Monday 16 March 2020

Home - Body Positive Poem

Home - Body Positive Poem by Amena Azeez

We are constantly seeking a home; a safe place we can call our own. And yet, we are most cruel to the only true abode (home) we will ever have – our body. We find ways to alter it, change it, hate it, abuse it, without realising and often forgetting that our body is the one that carries us through life.
Hating your body won’t make it better or different. You owe it to your body to treat it better and be kinder towards it.
You have only one body. You have to learn to make peace with your body. Instead of fighting, hating, resenting it you need to learn to love, listen, nourish, embrace, nurture, celebrate, cherish and most importantly, respect it - Amena