Wednesday 31 August 2016

LYF On The Go at Lakmé Fashion Week

When the theme for Met Gala 2016 was announced, a lot of people were intrigued by it. What does “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” really mean. Many wondered, what do fashion and technology have in common?
Contrary to popular belief, even before the digital age, fashion and technology have always coexisted together. In fact, technology is applicable in all aspects of fashion. From the yarn stage right up to the finished product, fashion and technology work hand-in-hand.
Taking note of the importance of technology in the field of fashion, Lakmé Fashion Week had a panel discussion on: “How technology is shaping the future of fashion”.
LYF On The Go at Lakmé Fashion Week
As a fashion blogger and digital content creator, my work is predominantly in the digital space. Technology and apps are as important to me as fashion. From clicking pictures to sending mails to updating my social media, most of my work is done on my phone and it is very important for me to have a phone that can keep up with all my needs. And if I am getting all of this at an affordable price – that’s a boon!
LYF Wind 3 Smartphone Review
I recently had the opportunity to try out LYF Wind 3 4G smartphone and I decided to put it to good use at the epicentre of fashion – Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016.

As glamorous as the fashion weeks look from the outside, there is a whole lot of work that goes on behind the curtains. From live tweeting, to Instagram posts, and Snapchat stories, to designer interviews, photoshoot, and dozens of other stuff goes on between the shows. The one thing I need to depend on most is my smartphone. During fashion week days, my smartphone is not just a phone, it is my lifeline. It is very important that I have something that is sturdy and stylish and can last through the day without multiple charging. For fashion bloggers to survive fashion week, we need powerful and high performing smartphones.
LYF Wind 3 Smartphone Review
The LYF Wind 3 smartphone is a polished and sophisticated looking phone. The classic black colour with curved edges gives it a refined look. It has a compact design and compared to other Android phones it is light in weight. The phone is powered by a 1.2 GHz Quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and it comes with 2 GB of RAM that ensures smooth browsing process even while using multiple apps simultaneously. The phone does not stutter or hang. It has a 5.5-inch 720p HD display that is sharp and crisp. The screen is made of scratch resistant Asahi glass, so you don’t have to put an additional screen guard on it. LFY Wind 3 offers 16GB storage that can further be expanded up to 32GB using a memory card.
The phones has an 8MP LED flash rare camera and a 2MP front camera. The camera clicks decent picture in natural light and well-lit conditions.
LYF On The Go at Lakmé Fashion Week
Smartsphones have evolved and become far more than just phones. I don’t just use my phone as my primary source of communication and connectivity only. I also use it for entertainment. Many times while travelling or when I’m stuck in traffic, I use my phone to keep myself entertained.
For me, any phone that offers more than just the basic requirements is worth investing in.
LYF On The Go at Lakmé Fashion Week
One of the best part about LYF Wind 3 Smartphone+ is, it comes preloaded with Reliance Jio Apps like My Jio, Jio Play, Jio On-Demand, and Jio Beats that adds value to the phone. These apps paired with Jio preview 4G connection, allows you to seamlessly listen to music and watch videos.
LYF On The Go at Lakmé Fashion Week
Jio Beats is a music app. It offers HD songs in 20 different languages. Thanks to Jio’s 4G network, you can listen to your favorite songs anytime you like without downloading it or subscribing to third party apps. As a music lover, I need music to unwind and rejuvenate myself, it was always so easy to log in and listen to music on the Jio Beats app between shows at the Lakmé Fashion Week.
LYF On The Go at Lakmé Fashion Week
If visual medium is more your thing, then Jio On-Demand app is perfect for you. It is a video streaming service that turns your phone into an entertainment device. From movies to TV shows to music videos to trailers, it has it all. The app has around 1 lakh+ hours of HD content. With the Jio 4G network, watching video content was effortless. No buffering whatsoever. The whole viewing process makes you addicted to the app.
LYF On The Go at Lakmé Fashion Week
As much as I like, I just don’t get the time to keep up with all my favourite TV shows. Especially, during Lakmé Fashion Week. Most of the time I end up missing them. This time round, thanks to Jio Play, I could watch my beloved TV shows as and when I wanted. Jio Play brings live TV channels on your smartphone. It offers over 300 TV channels. The best part is, you can pause the live TV program and start from the point you left off. Plus, you get to watch missed episodes of prime shows aired in the last 7 days.
LYF On The Go at Lakmé Fashion Week
Compared to most 4G, Jio 4G has amazing speed. Around 22-23 Mpbs download speed and around 8-9 Mbps upload speed. Which is twice the number compared to all the other 4G data service available in India. Jio 4G has been a boon all through Lakmé Fashion Week for me. Thanks to this high speed, I was able to upload twice as much as I could before. Previously, due to 3G traffic, it would take forever to send a photo tweet and Snapchat stories. With Jio 4G, I could tweet, use Snapchat and Instagram, without any hassle or lag. All my post used to get uploaded within seconds.
LYF On The Go at Lakmé Fashion Week
Reasonably priced at INR 6,999/-, LYF Wind 3 is one of the most affordable phones available in the market. It looks sleek, is light in weight and the display has Asahi DragonTrail glass protection. Overall, LYF Wind 3 is easy to use, has a good battery life and the best part, it offers amazing inbuilt apps and free unlimited 4G data service for three months. You get far more than you pay for.
LYF Wind 3 Smartphone Review

Heartfelt thank you to my dear friend Leo 
Alemao of Style File for taking time out from his Lakmé Fashion Week schedule and shooting these pictures for me. I am forever grateful to you.

Photography by Leo Alemao of Style File. Editing by Digital Daku

Till then, tra-la,
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