Wednesday 23 January 2013

From A.M to P.M: Black {and Red} Dress.

It has been long over due for me to start my new series, 'From A.M to P.M'. For some reason or the other I just was unable to start it. Anyhoo, the series has officially begun.
In the series not only will I show you how one garment can easily be styled for the day/A.M as well as for night/P.M, but I will also show you a few more easy-breezy styling variation to suite your style palette as well as create a variety of different look for the same garment.

For my first 'From A.M to P.M' look, I decided to opt for a classic that is also everyone's fave-the litte black dress.
I fell in instantly in love with this SheInside black knee length dress accented with a red border. While the overall look and structure of the dress is on classic lines, the red border adds an element of drama to the dress.
P.M: Blazer/Similar Here, Bag, Shoes/Similar Here, Lipstick
The above collage shows how the same dress can be worn in two distinctly different ways for different time of the day. Here are a few more styling options:
1. The A.M look can easily be worn in in P.M. time zone and so can the P.M look be comfortably worn in the A.M. times period.

2. For those who are not too comfortable wearing the gold blazer of the P.M. look in the day time, opt for a beige or a biscuit brown blazer to create a toned down day look.

3. If statement necklace is not your thing, swap it with a printed scarf, or add vintage brooch to the dress.

4. If you are not too comfortable flaunting your legs, add a pair of coloured tights to current looks.

5. For a casual or weekend look, trade the blazer with a denim jacket or cardigan for the day time and a cropped leather jacket or metallic shrug for the night.

Note: I have a lot of friends and readers who voice their inability to wear/carry off  sleeveless clothes. I too am sleeveless shy. But that does not stop me from buying a sleeveless outfit. I simply thrown on a neutral colour shrug or jacket on top of my sleeveless outfit. My advice to all of you who till now have stayed away from sleeveless clothing, just pair your sleeveless dress/top/tunic with a blazer/shrug/jacket and you are good to go.

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What do you think of 'From A.M to P.M' series? And what would you like to see featured next? Share your views and suggestions with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. Awesome!!! Loving it!!!


  2. Love the PM look more than AM. Maybe cause I am a sucker for sequins. Loved the post. Really well done.

  3. haha this is a all woman's place that I shouldnt really be in :D Anyway since I am here "Hi Amena" :D

  4. I am probably reading ur blog the first time,good stuff :0) .I have to say ur styling is bold and trendy,and reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker(Carrie) from Sex and the city!