Tuesday 25 October 2011

Express Yourself!

As a kid, during every vacation or festive break I would engross myself in an arty project. One Diwali break it was learning fabric painting, the next summer it was origami, the next one poetry writing and so on. But one thing that I did religiously every single vacation time was make a collage. Since I can remember, I would obsessively tear up pics after pics from old magazines-fashion and otherwise- and collect then. Finally, on the last vacation Saturday I would sit with my collected treasure trove and create my own little ‘fashion layout’. It was through collage making that I discovered and finally fell in love with all things art and fashion.

 My personal belief has always been, that art is one of the finest ways to express oneself. What we cannot communicate in simple language can very well be said with the help of a piece of cloth, piano, paint brush or poetry. I choose to create fashion collage and layouts as my very own way of expressing myself, my sense of style and my eternal love for fashion.

[More information on these pieces here.]
So, when I decided to start my own fashion blog I had to, just had to incorporate collages and layouts in them. And since I do not do self style post, collages function as the perfect choice for expressing my personal style. (Plus, this is the best way to display thing I would love to posses and wear but simply can’t afford them).

Red is one of the most dramatic, vibrant colours. 
It has been used to express multitudes of emotions-from positive to negative. I think red looks its shaded best when used to convey the message of love, festivity and happy moments. Also, it happens to be a personal favourite of mine.I have created this look keeping the current festive and joyous mood in mind.

Do let me know if you liked my idea of doing a style post via collage. Also tell me what you think of my fashion layout. Drop me a line in the comment section with your feedback.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. A dash of red never fails to spice up any mundane outfit!! Great collage! :)

    P.S.: Thanks for dropping by my blog... :))

  2. Much Thanks Polka Princess.. And I am gonna regularly drop by your blog.... great stuff :)

  3. Wow... I love the idea of a collage... it's so vibrant and colorful and communicates everything you want to say in a snapshot! Also, coincidence? I just painted my nails red like 10 minutes before reading this!

  4. So good I've visited your blog and my advice keep it original because you have a lot to say!Wellcome and I'm between the persons that love what you're doing!

  5. Thank u my lovely Kanika... for all ur support..and I love red nail polish too... it looks sooo hot
    Thank u sooo very much for ur kind words Soarea carmen... and please continue to visit and support :D

  6. TRENDYtion, I absolutely love your idea of making your collage fashion style. It is fun and original. I love red too. And it shows how passionate you are for what you are doing.. Keep going.. ;) Well done!! Missbrecho

  7. Thank u my lovely missbrecho for your support and kind words.