Wednesday 27 February 2013

New Brand On The Block: Love Art Fashion

One of the many thing that I love about the fashion blogging world is the opportunity to discover new and hidden talent. One such gem I was fortunate enough to find is Jagriti Giria. 
Jagriti is a young Bangalore based entrepreneur who has managed to turn her passion into a blossoming business. In 2011 she decided to combine her dream of starting her own business with her passion for fashion, art and aesthetics to create her brand, Love Art Fashion.

Love Art Fashion is a new and up coming fashion and lifestyle brand. From bags to clothes to home decor, the goal of this brand is to provide its customers with unique signature pieces at a reasonable price.
According to Jagriti, “Each piece of garment or bag created by Love Art Fashion is designed to appeal to the taste of the stylish woman. Good design for good value is the focus of every piece made by Love Art Fashion.”

The collection featured in this post is inspired by books. From classic literature to modern day romance novels to the evergreen comics, Jagriti love for books serves as an inspiration for this collection.“Books have inspired movies, music, posters, perceptions, entire generations…and now bags.”
Jagriti has literally transform her beloved books into bags. Being a book lover myself, I could not help but be drawn to this collection of bags inspired by book cover art. 

Jagriti believes it is important to have a one dominating theme and concept that inspire the entire collection. This moodboard created by her clearly outlines the direction in which her collection will take. The shape, colour combination and art work are all well planned out in advance before the final product is created.
The current collection inspired by books, novels and comics is divided into three categories:

All four hand bags displayed in the above collage are for Rs. 1750/-

All four shoulder bags displayed in above collage are for Rs. 1850/-

Personalised bags are custom made as per the needs of a client. The beauty of personalised bags is that they are not only made as per your preference in shape, colour and fabric choice, but you can also choose a theme of your liking. From personal photos to favourite cartoon logo, these bags can be made as per your needs.
The starting price for personalised bag is Rs. 2100/-Not only are Love Art Fashion bags a visual treat and stunning statement pieces but each one is crafted and designed to last.

Love Art Fashion currently retailed all over India through Other than that Jagriti frequently has pop-up stores in Banglore. 
You can get more details regarding this and other collections as well as place orders via Love Art Fashion’s Facebook page or email Jagriti at:

Being a creative person, Jagriti does not restrict herself only to bags. She also designs clothes and home d├ęcor. The long term goal for this young enterprising Bangalore girl is to open her own store. She is also open to the idea of collaborating with artists, stylists and designers to create unique collections!

The first time I saw a Love Art Fashion bag, I instantly fell in love with it. The book and bag lover in me wanted to grab these stunning combined works of fashion literary art.
Whether you are a book lover, bag lover or a life long hoarder of both, Love Art Fashion has something for every stylish woman.

What do you think of Love Art Fashion and their book themed new collection? And if you could get one bag which one would it be? Share your view with me in the comment section?

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P.S: All photos in this post have been creatively conceptualized and clicked by Mr Nicest Guy himself; Praveen, one of the brainchild's behind Wooplr. A must visit site for all you fashion, food and style lovers.

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