Tuesday 3 January 2012

A New Beginning....

Resolutions are not my thing. I can't keep them, follow them or abide by them. But, on the other hand we all need to have goals in our lives; without them its hard to get somewhere if you don't know where you're going.

Lucky for me, Independent Fashion Blogger's new project-"IFB PROJECT #28: Create A Motivation Mood Board"- got me to think what I want form 2012 and how am I going to achieve it. It set me on a path to find my goals, object, dreams, plans,aspiration...

My collage literally is a 'mood' board. It perfectly captures my mood and communicates my emotions and hopes for the new year. It helped me visualize all that I wanna achieve for myself and my baby:my blog, 'Fashionopolis'.
For once in my life, I am starting the new year off with setting goals(not resolutions) for myself.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."

So do you have a New Years resolution? Or are you going with the flow? Do share your hopes and aspiration for 2012 with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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{The collage is my submission for "IFB PROJECT #28: Create A Motivation Mood Board". Let me know if you like it. And have these words and images inspired you as they inspires me.}


  1. happy 2012!!!!


  2. None this year! None last year either :)

    Happy 2012!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  3. Great moodboard! Strong and ambitious.

    My goal for 2012 is to maintain the level I have reached (aside my blog, too) and not to lose hope when things seem dark and scary.

    Love, Jen

  4. love your mood board :) in fact i'm a follower now as well :) would love it if you's check out my blog http://bontonfashionista.blogspot.com and follow if u like it :) thanks xxxx

  5. Love!

    Blog regularly is my goal :)


  6. no new year resolutions this year!
    What, are these projects about???

    P.S. im ur newest follower!

    care to follow me back?

  7. @shooting star:Wish you a wonderful year ahead. Happy 2012 :-D
    @Tanvi: I don't do resolutions either. They just don't work for me. This year I am focusing on achieving my target Goals.
    @Jen: Thanks. I hope you achieve all that you want in 2012. I love your blog, keep up the great work.
    @Bon Ton Fashionista: Thanks dear.
    @Priyanka Gill: Thank sweetie. Blog regularly is my goal too.
    @candyvioleta: Hey these are not resolutions these are Goals that I have set for myself.

    Thanks for the visit and support. Have a happy, healthy, joyous and creative 2012

  8. hey love ur moodboard...I have not take any resolutions this yr...coz we all know that they are meant to be broken !! :)

  9. Great moodboard!


  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate the sweet comment you left for me :)


  11. very pretty! <3


  12. Thank you Ayantika, Meekay,April Cheung and Rachel Marie for your wonderful comments and the visit <3

  13. Nice collage! http://livingasunnyworld.blogspot.com

  14. Super collage.... just commenting for the collage work.... its awesome..!!!
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