Saturday 9 February 2013

Shopping Guide: Gift A Valentine

While through out the year it is my girlfriends who drag me along on their shopping trips, come Valentine's Day it is their better half's that start calling in levels of panic, "Amena, are you free today, we need to go shopping" or "Amena, what is the new fashionable thing women want+where can I buy it?" It is always fun watching men trying to make sense of things they otherwise best ignore.
If you are one of those who is struggling to find the right V Day gift for your ladylove, then here are a few of my suggestions that can help you transform the day devoted to love into a memorable one.

French Connection Dress {App Rs. 5643}, Juvalia & You Cuff Bracelet {Rs. 800}, Forever New Ring {App Rs. 425},
 Vivienne Westwood Bag {App Rs. 25,549},
Carolina Herrera Perfume {Rs. 4499}, L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish {Rs. 225}, Michael Kors Watch {App 19,273}, DIVO Accessories Hairband {Rs. 1100},
Nineteen Collar Necklace {Rs. 699}, Sangria Earrings {Rs.419}, Mango Blouse {Rs. 1990}, Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick {Rs. 680},
Forever 21 Flats {App Rs.1178}, Pimento By Malaga Clutch {Rs. 6200}, Lancome All-in-One Five Shadow Palette {Rs. 2805},
Michael Kors Shoes {App Rs. 10,941}
P.S. All the approximate INR prices are based on the current dollar and pound conversion rates.

Other than clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery and makeup there are few more things that are always a hit with women:
1. All things sweet and chocolate-y: You can never really go wrong with it. From a simple box of store brought chocolates, to custom made macaroons and cupcakes there is something for every lady.

2. Flowers: Only if she is allergic to it, flowers are loved and welcomed by all women. FYI, don’t just stick with just red roses. We do have a lot more variety available, be creative with your bouquet selection.

3. Lingerie: You can't get more personal and intimate than lingerie. Whether you want to spice things up or just gift something different for a change, lingerie is one of the best ways to go. {La Senza’s 'Miss Behave' collection is a must try for all of you who are looking to celebrate this day of love in a fun way!}

4. Personalized gift: Anything from a handmade jewellery box, to dinner cooked by you or a sign up for couples dance class, to writing a poem just for her, there are many out-of-the-box ways as well to express your love for her.
{Here are some more Valentine's Day gift ideas.}
F.Y.I: The trick to doing Valentine's Day gift correctly is finding a gift that can be used/worn the remaining 364 days as well. The gift on all accounts should NOT look tacky or costumey post February 14th.

Love may be in the air 24x7, but there is only one day a year just devoted to celebrating it in all its grandeur. 
Whether you are buying it or making one yourself, do share your Valentine's Day gift ideas and suggestions in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. What a lovely post! I'm a huge fan of your collages. Any girl would feel sooooooo lucky to have one of these featured gifts!

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