Monday 22 October 2012

New Product On The Block: Maybelline New York BABY LIPS Lip Balm

A friend of mine could not stop talking about her newfound love for Maybelline New York ‘Baby Lips’ lip balm. She went as far as to tell me that she would like to kiss her self just to get the taste and feel of her new and improved lips! I would not have bothered too much about it had I not seen a drastic change in her lips. They went from perpetually dry and chapped to soft and smooth. After seeing this result I was very keen on trying out ‘Baby Lips’. For starters, I have been using the same lip balm for 12 years and to try out something new was quite a challenge for me. The only assurance was that since it’s a Maybelline product it is going to be totally worth it.

The ‘Baby Lips’ lip balms are available in Care and Color range. Each comes in a retractable tube packaging.
Maybelline New York Baby Lips Lip Balm Claim: “The next generation lip balm is born, from Maybelline New York. Adult strength care for baby soft lips”.
 In order to give a complete and through verdict on the Baby Lips lip balm, I decided to try out one from each range.
 Since I love berry flavour I chose ‘Anti-Oxidant Berry’ from the Care range and ‘Berry Crush’ from the Color range.

Review of Maybelline New York Baby Lips Care range Anti-Oxidant Berry Lip Balm.
The other flavour available in the Care range is Mango Pie.

Review of Maybelline New York Baby Lips Color range Berry Crush Lip Balm.

The other flavours available in the Color range are Cherry Kiss, Coral Flush, Pink Lolita and Rose Addict.

Verdict & Recommendation:
For those who have severely dry and chapped lips opt for the care range lip balms. This will heal your lips, improve its elasticity, increase its suppleness, decrease lines, and improve its texture making them soft and smooth.

From those who wish to make their healthy lips even more supple, soft and smooth, opt for the color range lip balms. Not only will they protect your lips but also add a hint of color pop to them along with moisturising and improving the lip texture.

I am someone one who is bless with naturally smooth and soft lips, but after trying Baby Lips lip balm, in care and color range, I can honestly say my lips now are softer, smoother and have the feel and look of baby soft lips.
Maybelline New York Baby Lips lip balm has officially become my must have product when it comes to lip care.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. I'm using the mangopie. I love the smell of it. Lets see what it does to my lips!

  2. I have the berry, mango pie and the coral shade.. In love with these!

  3. Pretty good review Amena! Will surely try it on! :)

  4. After your review !! i am surely gonna give it a try !!

  5. Em using d red one...n its awsom..wil surely bought another flavours...

  6. Em using d red one...n its awsom..wil surely bought another flavours...

  7. Um using mangopie .. n its really amazing. all must try

  8. Have been hearing so much about this all around that I'm definitely going to go and try one of these!
    Great review! :D


  9. Love these lipsticks! :)

    would you like to follow each other, dear?


  10. Anonymous12:50 am

    very nicely written, great style, easy to understand. Excellent... :)

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