Saturday 31 March 2012

Currently Coveting!

The title itself says it all. Anyhoo, I finally decided to start a weekly list of things I am unabashedly lusting for. Presenting Fashionopolis' first ever 'Currently Coveting' list {Here's hoping for many many more} 

Cotton Striped T-shirt 2.TOM FORD Cat Eye Sunglasses 3.ORLY GENGER Neon Necklace  4.VANESSA BRUNO ATHÉ Polka Dot Print Trouser 5.JOHN ZACK Lace Dress 
6.REVLON Waterproof Mascara 7.ROMWE Blazer 8.DOLCE & GABBANA Classic Cream Red Lipstick 9.KATE SPADE NEW YORK Bracelet 10.NINE WEST Sandals 11.MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Dexter Amy' Round Bracelet Watch 12.F&F Floral Print Purse

What do you think of this new segment? And what are the things you are currently coveting? Share with me your views about 'Currently Coveting' as well as your love/ lust list in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la, 
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Friday 23 March 2012

Play With Pastels.

Fashion colour palette has not been this contradictory since….ever! On one hand fashionistas everywhere are going bold and embracing in-your-face neons, on the other, it’s all about playing with pretty,romantic and subtle shades. From runway to real-way, the seasons {other} IT colour trend is all things pastels.

[Image Credit- Polyvore]

A wide range to experiment with- Clothes, shoes, make-up and accessory, there is a pastel for ever lady.
[More information on these pieces here.]

Look I: A very 'Fashion Blogger' inspired casual look. Pair a printed pastel top and pastel stilettos with neon skinny jeans and denim jacket. And viola! You're 'street style chic' ready. Plus, with this look you get to combine both the colour trends-neon and pastel- of Spring-Summer 2012 in one stylish way.

Look II: Team up a gorgeous pastel pink tulle skirt with a sequins tank for a night out with the besties. Throw on a cropped brown jacket and nude pumps and create a look that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud of you.

Look III: Mixing cool colours-lilac, mint green and powder blue- pastels and accenting with statement necklace and printed clutch to create a look that can work in any time zone. This ensemble is a perfect piece for brunch or high-tea or cocktails,or any other time you please.

Well then ladies, are you ready to play with pastels? And how would you style your pastels this summer? Do share your views and opinions with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Take Me Away...

When IFB latest project-Spring-Summer Break Packing List-asked us to plan for a perfect spring break, I could not think of a better place than Goa. 
Know as the ‘The Rome of the East’, Goa is the fave holiday/wedding/party/chilling-out/escape destination of India. Its frolicking beaches, the balmy tropical weather, the lovely costal landscape, the decadently delicious cuisine and a wonderfully mixed Indo-Portuguese culture is every beach lover’s happy place. For someone who prefers the warm climate to the cold ones, Goa is my dream spring-summer break destination. 
Here’s the deal, I have never been to Goa (I think I heard a collective gasp by the die-hard Goa frequenters and lovers). Goa is one place that has been on my wish list for years. One of my must-do in 2012 is spend a glorious week on this beautiful paradise. But till then, a girl can dream!

[More information on these pieces here.]

I can actually imagine taking a dip in the beautiful Arabian Sea, spending lazy afternoons reading my fave rom-com on the beach, or shopping at the local flea market finally ending the day with a sumptuous dinner of butter garlic lobster before hitting a beach party. *Sigh* Hopefully, some day soon!

What is your ideal spring-summer break destination? Are you a beach lover like me or do you prefer a cool countryside getaway? Do share your spring break stories with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Wednesday 7 March 2012

This Used To Be My Playground...

This week Independent Fashion Bloggers project is to show off your childhood fashion sense.
Honestly, I wasn’t the most stylishly well dressed kid or someone who wore trendy outfits. But, I loved to play dress-up. I would wear my mom's bangles and run around the house. Or take one of her dupatta's (Indian stole) and style it like a saree.
Looking at these photos made me realize that my love for all things fashion started at an early age. And some of my earliest fashion and styling lessons I learnt are from those good old days.(I can't believe I just used that phrase!!!)

 Even though blue is my fave colour, I learnt  that red or shades of red suits me the best. Not only do I look and feel great in it, but I also photograph amazingly well in red.

[First from left is me]
Dressed as a traditional Hyderabadi bride for my school's 'Brides of India' pageant.

 From a young age I learnt to give ‘the pose’. You know, the one that captures your best profile shot and hides all the flaws!

Celebrating my younger brother's first birthday. I miss kiddie birthday parties. The cake, the games, the fun. They were the best.

I learnt to accessorize even before I learnt to walk. A true fashion lover, ain't I? I am totally rocking my grandmother's necklace.
Even as I kid, I knew how to use food as a prop for a photo and never be caught with your mouth full.

Someone once said, "Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons." And looking at these photos I couldn't agree more.
 We can't reclaim our childhood, but we can revisit them time and again. And I had a wonderful time walking down my memory lane.

What are your fave childhood memory? Like me, did you as well play dress-up with your mom's things? Do share your chilhood stories with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Saturday 3 March 2012

Street Style Inspiration: NEON!!!

For years fashion has been influenced by two walks of life: runway and red carpet. But not any more. Thanks to a new breed of fashion icons-Street Style Fashion Bloggers- we now can turn to the ‘real-way’ and get inspired. For my first street style inspiration I choose neon colour trend. You ask why neon? Well, the streets of fashion have been literally glowing neon. In varying degrees of brightness and boldness, neon colours have been making quite a regular appearance from NYC to Milan and all the other fashionable cities. Plus, it's one of Spring-Summer 2012's major trend. How could a die hard colour lover like me stay away from these gorgeously vibrant shades? I just had to do a neon post!
[Image Credit: Late Afternoon; CinZilicious; Atlantic-Pacific; The Shady Side; Glassworks Studios; Lou Lou Magazine; The Red Dot; Styleeast; Polyvore]

Lets face it; neon colours are not for the faint of heart. They may look effortlessly chic on our fave fashion bloggers, but in all honestly they require little bit of guts and whole lot of panache to pull off the look. Otherwise one may end up looking like an 80’s back-up dancer!

Like me, if you too are new to this trend; but nevertheless tempted to try it, here are a few tips for styling neon colours.

Choose Correctly: First off, you need to pick a color you are most comfortable in, as well as the one that suits your skin tone.

Start Small: First timers can start by picking neon accessories or jewelry. You can add a neon belt or bag to your classic white top and blue jeans look. Or spice up your LBD with a neon pumps or scarf.

Hints of Neon: Clothes with neon accents are a great way to experiment with this trend. Dress with neon piping, or shoes with neon straps or a top with neon motif, is a great way to start.This way you get to try out a new trend without stepping out of your style comfort zone.

Balance is Key: There are those who can carry off a head-to-toe neon look, for the rest of us it’s all about balancing the color palette. You can choose one single statement-making, eye-popping neon piece and pair it with classic black and white or grey or neutrals.

Highlight your Assets
: Nothing says all–eyes-on-me quite like neon. We all have one (or more) 
asset we very proud off. Neon gives you a perfect opportunity to flaunt them. Got amazing legs? Show them off in a pair of neon skinny jeans.
[More information on these pieces here.]

There is no one rule for wearing neon colours. While some street style fashionistas have colour-blocked it, the others have chosen to only accessorize with it. Depending on your style preferences, you too can rock a neon look of your choice.

Well then ladies, are ready to glow neon bright? And what look would you go for? Share your and opinion with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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