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Summer Fashion Staples

Here’s a fact: nobody welcomes a new season quite like the fashion world. Ever fashion house, brands and shop is doing its very best for you to know that they have the must-have IT trend of the season.For us fashion bloggers summer officially arrives when our inbox gets filled with summer fashion lookbooks and store visit invites. 
While browsing through the various summer lookbooks sent my way, I stumbled upon Promod's summer collection. To be honest, I have known about Promod but never really noticed it before. Out of curiosity I gave it a look, and I am glad I did.
While going thorough their summer collection, I not only found some stunning, drool-worthy pieces, but I finally discovered Promod.
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From classic to bright coloured jeans, floral print shirts and white lace trimmed tunics to printed dresses and everyday tops; Promod’s new collection is a fine mix of timeless must-have summer staples and the latest trends of the season.
While the entire collection is filled with standout pieces, my personal favourite's are the denim shirts, the splash effect floral print top, delicate white tunics/blouse with embroidered lace and embellished mini skirts.
The beauty of Promod Spring-Summer 2013 collection is, that most of the pieces can be worn in the day and with a few add-ons be transformed into night-out ensembles.
What I really liked about Promod Spring-Summer 2013 line, is that they have managed to create a collection that provides the modern women with affordable, sophisticated and easy-to-wear fashion.

Must-Have Summer Fashion Staples
This list is prepared keeping the weather of India {specifically Bombay type of hot and humid} in mind. Depending on what part of the country or world you live in the list can be tailored out according to your climatic needs. 
1. White Cotton Top: Anything from a tunic to kurta, kurti or a blouse made out of cotton fabric enhanced with embroidery or lace detail is perfect for the season.
2. Coloured Jeans: Whether you like them neon bright or delicate pastels, coloured jeans are a not just a fashion statement anymore, but have now become a summer staple as well as a wardrobe essential.
3. Denim Shirt: The soft denim shirt can be worn by itself or styled as a top layer over a tank or tee. 
4. Mini Skirts/Shorts: These little darlings are a great way to beat the heat at the same time flaunt your legs as well.
5. Oversized Bag: Carry it to office, beach or even on a date, oversized bag functions as a home away from home, where all the summer essentials are stocked up.
6. Floral Prints: No summer is complete without its share of blossoming floral prints. The style may change, but flowers will never go out of summer fashion.
7. Summer Dress: Maxi, mini or midi, printed or embellished, flared or A-line, summer dress is the prefect blend of comfy and trendy. They can easily be dressed-up or down depending on the time of the day, occasion and location.
8. Colourful Accessories: Be it shoes, bag or jewellery, they add that instant colour pop to your summer whites and neutrals.
9. Flat Sandals & Wedges: Not only are they super comfortable, but pair well with a maxi dress, mini skirt, pretty much with all kinds of summer clothes.
10. Sunglasses: Along with protecting your eyes from the scorching sun, sunglasses also make chic style statement.

Lucky for us, Promod's Spring-Summer 2013 collection has almost all the pieces mentioned in my must-have summer fashion staple list.

What do you think of Promod's Spring-Summer 2013 collection? What are your must-have summer fashion staples and how do you like to style them? Share your views with me in the comment section

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. Nice post. I am especially drooling over the denim shirt but a little skeptical if it'd be comfortable to wear them in summers.
    Love the post though.

  2. Great post! I love pairing up colored jeans with denim shirts :)

  3. I can swear by the comfort of the denim dress or a shirt! Brilliant post. Now following you :)


  4. promod has some surprisingly good pieces..and if you look closely they have slightly cheaper stuff too..(cheap is relative here of course)..i have not bought anything from them yet but soon..

    enter my giveaway

  5. Loved all three styles but I absolutely dig the first look - nothing comfy n trendy like colored denims and a striped tote :)

  6. Love all of these pieces, and I totally agree that they're great wardrobe staples. The printed dress I'd probably switch out for something a little brighter, but other than that a great selection.

    -Mega from

  7. It's the time of summer so wear a cotton outfits for better comfort.

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  8. I love to shop from Promod.Very interesting summer tips. Do visit my blog and follow if you like,on GFC and bloglovin and i'll follow you back:-)

  9. I loved your list :)

  10. Hi, can i buy kurtis from your website?

  11. Very Classy and elegant Charles and Keith Bags indeed ...sometimes less is more and in this collection everything’s restrained, relaxed and – even better – comfortable, with a pulled-together elegance !!