Monday 16 January 2012

Red Carpet Report: Golden Globes 2012. The Good, The Bad and The Brilliant!!!!

Oh happy days are here again! It's award season, and for most fashion lovers, watchers, followers and bloggers this is the prime of our hunting season. Nothing is bigger than fashion style and trend spotted at the award shows. Being the Holy Grail of all fashion seasons, it is blatantly aped, extensively written about and pretty much analyzed to infinity.

Like most fashion addicts, I too have always loved award season and most importantly the red carpet fashion parade. Since the awards' live telecast in my country is at the crack of dawn, as a kid I used to wake up at 5:30AM to see them(Yea I was one of those crazy ones). That’s how much I love them! Thanks to the internet I don’t have to do that anymore. Anyhoo, whilst watching the ‘ahh’ and ‘OMG’ moments and well-timed tears, I would spend my time studying the important stuff. Who Wore What and How!

Categorically breaking my picks into three groups:
I.The Wonders.
II.The Blunders.
III.The Stunners.
Here's presenting you the good, the bad and the brilliant of Golden Globes 2012.

I.The Wonders. 
These looks are the epitome of the phrase ‘elegantly stylish’. Form the tip of the hair right down to the shoes, everything was immaculately well styled. Kudos, ladies!!

II.The Blunders.
“Oh my, what was she thinking?” Really with all the wonderful dresses and stylist in the world you managed to pick this! Looks gone so bad, we literally have nightmares about it. These looks were classic poster child for ‘What Not to Wear’, ever!

III.The Stunners.
There are always those who will risk it. All or nothing! These ladies took some major style risk, that seriously paid off. Form daring slashes to sizzling sparkle, they picked the piece that made everyone sit up and take notice. Love it or hate it, they made us do a double take. These are hands down the stand-out statement looks on the Golden Globes 2012.

Who are your favourites? Tell me what you think. Share your view and thoughts with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la. 

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[Image Courtesy: US Weekly Magazine, Daily Mail UK]


  1. I have three favorites, Angelina Jolie's, Salma Hayek and Charlize Theron I just think they got the right dress and their styling was on point!x

    1. Agreed. Those 3 ladies rocked the red carpet. Thanks for the visit.