Monday 4 December 2017

Plus Size Fashion | Layer It Up

“Where do you buy your clothes from?” – This is one question that I get asked on a regular basis. Considering the lack of availability and easy accessibility of quality plus size fashion in India, this question doesn’t surprise me at all. However, what does surprise and bother me is how so many Indian brands still ignore the needs and demands of over 50% of the nation’s population.  

Plus Size Denim Shirt
Even though a large number of Indian brands still don’t have a size inclusive and body positive approach, there are a handful of brands that are making the effort to create stylish and affordable clothes for plus size women.  Along with making clothes, these brands are also helping build the confidence of many women who have struggled with body issues due to lack of clothes and mainstream representation.

Plus Size Denim Shirt
Personally, I’ve always struggled with finding clothes my size. However, this issue became even more obvious when I started fashion blogging. When a large part of your job depends on creating new looks, the lack of clothes can hamper your career. And to a large extent this has happened with me. It was only around late 2015- early 2016 that ready-to-wear plus size clothes were noticeably available.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger India
Unlike straight size women, we plus size women are not spoilt for choice. Therefore, it is very important to invest in clothes that are easy to mix-and-match and layer up. 
Amydus is one such brand that offers a wide variety of pieces that have great styling and layering potential. Plus, the brand has figured out Indian sizing and what works for Indian plus size women. From Indian wear to party wear and formal wear, there is something for every occasion.

Plus Size Fashion Blogger India
I love wearing dress, but I was never a fan of belted dresses. I really liked this check shirt dress and was not letting the belt stop me from buying it. When I got the dress, I was planning to style it without the belt. However, the dress did not have the same impact without the contrast accent. I purely wore the belt for the colour pop. What surprised me the most was how the belt helped accentuate my curves and give a better structure to the dress. The belt completely changed the look of the outfit.

Body Positivity In India
With winter season finally arriving in India, wearing layers without the fear of breaking into a sweat inspired me to layer the dress with a denim shirt. The denim shirt gave the look a beautiful colour contrast without dominating the dress. 
Both these pieces can be worn separately as well as can be used to layer. In fact, most pieces with front buttons can be used as a layer. That is why I prefer to invest in them.

Amydus - Indian Plus Size Fashion Brand
In a year full of trying out new styles and taking sartorial risk, this belted check shirt dress is another one to add to the grown list.
Plus Size Indian Fashion
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Photography by Shreyas Hegde

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