Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Summer Beauty & Grooming Essentials

Nothing says warm days are upon us quite like the arrival of March. Summer season in India is known for being excruciatingly hot, almost cruel at times. Honestly, besides ranting on social media there is very little one can do about the soaring temperatures.
With mercury on the rise, this seems like the perfect time to update your beauty, makeup and grooming stash with these new summer friendly essentials.

1. What is it: Lakmé Lip Love Lip Balm- Strawberry; INR 200/- 
Why do I love it: I am a sucker for lip balms and use it year round. As someone who is blessed with healthy, hydrated lips, this product was ideal for me. For starters, I loved the fruity fragrance and the delicate reddish-pink tint and shine. Containing SPF 15 makes it a major added bonus. The texture is smooth and creamy on application. After application, the lip balm feels light on the lips and does not have a sticky after effect or oily residue. Just like it is stated on the package, “luxurious creamy core that moisturizes your lips”, Lakmé Lip Love lip balm delivers on all these promises.
If you are looking for a tinted, fruity lip balm, Lakmé Lip Love is just the thing you need. 
Along with Strawberry, it is also available in Vanilla, Peach and Cherry.

2. What is it:
LUX Magical Spell Body Wash- Black Orchids and Juniper Oil; INR 150/-
Why do I love it: The thing I loved most about Lux Magical Spell Body Wash is its fragrance. It has a very sensuous, exotic scent. Along with black orchids there is a hint of jasmine, wood and vanilla. On initial use one may find the scent a tab big strong, however, the fragrance is not at all overpowering and lingers for a few hours after use.
I am not very picky about body wash and love trying out new ones. As long as I like the fragrance, I am good with it. Since I don’t have very dry skin, Lux Magical Spell Body Wash suited my skin perfectly well.

3. What is it:
Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi; INR 2,850/- and Foot and Nail Cream; INR 200/-
Why do I love it: For someone who prefers open-toe shoes and sandals to closed one, keeping my feet clean and smooth at all times in an overly polluted city can be quite a challenge. 
Lucky for me, I discovered Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi. It is an electronic foot file that effectively removes tough, dead skin and calluses by exfoliating the feet. What I really liked about it is, it does not have sharp blades, this makes it very safe to use. It also manages to remove all the dead skin and leaves the feet smooth.
The overall experience and result is excellent. To make sure your feet stay clean and dead skin free for long, moisturise it daily with the foot and nail cream.
Keep in mind, this is an express pedicure and one cannot expect the same results as traditional, salon pedicure. 
Whether or not you lead an hectic life, this is one grooming product every woman (and man) should invest in.

4. What is it: Livon Moroccan Silk Serum; INR 259/-
Why do I love it: Ever since I discovered the secret ingredient to healthy hair, I have become an avid user and believer of all things Moroccan Argan Oil. 
Since I have wavy hair that tends to get frizzy on hot, humid days, I am very picky about my hair serum. However, after my mom tried Livon Moroccan Silk Serum and swore by it, I decided to give it a try.
What I loved most about it is, after application it leaves your hair feeling weightless, free flowing and gives it a shine and healthy glow. Also, it does not make your hair feel weighed down or leave a sticky residue. To add to this, it has a lovely fragrance to it.
Enriched with Vitamin E and infused with UV filters, unlike most available variants of Moroccan Argan Oil that are on the expensive side, Livon Moroccan Silk Serum is very pocket friendly and ideal for most Indian hair type.

5. What is it: Za True White Two Way Foundation; INR 550/-
Why do I love it: If you spent half your life dealing with oily skin woes, foundation is one product that will be on top of your ‘to avoid’ list. For that matter, any cream base makeup product. 
It was nothing short of sheer joy, when I discovered Za’s two way foundation. The beauty of the product is, it can be used wet or dry depending on your requirement. Since it is powder based, it gives a smooth matte, even toned complexion without clogging the pores, making the foundation oily skin friendly.
The foundation is infused with SPF 20 PA++ that provides the skin with much needed UVF protection. Available in 4 shades to complement every Indian skin tone, this foundation offers the best of both-powder and liquid, making it suitable for all skin types.

Please Note: Before using/ buying any of these products please make sure they are right match and compatible with your your skin and hair type.

Till then, tra-la,
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Thursday, 12 February 2015

How To Dress For A First Date (On Valentine's Day)

It is that time of the year where love is not just in the air, but practically everywhere. From Twitter contest to radio ads to random hoardings; everyone’s in the mood to celebrate the big day of love, Valentine’s Day.
I, on the other hand, am trying as hard as possible to treat Valentine’s Day as just another day. No biggie!
The truth is, my current dating life is like Bipasha Basu’s career- stuck in a rut and going absolutely nowhere!

 After witnessing my current situation of being trapped between nothing and not worth dating, my friends decided to t
ake matters into their own hands and finally managed to convince me to give online dating a try.
The skeptic I am, I avoided it for the longest time. However, after months of deliberation and persuasion, I gave into the temptation and decided to join the online dating bandwagon.  
After trying out a few famous dating apps, I choose to get myself registered on Vee.
Thanks to Vee, I have had a chance to meet a few good men. And just like that, my dating life looks promising again.

If you think finding a good date is a challenge, wait for the bigger dilemma that follows- what should I wear for my first date!
Everywoman at some point or another has wondered, “what is the perfect first date outfit?” Questions like, should I dress up or dress down, go casual or bring my glam on, have tormented us all at some point.
After hits and misses, I have found the answer to, “what should I wear on a first date.” When styling a first date outfit, keep these three key points in mind: 
Location of the date: Whether the date is in a coffee shop or a restaurant? Are you going for a movie or an art exhibit? Is it outdoor or indoor? Knowing your location helps you decided the basic overall look for the date.

Time of the date:
Are you meeting for brunch or are you meeting for pre dinner drinks. The location plus the timing helps you decide the apt outfit for the date. Is it an LBD kind of a date or is a pair of jeans and tunic more apt for it.

Mood of the date:
Have you decided to keep it cool and casual or are you both big on romantic gesture and going for an old school style romantic first date?
 Based on the mood of your date you can then decide the tone of the outfit. Should you be all dolled up or is casual chic the way to go.

While there are no hard and fast rules of first date dressing, here are few styling guidelines and looks that will help you make a great first impression.
After I joined Vee a friend asked me why did I opt for it over other dating apps?
For starters, compared to all the dating apps, Vee is more female friendly. It is built keeping in mind several stringent safety features to keep your information and interactions safe and secure. Users privacy, safety and security is paramount for them. This is a major win.
Like most dating apps, connections are formed only after there's a mutual like. However, women have the option to go ‘Invisible’, which means only those who they like can see them, while others can't. 
Other safety features are, it has the option of making all of your chat history with a person disappear from both phones. Women can chose to hide all their info, and nothing will be visible except for first name. It's screenshot safe, on Android devices, no one can take screenshots of your pictures. Every profile is curated, from the marital status, to the age (persons beyond a certain age are not allowed), to the number of friends he/she has on Facebook. 
Vee is very strict with reporting and blocking of profiles.
As dating apps go, Vee has done everything possible to make online dating safe and secure, especially for its women users.

Ladies and gentlemen, this Valentine's Day it is time to #GetVee and say goodbye to that horrid dating dry spell. Who knows, your soulmate may just be a Vee bit away!

Till then, tra-la,

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

#GoRouge With L'Oréal Paris Pure Reds

It is a truth universally acknowledged that red lipstick is the ultimate picker-upper.
When it comes to makeup, nothing beats the power of red lips. A rouge pout can elevate your outfit, up your glam quotient, and make a statement all in one swipe!
If there is something I love as much as Mindy Kaling, pop culture and chocolates, it is, red lipstick.
It was nothing short of euphoric joy when L'Oréal Paris launched the Color Riche Pure Reds Collection. 
The range includes 7 exquisite shades belonging to the red colour palette and represented by L’Oréal Paris ambassadors.
Along with true red, this curated collection includes orange and purple/berry (red based secondary colours) pink and fuchsia (tint of red) and brick and maroon (shades of red).
The Pure Reds collection has beautifully incorporated different tints, tones and shades of red. 
The vibrant red colour palette has been used in an interestingly innovative way to create 7 gorgeous colour variations to flatter every Indian skin tone.
Along with complementing all types of Indian skin tones, these shades are perfect for every social occasion and mood. 

A collection this beautiful requires something creatively different. Instead of doing the run-of-the-mill swatches and product review, I decided to create looks inspired by the shades of Pure Reds collection. 
[Information on the above pieces here]

I got to try out the entire Pure Reds collection at L'Oréal Paris Red Party. After first hand trying out these beautiful shades, I strongly recommend every lipstick lover and junkie to go and try them. You are bound to buy a few of them for sure. 

One of the reasons why I avoided swatches in this post is, since the shades tend to look different on different skin tones as well as the final look of the colour depends entirely on an individual’s natural lip colour, pigmentation and texture, swatches would not do justice to this vibrant collection.

Along with trying out the shades, I also got my make-up and hair styled by the phenomenally talented, Ms. Namrata Soni.
To complement my skin tone, Ms. Soni decided to use Pure Scarleto. I instantly fell in love with this shade and since then it has become my signature shade of the season. 

[Hair & Make-Up Expert: Namrata Soni Photographer: Rema Chaudhary]

Not only are the shades stunning, but the entire package is done in a very polished and sleek manner.
The lipsticks are smooth at application and have a rich creamy matte finish to it. 
From first had experience I can say, the lipstick easily lasts a good 6-8 hours without drying the lips. Nor does it require any touch ups; even after eating and drinking. The lipsticks have amazing hydration because of which it does not flake at all. The beauty of the entire collection is, there is a red there for every Indian skin tone, personality and age group. 

Ladies, you search for the perfect red lipstick ends here! Pure Reds range of lipsticks by L'Oréal Paris is a one-stop place to find the perfect shade of red.

Till then, tra-la,

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