Wednesday 11 April 2012

Dressed For Success

My friend called the other day literally crying her guts out: “I got the job!” This was great news- since she was job-hunting for the past 5 months and she finally got her dream job. Then why the hell was she crying? Her reason was, “I have nothing, like nothing to wear to work!” Being her fist real job, she was bound to be nervous and scared. But after a few slices of chocolate mousse cake she was all set to enter the working world. And together,we embarked on a style sojourn to create for her the perfect work wear wardrobe.
 But, the real question is, what exactly does a working girl’s wardrobe consist of?

What to wear to work and office
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If you Google, Work Wear Must Haves, believe me you will be bombarded with 1001 options. I kid you not, from blazers to black pants and LBD, pretty much everything is mentioned on it. I mean, seriously whose list is the 'correct' one? And what guarantee is there that the list you pick is the right one for you? For someone who is already confused, this is not a very helpful solution.
 Now, I ain’t gonna add to Google’s growing list of work wear must-haves, all I am going to say is keep these key points in mind while shopping for office attire.

Style Your Job Profile
We all would love to run around our city wearing stilettos just like Ms. Carrie. Alas, we can't. The truth is, if your job requires you to be on-the-go, you need to wear shoes that can walk the walk. Similarly if you have a cushy desk job then white or light shade outfit can work for you, but if you are going to be train hopping or travelling through out the day, you need to wear clothes that will survive the long haul.
What is expected from you at work, should be a major indication of how you should dress to work.

Always Be Weather Friendly
 Where I live, we have a 5-day winter and summer that can give hell a run for its money. It’s literally smokin hot! For most of us coats and jackets a major no-no. The climatic conditions of where you work is of paramount importance while building up a work wear wardrobe. There is no point aping a current trend and passing out with heat exhaustion during an important meeting!

Dress According To Designation
 Remember Bridget Jones embarrassment when she mistakenly turned up in a Playboy bunny suit for a Sunday family get-together? Well, wearing the wrong clothes at the right place could easily happen to anyone of us. To avoid such a faux pas, opt for clothes that compliment your designation. As a summer intern one can walk into office wearing jeans, but as a CEO of a multinational company, jeans would not qualify as work wear appropriate.
 Note to self: Your outfit should be an asset to who you are and not a reason for office gossip. 

Make Smart Sartorial Investments
If there is one attire you spend a whole lot of time in-it is your work wear clothes. In an erratic world of timeless work schedule there are days you practically live in your office clothes and they start to feel like second skin! You don’t want to end up wearing a tad bit too tight top and live with the constant fear of a button popping open, or trousers so baggy you spend half the day tugging them up!
Keep in mind: Work wear clothes are a much needed necessity. Therefore invest in them. You don’t need to splurge, but while shopping key items do not compromise on FIT, FABRIC and FINISH. As scores go, your work wear clothes should be a perfect 10. 

Be Yourself (And No One Else)
Unlike our school uniform, work wear clothes can actually be flattering in nature. Except profession that have a uniform dress code, for most of us there is no rule that says you have to wear an unflattering piece of garment out of compulsion. Therefore, always choose clothes that are flattering to your body type as well as suit your personal sense of style. So, if your boss is rocking high waist pants, does not mean you too will rock it. You did not say good-bye to school uniforms just so you grow-up to be a clone of someone else?
Individuality in thinking and dressing is the key to success.

6.Everyone Loves An All-Rounder
Well, as much as we like to wear a new outfit everyday or update our closet seasonally, most of us just can’t. The second best thing is to wisely pick key items that with a few add-ons and without too much hassle can comfortably be worn on sunny days as well as cloudy or chilly ones. Also, they should have the potential to go from am. to pm. on short notice. Lastly, they must be easy to mix and match and play around with. Just like you, your clothes should also be versatile.

Here are a some of my work wear styling suggestions. 
What to wear to work and office

Whether you are starting off at the entry level or already found your corner office on the executive floor, stylish yet work wear appropriate clothes are a must have of every working girl's fashion arsenal. The degrees and diplomas can only take you so far, to really survive the corporate jungle; you need to dress for success as well!

How do you like to style for office? And what are your Work Wear Must Haves? Share them with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. your post makes me want to get a job and look stylish too :)))

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  4. These are really great Outfits and great tips! Love especially the third Outfit, the blouse and the skirt are awesome!! Very inspiring!!

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  5. Hey Amena, Good one :)

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    Quite an informative a good, sensible blog after a long time. Thanks God! I read it before starting my online shopping on FREECULTR - Now, i will keep all the tips in mind while buying stuff from there.

  7. Very moderate tips for a work life..i would love to know more about working day styles for a college faculty too..i look quite younger for it and need some tips :)

  8. Thank you for the awesome tips . I am looking for some kind of bangles which I can wear on both hands on office formal attire . I cannot wear gold bangles because they look too odd . I cannot wear bracelet because that I will be only for 1 hand . So please suggest me something . Thanks in advance