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Have you ever wondered what Blake Lively looked like pre-Serena van der Woodsen? And has Neal Caffrey always been one sharp dressing-smooth talking kinda man? These questions can be answered in two very simple words:Celebrity Makeover!

 While, my previous post was all about D-I-Y makeovers, this post will show you the different kinds of makeovers-celebrity style. And, yes there is more than one type of makeover. For not all of them are of the same degree or kinds. Some go the distance,while other are happy with itsy-bitsy changes.

No one, I mean NO ONE, does makeover better than our Hollywood’s damsel in style-distress. One minute they are all awkward and mismatched and the next, they are fashion icons. From Marilyn to Megan, every fashionista has literally (or surgically) been altered over the span of time. After all this is what true Hollywood stories are made-off.

Here is a look at some of the best awe-inspiring makeovers. You can borrow a page from their makeover stories and learn a few tricks on the way.

I. Kelly Osborne's Radical 360°Turn 
I must say, it’s almost surreal seeing Miss Kelly O featuring on every single best-dressed list. One can’t help reminiscent that her fashion journey ‘ain’t been no crystal stair’. We’ve watched her metamorphosize from a Pillsbury Doughgirl-esque, angst-ridden tattooed- up teen who shared her father’s penchant for garish make-up and profanity, into a trendelicious swan.
[Image Via: 1.Style Caster; 2.The Fashion Spot 3.Hollywood Life; 4.Daily Mail 5.Hollywood Life; 6. Skinny vs Scurvy]

Losing 60 pounds, her bad attitude and addictions she said goodbye to her punk teenager years and embraced her new found chic-ness. Resting at the top of her fashion game, Kelly is busy dishing fashion advice to divas and denizens. I can’t get over her fab transformation from a reality brat to red-carpet darling. Our very own rock princess has finally grown-up. And we love it. Keep it up Missy!
[Note:This is highly physical as well as emotional makeover. Kelly did not just physically groom herself, she radically evolved as a person and re-invented herself completely.]

II. The 180° flip Gwen Stefani Style.
Deep down I have always believed the song 'Sweet Escape' is Gwen’s fashion evolution confessions. She sings about having been a real bad girl, and you have my darling been very, very bad with your fashion choices. It was a serious crime to watch someone with a face of a pin-up doll jump around like an androgynous punk. As fashion disasters go, Gwen dearest was of nuclear proportions.
[Image Via:1, 5,6 Pop Eater, 2 Buzz Net; 3.Glam Australia; 4. Google Image]

Alas, with fame comes fashion wisdom, and Gwen finally traded tacky for trendy, ska-style for sophistication and No Doubt-boys for Harajuku girls. With a hit solo career and the birth of L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lovers, Gwen transition from drag to fab was complete. Woohoo, Yeehoo!!!(Sorry, could not help myself ; -D)
[Note:Gwen literally did a180°. She flipped her style statement, without changing her core identity. This is a very common makeover among Hollywood celebs.] 

III. From Katie to Kat...
My-oh-my, in seven short years Kat-ie upgraded from humble Dawson’s Creek to high-tech Gotham City, from portraying stereotypical American girl-next-door to channelling Jackie Kennedy and -drum roll please-becoming the other half of the now infamous TomKat brigade.
Katie Holmes fashion graph can categorically be divided into two groups: Pre-Tom and With-Tom. The pre-Tom phase was an oh-so-bumpy road of which the less said the better. One bad fashion choice after another, Katie was somehow not able to find her fashion footing.
[Image Via: All images from Glamour Magazine UK]

Circa 2005 saw Katie in the arms of the world’s most famous actor, a Posh BFF who moonlighted as her personal fashion godmother and the birth of Forbes ‘most influential toddler in the world’. In classy elegance Tom’s Kat walked down the aisle to become Tom-Wife, all along embracing her new found passion for fashion. 
[Note:As makeovers go this is the subtlest one. It’s hard to say where the old you ends and the new you begins. And in Katie’s case there are days when we all ask, has she really embraced fashion with all heart and soul. Or is she just pulling a fast one!]

IV. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fashion Evolution.
*WARNING*: What you are about to see may undo your years of love and devotion. Or It may just multiple it. Depends on you.
Well, who does not remember her prancing around NYC in her cute pink tutu and tank?  From her bad choices in men to stunning choices in fashion, we have watched her fall in love and rise in style. But, before SJP became the goddess of fashion, she too was...well let’s just say, in words of Stanford Blatch; “fashion road-kill”.
[Image Via: Google Images]

It took little bit of sex and one smart stylist to complete Sarah Jessica Parker’s evolution form dorky child star into ever fashion designer go-to muse. No matter how bad her past choices have been, no one can point a finger at her current style record. Regularly featuring on bests dressed list she has show that style can be attained at any time and age.

When talking of celebrity makeovers how can I not mention our very own Bollywood beauties. We have our own share of celeb makeovers. Take Karisma Kapoor, one day she is dancing in frilly frocks and bushy brows the next she’s all suave and sexy in a red dress (remember Raja Hindusatni). Our claim to Big Brother fame, Shilpa Shetty may or may not have evolved as an actress, but her fashion transformation is of Oscar winning proportions.

Which is your favourite celerity makeover story, and why? Do drop me a line sharing your stories in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. Do one on Lady Gaga Amena !

    (Gaga's totally fake in my opinion, but she's got a weird dressing thing going on)

  2. This post is simply amazing!!!
    Great to see Indian fashion bloggers finally coming up with some constructive and meaningful content!

  3. Hey Purushu,
    Thank you for your kind words and positive feedback. I personally feel your one of the finest and talented Indian Fashion Blogger and your opinion means a lot... keep visiting :D

  4. Great post! being from India, I can relate to the Karisma reference! I like how Angeline jolie changed from goth to edgy to simply chic!!
    I like your blog and now following! Check out mine, any feedback will be appreciated!

  5. Amazing post! Lovely writing!!! I can relate to the Shilpa Shetty and Karisma Kapoor transformation too!! I think our bollywood transformations have been way more drastic!! :)

  6. Thank you both for your lovely comments.

    @Style-Delights: I grew up watch Karisma Kapoor/ Shilpa Shetty go from literally being and ugly duckling to stylish swan. Agree with you on the Angeline Jolie bit, with her style her taste in men also drastically improved!!!!

    @June: Oh Bollywood transformations are of epic proportions. Most actress have done a major 360.

    Much thanks for the support and kind words ladies,keep visiting <3

  7. Wow .. what a great post Amena ..These transformation are worth noticing and yeah we have several examples from our Bollywood too.. Kareena is also one of them since first movie till now :)

  8. kelly was a definetly a huge change!
    But why dint you feature nicole richie! She literally had this amazing personality too !

  9. This is truly an awesome Read!
    So true how people forget such transformations with time.