Sunday 3 May 2015

Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 | My Favourite Collections (Part 2)

Like I mentioned in my first post, this season I have decided to share a list of some of my favourite Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 collections.
Here's is the second part of my fave collections.

Bazaar Inspires ‘Mulmul’
The humble mulmul played muse to eight Indian designers in Bazaar Inspires collection. The globally renowned fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, presented eight designers’ collections using Mulmul as the focal point during Indian Handlooms and Textile Day at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015.
From Anand Bhushan’s all white sleek collection to Hemant and Nandita’s Kashmir inspired collection that turned the simple Mulmul into a fashion fabric with surface ornamentation to Rabani and Rakha, who transformed the soft Mulmul into glamorous silhouettes, the collection showcased creative interpretations of this classic fabric. 
The beauty of the collection was, while all eight designers used the same base fabric, they each created collections so drastically different that one is literally spoilt for choice. Safe to safe, after this, I will never see mulmul as just a plain piece of fabric every again.

Urvashi Joneja
Urvashi Joneja is one of those designers whose concepts always seems to impress me. She finds inspiration in the mundane and interprets it with her vision in the most beautiful way.
For her Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 collection, Urvashi found inspiration from a phase of life that everyone is familiar with- ageing.
She based her designs on the process of ageing, an inevitable phenomenon in our lives. The tree rings motif (which also resembles human wrinkles) was used to highlight the theme of the collection. From prints to laser cuts, the tree rings motif appeared in a variety of techniques throughout the collection. 
Elegant in construction and beautiful in theory, ‘Retold’ by Urvashi Joneja sent a strong and stylish message.

Anamika Khanna
One of my all time favourite designer, Anamika Khanna’s collection was exactly what a grand finale should be. Dramatic, bold and statement making. 
A truly avant-garde couturier, Anamika’s interpretation of Sculpt was a display of craftsmanship and construction. With structured drapes, it was a fearless line, not confined to rules but an innovative blend of ‘sculpting’ and ‘de-sculpting’. Indian crafts were used in structural forms. The colour story played with silver, gold, ivory, gunmetal, black, soft pink, nude and a strong blue. 
The experimental silhouettes played with structural drapes. Exquisite embroidery like zardosi and thread and metallic were the perfect embellishment 
Whether it was the fabrics, silhouettes, colour palette or embroidery, the Sculpt collection by Anamika Khanna was an intense fashion experience that left us all spellbound.