Friday 18 October 2013


Ever so often we need to take a break from being who we are-fashion designers, journalist, bloggers, PR Executive, Lawyer, etc…- and come together for a cause that unites us all.

Last weekend, one such cause made most Bombay fashion bloggers cut short their quality time at the newly launched Forever21 store in Goregaon and head all the way to South Bombay for Elle-Ogaan Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at Hard Rock Café.
Titled ‘Pinktober’, the main aim of the event was to create awareness about breast cancer.

[Outfit Details: Top-AND, Pink Jeans-Marks & Spencer, Sandals-Forever 21, Necklace-Pink Feather, Watch-DKNY]
Take it from someone who spends a good amount of time on WebMD, this event was an eye opener. From busting myths to making us aware of the right way of examining our breast, the doctors at the event helped us understand the disease better and how we each in our own was can prevent it.

As fashion bloggers, our blogs our are workplace. This post is my contribution to ‘Wear Pink to Work Day’ (an annual program by 
Ogaan Cancer Foundation and the ELLE Breast Cancer Campaign) as well as my pledge to support and spread the knowledge of breast cancer awareness more aggressively.
While the event is all about breast cancer awareness, we bloggers decide to add some spunk and quirk to make sure the message gets all the attention it needs.
Here are some fun snap shots from Pinktober.

Anyone who knows me, knows, I am obsessed with how my hair look at all times. But for a cause this noble I was ready to wear an all-eyes-on-me shocking pink wig!! 

With Kavisa{EpicChic} and Ritcha{Ri(t)chStyles}

Let's be honest-Being a drama queen is kinda my thing, plus it suits me real well. 

Here are a few important Breast Cancer related FYI's:
1. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among Indian women. (Cervical cancer being the first)

2. Now there is a vaccination available for the prevention of cervical cancer. This vaccination is best administered between the age of 9-16 years.

3. The whole idea that tight bra or underwired bra gives cancer is a big fat MYTH. It is advisable to wear a bra that is the right size and gives good support.

4. Since you know your body best, self -breast examination is the best form of examination. One should start giving themselves a self-breast exam from the age of 25.

5. While there is no known cause or reason for best cancer, the best way to prevent it is to have a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise.

As a fashion blogger I have shared about all thing fashion, lifestyle and beauty.
As a woman I wish to share all the knowledge that I have received about breast cancer. I strongly recommend you all pass it on to every woman you know. The more we talk about it, the more awareness we can create and help women fight breast cancer.

This post by Fashionopolis is dedicated to all the fighters and survivors of breast cancer.

Till then, tra-la,
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