Wednesday 25 April 2012

Lesson In Style From Taylor Tomasi Hill

Off late, I have become obsessed with a certain red haired lady and her clothes. I confess- I have an insanely huge, almost stalker-ish kinda style crush on Ms Taylor Tomasi Hill aka TTH. I kid you not, I have shamelessly spent hours Googling her out. Every new image of hers would compel me to look for another one and another one. I was like a young boy who has freshly discovered porn!
As introductions go, Ms Tomasi Hill is currently the Artistic Director of Moda Operandi as well as rumored to be designer Prabal Gurung’s muse. She previous worked as accessories director at Teen Vogue and Marie Claire magazine. She is also on every street style blogger's must-click list as well as an inspiration to fashion lovers worldwide.
Honestly, until a few moths ago I did not know someone with such a unique style and to-die-for flaming locks existed. But like everything else, blogging has introduced me to this godiva of fashion. And in a very short span of time I went from lusting for her wardrobe to appreciating the woman who wore them.
5 lessons of style I learnt from Taylor Tomasi Hill

1.She Stylishly rhymes ‘Tomasi’ with Versatility

 A self-professed “clothing chameleon”, Taylor’s sense of style can’t be pegged down into any particular style box. If you look at all the 16 images {yes, I already told you I have stalker tendency towards her}, not a single style is over lapping. Even though she may repeat the pieces, but the look is super fresh. Her total lack of predictability paired with her versatile styling has made her a hot fave of the fashion blogosphere.

2.Keep Them Guessing

No one knows what she will wear next or how she will interpret a particular trend. But we know it's going to be awesome. And Taylor never disappoints us. Invariably, anything she wears becomes an instant hit and is repeatedly copied. Her out-of-the-box styling ideas and her nouvelle combination is her key to chic. She is like a chef of style who knows how to make us all come back for seconds and thirds!
3.The TTH Trademark.
 Through all her style evolutions a few things have come to be know as her signature look. Her style without fail varies on every occasion, but people instantly notice her by her now infamous crimson hair –a specific shade of red that most women including yours truly would kill for- and cat eye sunnies. Also, one would rarely catch her without her trendy accessories either. 

4.Making It Work. 

Ms Tomasi Hill has taken Tim Gunn’s catch phrase and made a second career out of it. I mean, she know how to ‘Make It Work’. What most us- even the boldest and daring fashion bloggers would not try out- she fearlessly wears its and more importantly makes it look good. I mean this girl can never ever get it wrong. That’s why her effect is so wide spread.
5."In order to be Irreplaceable, one must always be Different." Coco Chanel
TTH has found her personal marque of glamour and style and is not afraid to flaunt it. She takes calculated style risk that she knows will pay off. She does this by mixing  new styles with her classic signature looks. At times her look is dramatic, without the cheap theatrics or simple but never boring or innovate minus the fear of bizarre. The reason so may of us are literally are in love with her, is because she manages to wear what we ourselves would love to be seen in. She is like a real-life personification of our dream wardrobe. And how fantabulous is that!
The Polyvore junkie that I am, I just had to create a collage inspired by TTH. This look by her encompasses some of the major 2012 Spring-Summer trends {horizontal stripes, neon, floral, spring leather jacket}.

What do you think of Taylor Tomasi Hill and her styleAnd whom do you have a major style crush on? That one person whose wardrobe you literally wanna rob! Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la, 
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[All Images Via Pinterest, Collage Via Polyvore]


  1. Awesome choice Indeed! :)
    I Lov'd d way how Taylor plays with colors! fresh look!
    On a personal note, as I mentioned on your facebook page; I want to rob Dia Mirza's Wardrobe, I just love her florals <3

  2. she does have awesome style! great post! xo

  3. She has awesome style! Loving it!

  4. Great post! She indeed has amazing style, I love fashion editors that experiment with style its very refreshing.