Tuesday 26 November 2013

5 Must Have Statement Accessories

Ladies, we have reached that time of the year where you either go crazy broke shopping for new outfits or drive yourself nuts repeating the same words over and over again: “I have nothing to wear!”
Times like these you have to stop, and follow the oldest styling cliché - when in doubt, ACCESSORIZE!
Trust me, nothing changes the look of an outfit quite like accessories. If you have mastered the art of accessorising you can confidently wear the same outfit again and again without any worries.
While one can never really have enough accessories; there are a few timeless statement pieces that every woman must have in her wardrobe. Along with being fashion must haves; these accessories pieces are also wise fashion investments. 

5 Must Have Statement Accessories (ever woman should own).
1. Chic Cuff that can be paired with anything
2.Multi-colour Jewelled Necklace
3. Sparkly Drop Earrings 
4. An Embellished Clutch that can work with multiple outfits
5. Cocktail Ring
[Images Via Pinterest]
From red carpet to street style, these 5 pieces have been making their appearance all over fashion town. 
No more restricted to any one particular season or time frame, all of these pieces can easily be worn year long.

What really makes these 5 statement accessory pieces a must have, is, their versatility. Each piece can easily be worn to a number of occasions and events. The flexibility of these pieces makes it easy to pair then with Indian wear, Western wear or fusion wear. The best part is, unlike clothes, these pieces complement most body types and can be worn by women of different shapes and sizes.

When it comes to accessories, there is only one name that comes the mind: Accessorize.
No one has better baubles, jewels and statement accessories quite like Accessorize
With the current festive and wedding season in full swing, it is time to stock up on these 5 beauties.

[All the above products are from Accessorize India's Autumn-Winter 2013 collection]
1. Chic CUFF that can be paired with anything: Just like we have that one shade of lipstick or pair of shoes that matches with everything, cuff is one statement accessory that can be paired with literally anything.
You can easily add it to an arm party or wear it by itself, pair it with a LBD or a silk saree, flaunt it on a date or to a business meeting, cuff is one of those flexible pieces that works well with any look and style. 

2. Multi-colour JEWELLED NECKLACE: Colourful statement necklace have been a part of Indian wardrobe since time immemorial. With the world of fashion finally catching-up with this fabulous trend, a multi-colour jewelled necklace is not just a must have, but a much needed statement accessory.
Depending on your personal aesthetics one can select a bright and bold neon piece or a subtle one in jewel or neutral tones. No matter what your personal preference is, there is a statement necklace with a woman’s name written on it.

3. Sparkly DROP EARRINGS: Somewhere between the studs and long chandeliers, one can find the very underrated drop earrings. The drop earrings are a great alternative from those who want earrings that are not very long nor too short. Plus, the length of the drop earrings gives it an air of classy while the sparkly stones add a hint of sexy.
The beauty of a drop earring is, it can easily be worn with the hair tied up or let loose, making it a chic and wise investment.

4. An EMBELLISHED CLUTCH that can work with multiple outfits: For those not too confident about pulling off or carrying a bling look, an embellished clutch is just what you need. Along with being compact and convenient, it lets you flaunt some bling without actually wearing it.
Invest in a metallic or neutral colour one that works with both, Indian and Western wear as well as can be styled with different looks and silhouettes.

5. Cocktail Ring: The cocktail ring is the ‘cherry on top’ version of accessories. No matter how complete a look is, add an eye catching cocktail ring and the look’s glam quotients goes up by several notches. 
Even those who shy away from other statement accessories, are easily seduced by the allure of a cocktail ring.

What are your 5 Must Have Statement Accessories? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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Thursday 14 November 2013

Girl Meets Boy

“It is fatal to be a man or woman pure and simple; one must be woman-manly or man-womanly. ... Some marriage of opposites has to be consummated.” 
                                                                                                                     Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

I have always had a love-hate relationship with the androgyny trend. The feminist in me gets the significance of a neutral dressing code, but the woman (and feminist) in me is not ready to be covered up in clothes that does not distinguish me from members of the other gender. 
While some women have been more than ready to ‘suit-up’ and embrace their masculine side, others, like me, are still struggling to find the right, as I like to call it, ‘Gender Mix’ balance.
For me, it is more about mixing genders rather that completely eclipsing one gender all together.
After much experimentation, I have finally figured out a way to incorporate the right masculine pieces without compromising on my personal style. My take on the androgyny trend is, to either layer with or accessorise with or trade a regular piece with a well-constructed men’s wear piece.

One brand that I think would be ideal to experiment a gender mix look with, is Calvin Klein Jeans. 
I recently had a chance to go through their Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection and instantly found pieces in the men’s wear section I would love to add to my wardrobe. 
From masterful tailoring to clean and simple pattern lines, the entire collection is a fine balance of everyday essentials and must have winter pieces.
While the women’s collection has trademark minimalistic dresses, classic jeans and tops, the men’s wear range offers a wide array of shirts, structured cardigans and lightweight sweater.

Keeping the current season and latest trends in mind, here are a few gender mix looks styled with the Calvin Klein Jeans 
Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection.

[Jeans, Pink Tee and Messenger Bag- Calvin Klein Jeans Women's A/W 2013; Plaid Shirt- Calvin Klein Jeans Mens's A/W 2013; Watch-Michael Kors; Studded High-Top Sneakers- Forever 21; Wayfarer Sunglasses- Ray-Ban]

Pairing a plaid shirt with classic blue jeans and tee is one of the oldest looks in casual fashion history.
To make this look more fun and create a trendy gender mix look, swap your regular plaid shirt with a men’s plaid shirt. Thrown on pair of statement sunnies, boyfriend watch and high-top sneakers and you are ready for a weekend shopping trip or a lazy afternoon with the boyfriend.


[Printed Pants & Bag-Calvin Klein Jeans Women's A/W 2013; Lightweight Sweater-Calvin Klein Jeans Mens's A/W 2013; Buckle Booties-Forever 21; Necklace-Kelly Wearstler; Bracelet-Tory Burch; Lipgloss- Guerlain; Eye Pencil-Clarins]

Sweaters are currently having a major fashion moment. From runway to street style, they have made their presence felt in all possible domains of fashion.
While chunky knits may work in some places, in a city like Bombay, lightweight sweater is all one can manage to wear.
For a polished, city chic gender mix look, pair printed pants with a contrasting colour oversized men’s lightweight sweater. Throw on a pair of boots, structured tote and statement jewellery and you are all set for a business luncheon or client meeting.
Keep in mind: The sweater should be only one size big and not very large cause that will make you look bulky.
For a more contoured look you can add a skinny belt to the ensemble.

[Coloured Pant, Sequins Top and Bag-Calvin Klein Jeans Women's A/W 2013; Zip Cardigan-Calvin Klein Jeans Mens's A/W 2013; Glitter Loafers-Just Ballerinas; Gold Cuff- New Look; Lipstick-  Elizabeth Arden]

Women love to dress-up and flaunt their glam side. However, a glam look can be quite a task. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy for a look so demanding. 
On days like these, swap your all-out glam look with an ‘easy glam’ look instead.
With the right glam elements even the simplest of looks can be spiced up.
For a night out with the girls or a romantic date, pair a self coloured sequin top with bright coloured pants. Layer the look with a men’s zip cardigan for a stylish gender mix ensemble. 
Accessorise the look with your fave pair of glitter loafers, gold cuff and red-hot lipstick to add the right amount of glam to an otherwise regular outfit.

With just a few add-ons and swaps, you too can style an semi-androgynous 
‘Gender Mix’ look.

What did you think of Calvin Klein Jeans Autumn/ Winter 2013 collection? And are you ready to try a ‘Gender Mix’ look? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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