Wednesday 30 January 2013

New Product On The Block: L’Oreal Paris COLOR RICHE LE NAIL ART Sticker

Nail art has been a huge trend of 2012, and from the look of it getting even bigger and bolder in 2013. While most of us love and admire the beauty of nail art, the fact that it is such a tedious task puts most of us off from giving it a try. Plus, all the time and energy that goes into creating nail art is not really my cup of tea. In all honestly, as much as I love it, the closest I have come to getting any nail art done is by creating a Pinterest board of my fave nail art looks. 
So, when I discovered L’Oreal Paris ‘Color Riche Le Nail Art Stickers’, it was like the fashion gods had answered my prayers. Now, thanks to these stunning nail art sticker even the laziest and shabbiest nail painter can get itself the salon like artistic nail art in under 30 minutes.  
L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Nail Art Claim: The 1st nail art stickers in both 2D and 3D effects by L’Oreal Paris. Give nail art a try with this collection of patches that adds fun patterns and shine to fingertips and toes. Each nail applies ultra easily and provides long wear- with zero drying time or smudging. 3 step application, instant couture results. Salon quality Nail Art has never been so easy.

The nail art sticker collection has been inspired from luxury fabrics, that are easy to use and can stay on for upto 10 days. L'Oreal Paris offers three timeless collections that create ultimate nail wardrobe ranges:
Couture- Nail stickers that are inspired from the latest catwalk trends
L’Or- The timeless black and gold nail art stickers can add a vintage feel to your look
Diamantisse - Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! These stickers aren’t just stickers, they are nail diamonds!

As excited I was about the concept of 3D effect nail art stickers, for my first time using it, I opted for the elegant 010 Golden Lace 2D nail art sticker from the L’Or collection.
Review of L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Nail Art Sticker: 010 Golden Lace.
A packet of 18 stickers cost Rs.299/-  The stickers are available at all L'Oreal Paris counters and can be bought online at
Keep in mind, while applying the sticker position the round end the base of the nail.

Verdict & Recommendation.

One of the things I loved about the nail art stickers is, their designs are very versatile. The design and effect of all the nail art stickers complements most skin tones and can easily be styled with both Western and Indian ensemble. 
A few things to keep in mind while using the nail art stickers:
It is very users friendly, but while using it for the first time I recommend not to apply all the stickers at once, but instead apply one nail sticker, file out the excess sticker and then apply the next one. This may take up more time but it also makes filing easy.
Since the sticker takes the shape of the nail, before applying them make sure your nails are shaped as per your liking.
On every account the product is a dream, except the wear time. L'Oreal Paris claims the nail stickers last for upto 10 days, but mine lasted for 2-3 days only. My suggestion is to apply them just before heading out.
The next time you are in need of a manicure or in a mood to giving your nails a makeover, treat then with stylish L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Nail Art stickers. And in a couple of minutes transform your nails from plain to FashioNAILable!
If, like me, you are a fan and lover of nail art, then these stickers are a dream come true. A must try! Hands down L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Nail Art sticker is one of my favourite new product of 2013.

Till then, tra-la,
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