Thursday 21 June 2012

New Brand On The Block: Salt 'N' Pepper Footwear & Accessories.

I love discovering new things. The joy I had when I first introduced my friend to the words of Haruki Murakami or the delight  when I took my family for the first time to a newly opened Indigo Deli.
As of recent, I have developed a love for online shopping. And in my pursuit for finding something new, something trendy as well as pocket friendly, I stumbled upon a newly launched in India, Italian footwear and accessories brand called Salt ‘N’ Pepper.
True to their name, they have a variety of products to offer. Primarily focusing on all kinds of footwear and bags-for men,women and kids- they also offer other accessories such as belts and jewellery-necklace and bangles and bracelets.
Currently being retailed in over 10 countries across the globe, the company has decided to take the e-commerce route to find their feet in India. Not only is the company excited about the launch in India, but has also chosen it as their first destination for an attempt at e-commerce as a brand. They believe that e-commerce would give consumers greater access to their products in a market like India. This way allowing customers to choose and pick products of their choice at their own convenience {They do not retail in India as of yet}.

They first ventured into the Indian market by participating in the India International Leather Fair (IILF) 2011 held in Delhi. Upon receiving an overwhelming response to their products, the company is confident their uniquely designed products will capture hearts and feet of Indian consumer. 
The company’s philosophy is: “High quality leather footwear and accessories which are uniquely designed to make them stand out from the rest is our USP”.The brand's variety of choice and versatile designs makes them stylishly wearable for any time of the day or occasion. Using Salt 'N' Pepper footwear and accessories {only}, here are few of my styling suggestions.
[Price details of Salt 'N' Pepper products used in the above set]

Do visit this newly launched brand, Salt 'N' Pepper's website for some trendy footwear and accessories and let me know what you think of it.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. Anonymous8:52 pm

    I love salt'n'pepper! I discovered the brand when I was in London. So nice to know that they launched it in India! Their products are so nice and so affordable! Nice blog btw!


  2. Nice collection ... Need to check out :)

    New post up...

  3. The collection looks great!

  4. The 3rd look has to be our absolute favourite! The accessories from this site are pretty cute!

  5. Oh, how nice! Those heels are especially cute. ;-) Thank you so much for taking a moment to stop by and say hello!

  6. love the looks and those are some great pieces!!

  7. The collection looks great.....Good post...... thanks for sharing......

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