Friday 26 May 2017

Beauty Box | Smoky Eye And Red Lip With Oriflame

Much like your favourite saree, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,  and mangoes and fresh cream in summer, a smoky eye and red lipstick look is a timeless classic. It is one of those looks that works for everyone and every mood. Best part- depending on the occasion, you can go for a full glam look or a subtle one. 

Over the years I have experimented a lot with my makeup and tried out different looks. But this combination by far is my most favourite look.
Smoky Eye And Red Lip
When I got an opportunity to try out Orifame’s latest The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel, I knew exactly the look I was going to go for. I wanted to create a look that would make a lasting first impression, a look ideal for a fun night out or a party or a celebratory occasion.
However, instead of going for run-of-the-mill black smoky and bold red matte lips look, I decided to give my own spin to it. 
Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Sensation Vinyl Gel
For my look I opted for the shade Sunset Burst. This is a vibrant red with pink and coral undertones. For someone who is not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks, I was very impressed with the Vinyl Gels. The liquid lipstick has a fluid velvety texture that is smooth on application and doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. Most importantly, it is not sticky or greasy.
The Vinyl Gels are well pigmented. For a sheer look, one swipe is suffice. For an ultra glossy opaque look, 3-4 swipes will get the job done. The liquid lipsticks have good staying power and can easily last up to 4-5 hours without any touch up. 
The Vinyl Gel liquid lipstick is a perfect blend of well-pigmented, opaque lipstick and plexigloss finish.
How To Create Smoky Eye  Look
Once I had decided the lipstick colour, my entire look was built around it.  
For the base I used The One IlluSkin Face Primer and applied it with Professional Concealer/Lip Brush. That was followed with The One IlluSkin Foundation in Nude Pink shade applied with the Professional Foundation Brush. This brush moves effortlessly on the face and blends the foundation well into the skin. Next was The One IlluSkin Concealer in Fair Light shade and The One Loose Powder applied with the Professional Powder Brush. Finally applied Oriflame Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls in Natural Peach as an illuminator using the Blush Brush. This is a multi-purpose brush. It is ideal for applying highlighters and illuminators as well as applying blush and blending concealer and foundation.

People don’t realise it, but brushes play a pivotal role in makeup.  I was pretty impressed with Oriflame’s Professional brushes. Application was effortless with them and there was no fear of the makeup looking patchy or unblended. The brushes have been designed to work out every minute detail.
Review Of Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Sensation Vinyl Gel - Sunset Burst
Like I mentioned, instead of a traditional black smokey eye, I decided to go for a gold and brown smoky eye look instead. 
Using the Professional Double-ended Eyeshadow Brush I have used Golden Brown and Rose Gold The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow and two shades from the Giordani Gold Eye Shadow Radiant Plum Quad on the eyelids and created the winged effect with The One Eye Liner Stylo in Black.
For the waterlines, used the Deep Indigo The One Colour Impact Cream Eye Shadow and The One Eye Shadow Pencil Smokey - Jet Black. Polished this smokey eye look off with The One Volume Blast Mascara in Black and set the eyebrows with Professional Eyebrow Brush.
Completed the look by removing eye shadow powder residue from under the eyes with the Professional Fan Powder Brush.
How To Create Smoky Eye  Look
For this look, I was inspired by classic red carpet Hollywood glam. I wanted to create a look that would make an impression and impact. This look does just that. It makes a statement without being over-the-top.
Smoky Eye And Red Lip
This look would not have been possible if not for my dear friend Raquel-Ann Dsouza. Along with being an amazing friend, Raquel-Ann is one of the most talented makeup artist and hairstylist I know. She knows exactly what will look good and will make you look like the best version of yourself. A true artisan in her craft, you can confidently trust her to give you the best makeup and hairstyle.
Raquel-Ann recently opened her salon, Look Gorgeous, in Mulund, Mumbai. A top-of-the-line salon that offers all your beauty and grooming need. If you are looking to get yourself pampered, I suggest you book an appointment today.
Review Of Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Sensation Vinyl Gel - Sunset Burst
Heartfelt thank you to Raquel-Ann for creating this look. This look would not have been possible without you. A big thank you to the entire staff of Look Gorgeous Salon for helping out with the shoot. You guys are amazing.
You can contact Raquel-Ann on: +91 9820139694 /+91 22 2560 0320/

Photography by Shreyas Hegde

Till then, tra-la,
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