Saturday 27 January 2018

Plus Size Fashion | Sorbet Stripes

For years, the fashion industry world over has confined plus size women inside a very small box that limits her sartorial choices to the bare minimum and depriving her the joys of fashion.
Not anymore! As the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken, and it’s about time we break all those antiquated plus size style rules that are just begging to be demolished.

Some of the most debated and discussed plus size fashion questions are: Should plus size women wear stripes? What kind? Should they only wear vertical ones and avoid horizontal ones? Should the stripes be thin or thick? And so on.
Here’s the thing – plus size women can and should wear stripes. And yes, they can wear all types of stripes. However, just like any trend, it’s is very important to select a style that fits your body type best. 
Plus Size Stripe Dress
I’ve been wanting to experiment with stripes and Afamado’s pastel stripe cold shoulder dress offered me the perfect opportunity.  The sorbet-flavoured colour palette instantly caught my eye.
How To Style Plus Size Stripes
I loved the clever juxtaposing of horizontal and vertical stripes. The empire waist line balances the the stripes in a way that the horizontal and vertical stripes complement each other. The overall dress is well-designed keeping plus size women of different sizes and shapes in mind.
Dresses For Plus Size Women
Another thing I loved about this dress is, it is very versatile. It is one of those dresses that can easily transform from day to night wear with minimum fuss and effort. Plus, the dress on its own is so striking, it requires very little accessorising. 
Indian Plus Size Brand Afamado
Instead of paring the dress with a solid colour bag, I decided to do a print mix look and pair it with a floral tote and clutch.
For a day look I decided to pair the dress with a floral tote and add a necklace to it.
Plus Size Fashion Blogger India
For the night look, I swapped the tote with a floral clutch, and replaced the necklace with gold statement earrings and palm cuff. With just the simple changes the love can go from day chic to night glam. 
Plus Size Stripe Dress
I’ve always worn stripes, but I have been a tad apprehensive about wearing horizontal stripes as well as mixing stripes. This dress completely changed that for me. Whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, I have no qualms about wearing stripes or mixing them up. 
How To Style Plus Size Stripes
The key to acing the stripe trend is by finding the right stripe proprotion for your body type. This is applicable for both straight and plus size bodies. Once you figured out the right stripe proportion for your body type and shape, the rest will fall into place.
Dresses For Plus Size Women

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I've said this before and I will say it again - fashion rules for plus size, curvy and fat women are nothing but a way to control their bodies and keep them out of the mainstream fashion narrative. 
To all my dear plus size, curvy and fat sisters, please don't let these ridiculous, sizeist rules stop you for experimenting with fashion and taking sartorial risk. Wear what you like, how you like, and when you like. Life is too short to follow rules that are discriminatory towards you.
Photography by Shreyas Hegde

Till then, tra-la,

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