Monday 30 April 2012

Match Me If You Can...

This season, prints are having a moment. Like thats anything new, right? Prints are always having a moment! So what's the big deal about 2012 prints? What makes them different from the prints of previous seasons?
 For starters, fashion designers and style setters are throwing caution to the wind and taking some major style risk and pairing up their fave prints together. And not the simple granden variety kind. They are bringing out the big guns. From tried and tested floral, stripes and polkas to season favorites- aztec, batik, and even Van Gogh's 'Starry Night', the print trend is everyones fave mixing bowl.
Spotted at Salvatore Ferragamo, Proenza Schouler, Rag & Bone, Prada, Diane von Furstenberg, Dries Van Noten to name a few. This trend has also been making its presences felt in the editorial pages as well as the fashion blogosphere.

[Image Credit:

The key feature of this trend is to look like an artful collage and not a circus act. While mixing prints keep these few styling points in mind.
1.There must always be a sequence as to how the items are paired. Your mixes should  match as well. Random pairing is a big no-no.
 2.The best way to incorporate different prints is to choose one key piece and and match a different printed item with it. It worked best if you choose from with the same colour family or colour harmony{warm colours, cool colours, or black white and grey}
3.Lastly, never ever wear a print head to toe. Throw in a basic neutral item to break up the prints, especially if you’re wearing bright and bold all over patterns.
With unlimited mixing options, here are some of my suggestions to styling 2012's IT print trend.

[Jacket, Trousers, Clutch, Sandals, Earrings, Lipgloss]

[Top, Skirt, Blazer, Belt, Wedges, Bag]

So, are you all set to join the print mixing bandwagon? And how would you like to experiment with this trend? Share your paring combination and styling options with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,

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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Lesson In Style From Taylor Tomasi Hill

Off late, I have become obsessed with a certain red haired lady and her clothes. I confess- I have an insanely huge, almost stalker-ish kinda style crush on Ms Taylor Tomasi Hill aka TTH. I kid you not, I have shamelessly spent hours Googling her out. Every new image of hers would compel me to look for another one and another one. I was like a young boy who has freshly discovered porn!
As introductions go, Ms Tomasi Hill is currently the Artistic Director of Moda Operandi as well as rumored to be designer Prabal Gurung’s muse. She previous worked as accessories director at Teen Vogue and Marie Claire magazine. She is also on every street style blogger's must-click list as well as an inspiration to fashion lovers worldwide.
Honestly, until a few moths ago I did not know someone with such a unique style and to-die-for flaming locks existed. But like everything else, blogging has introduced me to this godiva of fashion. And in a very short span of time I went from lusting for her wardrobe to appreciating the woman who wore them.
5 lessons of style I learnt from Taylor Tomasi Hill

1.She Stylishly rhymes ‘Tomasi’ with Versatility

 A self-professed “clothing chameleon”, Taylor’s sense of style can’t be pegged down into any particular style box. If you look at all the 16 images {yes, I already told you I have stalker tendency towards her}, not a single style is over lapping. Even though she may repeat the pieces, but the look is super fresh. Her total lack of predictability paired with her versatile styling has made her a hot fave of the fashion blogosphere.

2.Keep Them Guessing

No one knows what she will wear next or how she will interpret a particular trend. But we know it's going to be awesome. And Taylor never disappoints us. Invariably, anything she wears becomes an instant hit and is repeatedly copied. Her out-of-the-box styling ideas and her nouvelle combination is her key to chic. She is like a chef of style who knows how to make us all come back for seconds and thirds!
3.The TTH Trademark.
 Through all her style evolutions a few things have come to be know as her signature look. Her style without fail varies on every occasion, but people instantly notice her by her now infamous crimson hair –a specific shade of red that most women including yours truly would kill for- and cat eye sunnies. Also, one would rarely catch her without her trendy accessories either. 

4.Making It Work. 

Ms Tomasi Hill has taken Tim Gunn’s catch phrase and made a second career out of it. I mean, she know how to ‘Make It Work’. What most us- even the boldest and daring fashion bloggers would not try out- she fearlessly wears its and more importantly makes it look good. I mean this girl can never ever get it wrong. That’s why her effect is so wide spread.
5."In order to be Irreplaceable, one must always be Different." Coco Chanel
TTH has found her personal marque of glamour and style and is not afraid to flaunt it. She takes calculated style risk that she knows will pay off. She does this by mixing  new styles with her classic signature looks. At times her look is dramatic, without the cheap theatrics or simple but never boring or innovate minus the fear of bizarre. The reason so may of us are literally are in love with her, is because she manages to wear what we ourselves would love to be seen in. She is like a real-life personification of our dream wardrobe. And how fantabulous is that!
The Polyvore junkie that I am, I just had to create a collage inspired by TTH. This look by her encompasses some of the major 2012 Spring-Summer trends {horizontal stripes, neon, floral, spring leather jacket}.

What do you think of Taylor Tomasi Hill and her styleAnd whom do you have a major style crush on? That one person whose wardrobe you literally wanna rob! Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la, 
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[All Images Via Pinterest, Collage Via Polyvore]

Friday 20 April 2012

Style It Thrice:Cream Lace Top.

The one thing that I dread as much as weighing myself on a Monday morning is, repeating outfits {Long time back, a non-friend very politely pointed out,"did you, like not wear that same thing for last Saturday dinner too!"}. But, we all been there,and done that. Sometimes with great success and others times not so.
Well for reasons such as this, I have decided to start my 'Style It Thrice' segment.
So what is ‘Style It Thrice’? It is my 3 best styling suggestions for a particular item or trend, that is either based on body type, or social occasion, or colour harmony, and so on. In short, it's a style guide for everyday girls like you and me.
For my first ‘Style It Thrice’, I have chosen a Cream lace top by Dorothy Perkins. For starters, everyone has a white/cream top{or tunic}. It is much needed in the summers and can easily be used in the other seasons too. Also, lace is the IT fabric of the season. From dress to shoes lace is having a major moment. But, the biggest problem with lace is, if not styled correctly it can easily make you appear tad bit too old. To avoid such disasters, I am going to show you a few ways you can add modern, on-trend touch to your classy cream/ white lace top.
Date Night Look: Add a hint of sexiness to your ensemble by pairing your lace top with a neon {hot pink and mustard} color block skirt, metallic clutch and floral peep toes. Complete the look with a statement necklace and smokey eye makeup and you won’t have to worry about your date looking at anyone else but you.
[Skirt,Shoes, Clutch, Necklace, Cuff, Lipstick, Eyeshadow,Eyeliner]

Casual Friday Look: This spring is all about pastel and colored denim. Mix your lace top with a pastel {mint green} coloured denim and you are all set to rock summer’s coolest two trends.Thrown on a floral scarf, cute ballet flats and you can zip right out of a meeting and catch up the latest Friday release with the girls. Incase your office does not do Casual Friday; this outfit can easily be worn for one of your Saturday shopping trips.
[Jeans, Scarf, Tote, Flats, Sunglasses, Ring, Lipgloss]

Sunday Brunch Look: Combine your pretty lace top with trendy black shorts, tangerine shoulder bag and wedges. If the weather permits spice up the look with a {tangerine} coloured blazer and your all set for your Sunday outting.
[Shorts, Shoulder Bag, Wedge, Blazer, Earrings, Blush]

Very easily you too can mix and match you feminine lace top with spring summer 2012's colour trends.{You can also check out my other post on Neon, Pastel and Tangerine colour trends}

SInce this top is in sheer lace fabric, I thought I would be a perfect one to submit for InFB Remix:Sheer.

What do you think of my 'Style It Thrice' segment? And what piece of item would you like me to style next? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,


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Friday 13 April 2012

What Kind Of A Fashion Blogger Are You?

Raise your hand if you thought all fashion bloggers were alike. Well then, that's like saying everyone in high school was part of one big happy family with no cliques!
It’s high time we go beyond the uniform and see the different types of fashion bloggers that are making their presence felt around the blogosphere.
[Illustrations Via: Inslee, Robyn Neild,]
1.The Posers: As kids we all loved to play dress-up and pose in front of our mirror. While most of us grew up to get boring jobs, personal style bloggers have taken their childhood hobby to new heights and made a career out of it. Serious money making business! You ask what exactly does a personal style blogger do? Well, they dress up in their finest finds and happily pose for the denizens of the www. Sounds simple right? Think again. Apart for mastering the art of posing, decoding HTML and working the right camera angle, one must possess a great sense of style. To make it big as a personal style blogger you need to create unique and signature looks that must appeal to a larger audience. Only the chicest of the lot can really make a living out of playing dress-up. So, the next time you notice a girl all dressed up and happily posing for photos, remember she is just doing her job. 

2.The Know It All:  Dr.Sheldon Cooper; the master of nerds, pretty much knows everything and is not afraid to impart his wisdom, share his opinions and express his views with friends and the world at large. The fashion blogosphere too has its share of little Miss/Master Know It All. Say hello to fashion lifestyle bloggers. As blogging goes, they cover all things fashion, art and aesthetics. A fashion lifestyle blogger is someone who can differentiate between paliette and sequin in their dreams, will immediately takes offense if you call ‘scarlet’ red, and most importantly if a designer has pulled a copy cat, they can smell it from a mile away. They are the walking, blogging encyclopedia of the fashion world.

3.The Fixers: We all know a guy who randomly once fixed a squeaky door and now fancies himself as a ‘Mr Fix-It’. Similarly, fashion too has it set of people who like to make and repair things with their own bare hands. Like for real! Better know as D.I.Y {Do It Yourself} bloggers. They literally transform their creative ideas into wearable fashion. What most of us write-off as outdated they convert them into latest style statement. They know how to make rags into must haves, blah into wah! and dull into drool worthy. And unlike your guy friend, they actually know what they are doing!

4.The Loyal Companion: Someone wisely said: “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”. You will agree, that life without a BFF is so incomplete. They are the ones who stand by us in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health and on dateless nights and sale weekend. As loyalty goes, accessory bloggers are a girl’s virtual best friend. They are days when your loyal and trusted family member-your clothes-have left with no options. That’s when accessory bloggers come to our rescue. With the help of shoes, scarfs, bags and jewelry they solve life’s biggest mystery: “I have noting to wear!” Casual or chic, A.M or P.M, sexy or simple whatever the occasion or time, seek and you shall find 101 ways to create a new look out of the same style. 

 5.The Magicians: Remember how your grandmother used to keep telling you to wash your face with ‘besan’ for glowing complexion or mix ‘methi’ with oil for long lustrous hair? Well life would just be incomplete without our very own beauty whisperer. In the world of social media, beauty whisperers go by the name of beauty bloggers. They will bravely try and test every cream, powder and lotion before making their final recommendations. From how to get rid of zits to smokey eye make-up technique they cover all aspects of beautification. Plus, unlike your grandmother they won’t try and fix you up with every single ‘decent boy’ they know. Thank God!

6.The Go-To Guide: I have an aunt who always knows where to get what. You need a new frying pan; she knows the king of frying pan. You need new curtains; she knows the perfect place for drapes. You need to find a boy for your daughter; she knows exactly where to find them too. If you have a problem she will have a solution for it! Shopping/Styling bloggers are fashion blogosphere's very own go-to people. They perform the duty of a fashion compass. They will tell you where you will get what you want, for how much and how should you style it. They will suggest what to wear, what not to wear and what not to even think off trying out. With the current trend of anything goes with everything, shopping/styling bloggers guide us through some serious decisions making and help us avoid any future faux pas.

7.The Stalkers: Here’s the deal-Street style bloggers have made an art out of stalking. But not the good old-fashioned run-off-the mill creepy kind, where the stalker is dressed in disguise and hides behind bushes. Street style bloggers openly click pictures of their muses, upload them guilt-free and make a sweet living out of it. You just need to visit ‘The Sartorialist’ to know exactly how lucrative this profession can be. And what all do you need to make it as a street style blogger? A trendy DSLR, an eye to spot the chic on the street and no past history of stalking, off course!

There, now you know. In a world where everyone is ‘label’ conscious, the next time someone ask you “what kind of a fashion blogger are you?” Give then your fashionably correct designation. 
There is no rule that says a blogger has to be of only one kind. Also, most bloggers like to mix things up, but we all have one genre that dominates the others.}   

So as introductions go: Hi, I am Amena and I am Fashion Lifestyle Blogger. What kind of a fashion blogger are you? And how do you like to define your blogging journey?

Till then, tra-la,
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**This post by me is also published on Indian Fashion Bloggers blog.  Since I started blogging this has not only been one of the my most difficult piece to write- 2kg weight gain kind!-but hands-down one of my best ones so far.** 

{Featured On Links À La Mode: IFB Weekly Roundup,April 19th}

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Dressed For Success

My friend called the other day literally crying her guts out: “I got the job!” This was great news- since she was job-hunting for the past 5 months and she finally got her dream job. Then why the hell was she crying? Her reason was, “I have nothing, like nothing to wear to work!” Being her fist real job, she was bound to be nervous and scared. But after a few slices of chocolate mousse cake she was all set to enter the working world. And together,we embarked on a style sojourn to create for her the perfect work wear wardrobe.
 But, the real question is, what exactly does a working girl’s wardrobe consist of?

What to wear to work and office
[Image Via:1,2,3,4,5,6]

If you Google, Work Wear Must Haves, believe me you will be bombarded with 1001 options. I kid you not, from blazers to black pants and LBD, pretty much everything is mentioned on it. I mean, seriously whose list is the 'correct' one? And what guarantee is there that the list you pick is the right one for you? For someone who is already confused, this is not a very helpful solution.
 Now, I ain’t gonna add to Google’s growing list of work wear must-haves, all I am going to say is keep these key points in mind while shopping for office attire.

Style Your Job Profile
We all would love to run around our city wearing stilettos just like Ms. Carrie. Alas, we can't. The truth is, if your job requires you to be on-the-go, you need to wear shoes that can walk the walk. Similarly if you have a cushy desk job then white or light shade outfit can work for you, but if you are going to be train hopping or travelling through out the day, you need to wear clothes that will survive the long haul.
What is expected from you at work, should be a major indication of how you should dress to work.

Always Be Weather Friendly
 Where I live, we have a 5-day winter and summer that can give hell a run for its money. It’s literally smokin hot! For most of us coats and jackets a major no-no. The climatic conditions of where you work is of paramount importance while building up a work wear wardrobe. There is no point aping a current trend and passing out with heat exhaustion during an important meeting!

Dress According To Designation
 Remember Bridget Jones embarrassment when she mistakenly turned up in a Playboy bunny suit for a Sunday family get-together? Well, wearing the wrong clothes at the right place could easily happen to anyone of us. To avoid such a faux pas, opt for clothes that compliment your designation. As a summer intern one can walk into office wearing jeans, but as a CEO of a multinational company, jeans would not qualify as work wear appropriate.
 Note to self: Your outfit should be an asset to who you are and not a reason for office gossip. 

Make Smart Sartorial Investments
If there is one attire you spend a whole lot of time in-it is your work wear clothes. In an erratic world of timeless work schedule there are days you practically live in your office clothes and they start to feel like second skin! You don’t want to end up wearing a tad bit too tight top and live with the constant fear of a button popping open, or trousers so baggy you spend half the day tugging them up!
Keep in mind: Work wear clothes are a much needed necessity. Therefore invest in them. You don’t need to splurge, but while shopping key items do not compromise on FIT, FABRIC and FINISH. As scores go, your work wear clothes should be a perfect 10. 

Be Yourself (And No One Else)
Unlike our school uniform, work wear clothes can actually be flattering in nature. Except profession that have a uniform dress code, for most of us there is no rule that says you have to wear an unflattering piece of garment out of compulsion. Therefore, always choose clothes that are flattering to your body type as well as suit your personal sense of style. So, if your boss is rocking high waist pants, does not mean you too will rock it. You did not say good-bye to school uniforms just so you grow-up to be a clone of someone else?
Individuality in thinking and dressing is the key to success.

6.Everyone Loves An All-Rounder
Well, as much as we like to wear a new outfit everyday or update our closet seasonally, most of us just can’t. The second best thing is to wisely pick key items that with a few add-ons and without too much hassle can comfortably be worn on sunny days as well as cloudy or chilly ones. Also, they should have the potential to go from am. to pm. on short notice. Lastly, they must be easy to mix and match and play around with. Just like you, your clothes should also be versatile.

Here are a some of my work wear styling suggestions. 
What to wear to work and office

Whether you are starting off at the entry level or already found your corner office on the executive floor, stylish yet work wear appropriate clothes are a must have of every working girl's fashion arsenal. The degrees and diplomas can only take you so far, to really survive the corporate jungle; you need to dress for success as well!

How do you like to style for office? And what are your Work Wear Must Haves? Share them with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Saturday 7 April 2012

Currently Coveting! Spring-Summer Finds Under $50.00

 This weeks 'Currently Coveting' list is all about Spring-Summer must haves. And we are doing it on a budget. Everything on the list is below $50.00 {approximately INR2,560}

Top Row: VICTORIA'S SECRET PINK Summer Crush Body Lotion / LULUS CL by Laundry Crystal Ball Coral Gold Braided Flat Sandals / NINE WEST Floral Wallet / MISS SELFRIDGE Stripe Vest Top
Middle Row: CHARM & CHAIN Neon Enamel Bangles / FOREVER 21 Art Deco Earrings / H&M Retro-Style Large Sunglasses / SODAMIX Pleated Mint Dress / ALDO Large Canvas Handbag
Bottom Row: REPUBLIC Neon Skinny Jeans / PIECES Graphic Print Scarf / ALDO Platform Sandals / TOPSHOP Tie Dye Skater Skirt

** If you are a resident or plan to visit Bombay, stop by Colaba Causeway to find a pair of trendy "Kolhapuri Chappals" {similar to Lulus flat sandals} for just INR300. You can also find similar type of top, earrings, bangles, skirt and scarf at bargain price.
Also, Accessorize  has a wide variety of butterfly and floral print bags and wallets.

Till then, tra-la, 
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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Bold and Beautiful!!!

I am in love, love, L.O.V.E with neons {already done a full fledged post on it}. They call to me like no other colour has ever. But, for all my neon loving, I don't have the style guts to wear a head-to-toe neon. Since I can't avoid the neon bug, I opt to style my look with bright and bold neon accessories.
Creating a collage with two of my latest obsessions-neon accessories and Roksanda Ilincic Ivory Cotton Crepe Dress {and inspired by backstage images from Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2012 collection}- this look is my submission for Indian Fashion Bloggers 'InFB Remix - Neon'.


I had great time creating this collage. In fact it is one of my fave ones. Let me know what you think of it.

Till then, tra-la, 
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