things around you.

A Go-To, Go Everywhere Bag: This is more than a bag- it is your home away from home. Be it functional, frivolous or fab, all your pretty possessions can be carried around in this one stylish bag.

The Support Group: The set of people who support you and your blog even if they don’t know what a blog actually is! The have supported you from the beginning- the first ones to follow your blog, ‘like’ your FB page, click your pics and pretty much help in any way as they can. We all have a our loyal supporters, who have stood by us in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and through bad post and great achievements. Without them most of us could not have take the first leap into the blogging world.

Blogger Bestie: Blogging for all its social networking is a solitary project. You basically sit alone on your computer into the wee hours of night typing away. Only someone who does that too will completely understand you. Therefore, every blogger needs a blogger bestie. With whom you can discuss monetizing techniques and ‘traffic’ issues. These are your blogging buddies. Someone who has been there, done that! They may start of as peers but eventually they become your friends, confidant and virtual family.

As a fashion blogger what is your must-have? The one thing that helps you get into your blogging mood? Share your views and thoughts with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Saturday 14 July 2012

Game On!!!

Ok, I hate sports! There I said it. This hate comes form years of being forced by brothers and cousins to play cricket and football {Somehow, I was always that one extra person they needed to complete their team. Go figure!} Basically, I am not a sports person. Don’t get me wrong, I love my aerobics and swimming {and game of chess?} but when it comes to watching or playing a game of sport; where grown men are chasing/ hitting a ball, that is something I avoid at all costs.
Lucky for me, one does not really need to be a follower or believer of all things sports to enjoy fashion ‘IT’ trend. Know as ‘Sporty Chic’, it’s the perfect way to mix-up cool and stylish sports/gym pieces with everyday items. But, by no means can you jog into a 10am meeting in a pair of sweaty gym shorts. Au contraire! To wear this look outside the gym and stadium one needs to style it appropriately.Try pairing a classic pencil skirt with a racerback tank and hi-top trainer wedges. Or capri sweatpants with bomber jacket and a trendy satchel. A fine balance between 'sporty' items everyday basic pieces is the key to styling this trend. Ideally, for those who seek comfort without letting go of their stylish side, this trend is your new best friend.
 Note To Self:On the pretext 'Sporty Chic', DO NOT wear your baggy tee and track pants to weekend brunch.
[Collage Link]

Sporty Chic Key Items 
Racer-Front/Back Tanks
Tennis Style Dress 
Golfing Skirt
Drawstring-Waist Track Pants {can be loose but not very wide}
Wedge Hi-Top Trainer.
Funky/Colourful Sneakers,
Hoddie Jackets 
Shirt Dress
Stripes and Panels
Two Tone
Crop Tops
Sweatband-esque Cuffs
Baseball Cap
Gym Bag inspired Totes
With unlimited styling options, here are some of my suggestions to styling 2012 Spring-Summer's coolest trend.[More information on these pieces here.]

Well then, are you game for this trend? And what would be your choice of 'sporty'? Share your opinions and style views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Finding Mr Right!

As much as I love fashion, I always wanted to write about other things that interest me too. While a lot of fashion bloggers write about food, fitness and home decor, non of those topic interest me, mine is more of a, lets say -for lack of better words- human interest piece.
Here is my first non fashion post, do let me know what you think of it.

I live in a country where it is almost socially incorrect to be single after a certain age. Now days the beloved aunties tell me that I should plan my baby on my wedding night itself! Who cares if you are prepared or not for motherhood, those ovaries of yours are not getting any younger!
F.Y.I: For that baby to happen, I need the other half. Most people {including a few friends} think I am being overtly picky and choosy in that department. Which I am! Hello, this is my life partner we are talking about, most people are picky while selecting a laptop, so I can jolly well be about something a tad bit more important!
Someone wisely said, "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince."  Whether you like it or not, being introduced, fixed or set-up with Mr. Oh So Wrong is every girl's rite of passage.
[Image via Pinterest]
Disclaimer* "Similarity to any person living or dead is highly likely as it is based on first hand experiences. This is not a depiction of all men, only the really really bad ones have been mentioned. The true purpose of this piece is enlightenment, mockery is just an added benefit "

You Are So Vain………..You probably think everything is about 'You'!
He walks in like he is some Rockstar or something, and from the get-go throws his attitude around. When he does talk to me- while taking a break from his self admiration - all that comes out of his mouth is “I. Me. Myself.”…blah blah blah! This is just the first ten minutes of the meeting. No wedding bells for us, thank God! It seems he’s already in a relationship- with his freakin Ego! The two of them can live happily ever after {for all anyone cares}. Goodbye Mr. Narcissism, you give a complete new meaning to the phrase 'love thy self!'.

Mama’s Boy
Ok! she is the centre of your universe, your number one gal, she  finds no faults in you and she thinks no one is worthy of you, and you very lovingly call her “Mama”.
Meet our arc, sworn, unspoken antagonist- His Mother! She is resting on a pedestal; the one you cannot touch and not-so-wise ones spend their entire life trying to reach it{As if they could ever overthrow the Queen.} The quintessential mama’s boys are basically little boys trapped in a man’s body, who are like a tennis ball bouncing between you and mommy dearest. Make no mistake, the scorecard in this relationship is forever going to be in favour of the other player. There is no winning this match, maybe a false feeling of victory once in a while. Not only one game, but the entire tournament is eventually won by an opponent who refuses to retire.

She's The Man!You know who is going to wear the panties in this relationship and it sure as hell not you! Yes he’s one of 'those' types, the type that look good only from afar. On a closer inspection you don’t like what you see. He is the kind of man- well man is a strong word, wimp is a better adjective to describe this creature- who wont stand up for you, no way! You will have to fend for yourself, and sometimes even for him. Not to be confused with with the sensitive boys-do-cry type, basically, this one is a coward. He will cling to you like wrinkled cotton, and there is not much you can do about it. He traps you with a facade of sensitivity and initially you too like his needy side, even indulge it a little, but after the honeymoon period is over  all this gets a little too overwhelming. Eventually you give in and don the pair of only pants available at home.

The Ex-Factor
“You look like some one I know”…. Sounds like a familiar tag line. Well, most of us have heard it at one time or another. You just don’t want to hear it when your maybe future husband uses it on you. Especially while alluding to his ex- girlfriend.
New Flash: There is a third wheel in this relationship and don’t be surprised it could very well be you. These types are busy living their own ex fantasy and you’re just a freeloading passenger. Three’s Company could soon be the story of your life. And as this twisted ménage à trois plays out, you could probably end up as the spectator- 'the other woman'-while your man tangos with his ex. He is so caught-up in the tunes of his past, unless you don’t decide to change the track his record is going to be played on the loop.

You are the Boss of me…Not!
Guess who is going to control the remote in this household, and ain't you, honey! Well, this is just the good part. Say hello to the modern age Neanderthal man. He may look modern and act modern, but really he is a pre- historic man at heart. A 'Me Tarzan, You Jane' type. He likes things a little too much his way. This works in the romance novels {perhaps role play, also}, but having a dashing, overbearing broods in real life just stinks. There is a time to dominate and there is a time to let go of the reigns, unfortunately these kind of men are unaware of this concept. Domination is a habit and 'Control' is his middle name. He will keep tabs - on everything you do. It’s a dictatorial regime and all you can say is “Hail Master”.
Finding the Right One may happens in an instant for a few, while others may takes a long time. Between The Losers, The Players, The Misers, The Whiner and the ones with sexuality crisis you finally stumble upon what you're looking for. Some see it as an excruciating long journey while others have a a good laugh about it, but the overall experience is a part and parcel of life.

Till then, tra-la,
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Saturday 7 July 2012

The Art Of SALE Shopping

“The quickest way to get to know a woman is to go shopping with her.” ~ Marcelene Cox

Here’s a fact: Sale season is the holy month for the devotees of shopping. It is that time of the year where we all leave our worries and tension behind and focus on something more important. How much discount is that on? Husbands, boyfriends, children, in-laws, bosses, crushes, and every other loved one become significantly insignificant during our hours of worship.
So before you get completely immersed in the sales frenzy here are some easy breezy pointers to keep in mind while shopping for discounted goodies.

Shopping  is therapeutic but sale shopping is an art. It requires patience, finesse and strong will power to make it through a sale day.
Remember, you have to get the BEST out of the sale and not let it get the MOST out of you!

[Image via Shopvaganza]

1. Know before you buy More
The smart thing to do before any sale season is to evaluate your wardrobe. This way you don’t end up buying pieces similar to the ones you already have.

2. Excuse me , are you having a Rebecca Bloomwood moment?

We all have seen how sweet innocent Rebecca was hypnotized by the lure of sale goodies. Honestly, nothing makes you cheat on your budget quite like a 'SALE' sign.  Therefore, try and have a target number that you will not cross at any cost. Also, ease up on the plastic, pay as much in cash or use a debit card. This way you end up keeping a better tab of your purchases.

3. Try then Buy

No matter how long the changing room line is, you MUST try out the stuff you are buying. Also don’t let those red signs make you buy thing you don’t need. If something is too small, too tight or not the right size and down right unflattering then even if its 90% off don’t bother buying it. If they give it to you for free, that’s another story.

4. Quality over Reduced Price

On any give non-sale day you would not go for a flawed piece, right? If a thread is sticking out or a button hanging lose, most people would no buy such a piece, correct? Same rules should applies on sale goods too. No matter how less the price is, you should never ever compromise on the fit, fabric and finish. Remember the sale motto-“Goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged”

5. I want it All...NO, Not Really!

Just because the whole mall is on sale, does not mean you need to shop it all. Ideal pick the brands you most want to shop from and then work your way down. If you are lusting for a pair of jeans from brand A start with that and then on. Going to every single shop will not only be tedious but will also bring on major confusion.

[Image via Google]

Are you a complete sale shopper like me? And what is your strategy while shopping during the discount season? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Wednesday 4 July 2012

Mixing Art: Black & White {Inspired by Taylor Tomasi Hill}

There are thing we do for a reason, and some things just happen by. You create them without knowing if or when you will ever use or need it. This collage of mine is one such piece.
I never really created it with any purpose, other that to express my unhealthy obsession with Ms Taylor Tomasi Hill's style statement. Now, thanks to Indian Fashion Bloggers InFB Remix: Black & White, I got an opportunity to post it.

Black & White is classic combination that looks good on everyone, works for every occasion and can be worn by {almost} all age groups. Also, one can not really go wrong with it. 
There are many ways to wear this combo here are a few of my styling suggestion.
1.Wear an achromatic ensemble and glam up the look with gold or silver jewelry.
2.Add a bright colour accent to the ensemble. A red bag or blue shoes or neon necklace to break the black and white monotony.
3.Or use hints of black on a white outfit or vise versa. For example add a white belt and earrings to your classic LBD or pair your pretty LWD with a chic black scarf and bangles.

What is the best way you like to style a black and white combo? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Fashion Blogging 101

As a lit student we are taught to research everything. I mean EVERTHING! Short of knowing whether Shakespeare wore boxers, briefs or went commando, I pretty much know all that is to know about him. Therefore, it was but natural that when I decided to get onto the fashion blogging bandwagon I did my set of research. Even before I wrote and published my first blog post I had a set of things I should never ever do. They were clichés I wanted to avoid, faux pas that I had to stay away from and cardinal sins I must never commit. If you are in the market for a new blog, keep these pointers in mind. Believe me, it’s the little things that make the real difference.

[Illustration Image via Illustration by Robyn Neild,]

First Time Fashion Blogging Clichés and Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them.
1.Do NOT Copy
Where there is art there is a copycat. Like fashion, blogging too has its share of plagiarism. Keep in mind, there is a very, very thin line between being inspired and downright stealing. No amount of fancy packaging is going to disguise copied work. If indeed you are inspired from someone’s work give full name and link credit. You rather not post for a month due to lack of inspiration than blatantly copy paste someone else’s creativity. All your hard work and credibility gets washed away with one act of copycat. Not to self: Individuality is the key to successful blogging. Just imagine if each and every blog was a copied clone of the other the entire blog race would die. What a boring world that would be!

2. Run a Neat and Clean Blog
 I recently visited a blog that was over-packed with badges and widgets that they literally spilled into one and other. The poor content was completely hidden under them. No one likes to visit such a blog. Especially if that the first time you dropped by. An unorganized or a cluttered blog is like a dirty bachelor pad. No one wants to go there again!  Great subject matter alone won’t make your blog a success. The content plus the overall presentation is what can really make or break a blog. One has to pay attention to proper alignment and spacing. Make sure the pictures fit within the main frame and do not stick out. And keep in mind the backgrounds by no means should over-shadow the foreground. These are the little things that go the long way.

3.Quote Relevantly
 Every fashion student, lover or follower has quoted Chanel at some time or the other. But the fashion blogging world takes it to another level. We quote her and then quote her and then some more… By the time you hit the 5th fashion blog you know most Chanel quotes by heart. Seriously, STOP quoting Chanel. One, there are many more fashion designer-no disrespect to Mademoiselle Chanel-in the fashion world to quote form and two; quote anyone. Painters, writers, sculptures, comedians. Remember, it’s not important WHOM you quote, it’s WHAT you quote and HOW relevant the quote is to your piece that matters. Random quoting is equivalent to wrong accessorizing.

4. Keep it Interesting
Here’s a cliché for you, variety is the spice of life. For once give in to it. Even if your primarily aim of blogging is style post or trend report or product review, thrown in some different aspects of your genre. It never hurts to show versatility. This will keep it fresh and also bring a few new readers to your blog. Avoid predictability to a certain extent but at all cost don’t become random and just keep on posting things you discovered on Google. Keep a balance to please the loyalist and appeal to the new.

5. Know Fact from Fiction
Blogs were started so that people could speak what was on their mind. But this must be done responsibly. Firstly, it’s very important to know fact from fiction. You can’t just randomly make-up things. Also, at no time must you or your content be offensive to anyone else. Freedom of speech does not mean you can weave stories to your liking.  Similarly, there is just no excuse for using wrong grammar and incorrect spellings. With Google and spell-check these minor misdemeanours can easily be avoided.

6. Channel Your OWN SELF and no one Else.
 When I started blogging, I so wanted to sound like Carrie Bradshaw. All cool and hip and super stylish. Big mistake! To sound like Carrie (or any other fashion icon) you have to live her life, which let’s face it, most of us can’t. The reason why we love our Carries and Blairs is because they are strong individual characters who have a unique identity. The wise thing to do is stop channelling your fave fashionista and start discovering your own style and  voice.

Mr Oscar Wilde wisely said,“In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing.” With all due respect to to Mr. Wilde, in matters of fashion blogging, both style and sincerity are the vital things.

What did you all think of my article? Is there any specific faux pas or cliché that is a big no-no for you? Share them here. Do drop me a line with your views and thoughts in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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(This post by me was written for and featured on Indian Fashion Bloggers website. A huge thank you to the team of InFB, especially Tanvi and Sonu for giving me this wonderful opportunity.)
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