Tuesday 26 April 2016

Best Red Lipsticks

Spring may not be a season we experience in Mumbai, however, spring cleaning is one ritual most of us perform year round. That time of the year where you decide to clean out everything with great gusto and energy.
I had my session of spring cleaning a few weeks ago. Amidst all the cleaning I discovered some lost treasure and, finally, decided to let go of things I have been hoarding for years.

I have always been a lipstick junkie and strongly believe one can not have enough lipsticks. But the sheer number of lipsticks I was holding on to, some over fives year old, was baffling. After sorting things out, I finally cut down my lipstick collection to half its size.

In the process of sorting my lipsticks out, I picked out my favourite ones- colour wise- and 
decided to put together a list of my favourite lipstick shades.
For my first list I decided to go with my most favourite shade: Red. A compilation of my best red lipsticks.
Some of the lipsticks mentioned here are pure reds, others belong to the red family and/or have a red undertone.

I know a lot of people who shy away from wearing red lipstick because they are not sure if it will suit their complexion. Trust me, red lipsticks suit all skin tone. You just need to pick a shade that complements your skin tone. 
I have consciously made and effort to feature red lipstick shades that suit Indian skin tones. So there is something for everyone. 

A warm red with coral undertones, Starlet Red adds an instant colour pop to your look. Styled in a crayon packaging, the lipstick is well pigmented and gives good coverage. It has a lovely matte finish and can easily last up to five hours without any touch up.
Due to the lipstick's strong matte formula it can dry out your lips. To avoid that, apply a lip balm before applying the lipstick and you don’t have to worry about your lips drying up.
Sadly, my lipstick broke while applying it. You need to be careful not to put too much pressure while applying the lipstick. Other than that, Starlet Red is a great shade and will suit most Indian skin tones.
Price: Rs 650

A vivid red with bright orange undertones, Pure Fire is an ideal colour for the summer season. The lipstick is well pigmented and has a smooth velvety texture making it easy to apply. It has a lovely matte finish and stays put for over four hours.
Price: Rs 995

A lush maroon tinted gloss with fine bronze glitter that is more deep than bright. This shade is ideal for those who are not comfortable wearing bright colours. A sultry shade of deep red gloss, MAC Courting Chic is perfect for those who want to play it safe with red.
Price: Rs 2,000

A perfect pink red shade, it instantly brightens your face. Pure Vermeil is one of those shades that look good anytime of the day. Like all the Pure Reds, Pure Vermeil is well pigmented, has a creamy texture and easy to apply.
Price: Rs. 995

Ruby Woo needs no introduction. Any red lipstick lover has used it at some point of time in her life. A well pigmented, classic blue-based red shade, Ruby Woo offers great coverage. However, as gorgeous as the shade is, its biggest draw back is, its matte formula dries out the lips. Ideally, always apply a lip primer or lip balm before applying Ruby Woo. 
This is one shade of red that looks good on all skin tones.
Price: Rs. 2,250

Lip lacquer are a category in themselves. They are not lipstick nor lip gloss, they are more like liquid lipstick.
Strawberry Topaz is a
 deep coral red with fine milled glitter and has rich finish. Well pigmented with a thick texture, Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer can easily stay up to 4-5 hours. Since it is opaque, it can be worn without any base even on pigmented lips.
Price: Rs. 850

Pure Garnet is deep berry shade with plum undertones and a hint of burgundy. A maroon red, Pure Garnet is ideal for those who like to wear a subtle shade of red. Pure Garnet is well pigmented, offers full coverage and looks best on people with mind-tone complexions.
Price: Rs. 995

A bright, warm red, with coral undertones. It has a semi-glossy finish and can look more orange than red on application. It is soft and creamy and lasts a good five hours.
Price: Rs. 699

A heartfelt thank you to the team of My Glamm and for doing my hair and makeup. Thank you to Pallavi for all her support and a big thank you to the makeup maverick, Bijon, for doing my makeup and for all his inputs, wisdom and help. It was great fun working with the team of My Glamm.

Photography by Suraj Warrier | Edit and Creatives by Digital Daku
Makeup, hair and location: My Glamm

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. Wow nice post, every shade looks beautiful on you. Love the third, fifth and seventh shades!

  2. Love your picks and swatches. Ruby Woo definitely looks stunning.

  3. Pure Garnet looks so good on you :)