Monday 29 July 2013

Monsoon Beauty & Make-Up Must-Haves

Here’s a fact: I am not a monsoon person. I just am not! While others see beauty in this season, I only see four months of inconvenience and bad hair days.
Come monsoon season, my hair and skin have a personality of their own. They start to behave like ill-mannered children and no amount of taming, begging God can control them.
However, this year I finally decided to make sure that I am in control of the uncontrollable. 
Even before the monsoon clouds hit Bombay, I was ready to face the rainy season head-on.
After much experimentation, trying and testing here are a few of my monsoon must-haves skin and hair care products -for oily plus sensitive skin and combination oily scalp and dry hair-
as well plus my fave makeup product.

Beauty-Skin & Hair Care:
Moisturizer: Since I have oily skin, for the longest time I used to never use mosturizer in summer and monsoons. All this changed when a friend pointed out that one has to use mosturizer year round; just make sure it is both skin and season friendly.
I have been using Acnemoist (prescribed by my 
dermatologist) for a few years. However, this year I decided to swap that for good old Lacto Calamine. I originally started using Lacto Calamine-Hydration- when I got a heat rash, and since it worked wonders I have continued to use it through the monsoon season. So far no complains.

Toner: Facial toner is the best friend of people with oily skin. It provides a deeper cleanse, 
tighten open and enlarged pores and helps correct P.H. balance of the skin.
What I love about The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner is that it helps control the excess oil without eroding the natural oil of the face skin. The end result is smooth, non-shinny skin. Since it is alcohol free it is ideal for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Lip Balm:
I am someone who is blessed with healthy lips. In fact, that is the only part of my face I do not need to worry about. Two reasons why I have healthy lips: One, I drink ample water, two, I use lip balm year round.
After using a non flavoured one for a while, 
I wanted a flavoured on but a non-fruity for a change.
I decided to get myself Nivea's 'Soft Rose' lipcare tube and totally feel in love with its gentle rose scent (there is no discernible taste on the lips). Since it is tinted in nature it adds a hint of soft pink colour and sheen to the lips. It does a great job at moisturizing and protecting (SPF 10) the lips and gives them a fresh and healthier look.

Body Wash: In a weather where most of us need to take a bath twice a day, a shower gel is a great way pamper the skin.
My mom recently picked up Nivea's new shower gels - Power Fruit Relax and Water Lily and Oil. While my mom is totally in love with Water Lily and Oil, I prefer the Power Fruit Relax one. I love the pleasant fruity fragrance it has and along with cleansing it moisturizes the skin making it soft and smooth.

Hair Serum: 
Sometimes, I feel there is not enough hair serum in the world to get me through monsoon.
For a while now, everyone I know has been raving about a miracle called Moroccanoil. I finally understood what they were saying when I got a chance to try out their products at its launch event. Since them I too have become a fan of their products, especially Moroccanoil Treatement 'Light'. 

This is an ideal hair serum for fine hair like mine. Along with protecting the hair it also eliminates frizz and provides a lovely shine. The best feature is that is non-sticky and does not leave any kind of residue. If you have an oily scalp and dry hair, Moroccanoil Treatment Light is an ideal product. I can't wait to try out their shampoo and conditioner after the monsoon.

 Body Mist:
I love perfumers, but in monsoons I prefer using body mist. They are light and refreshing. I do not step out of the house without spraying a healthy dose of body mist. In fact, every bag of mine has one body mist in it. Body mist helps control body odour and freshens you up.
My current faves are The Body Shop's 'Moroccan Rose', Victoria's Secret's 'Sweet Daydream' and La Senza's 'Body Kiss'.

My monsoon season must-have beauty and make up treasure trove.

Coloured Eye Pencil: As much as I love my classic back kohl eye pencil, I am currently loving the colourful variant; electric blue being my favourite. I love the instant colour pop it adds to a look.
The biggest problem with blue eye pencil is that they smudge very fast. On oily skin that can be a very problematic thing. However, that is not the case with Oriflame's Very Me Double Trouble 'Blue Lagoon' eye pencil. They offer two very pretty shades of blue-dark and light- that do not smudge easily as well as last for a good amount of time, especially when applied on the eyelid.

Bright Lipstick:
My name is Amena and I am a lipstick junkie. While I love all shades of lipsticks, I have always been partial towards the bold and bright shades. My summer was all things red and now I am crushing on shades of pink.
While I have a few pink shades, my current fave is L'Oreal Paris' 'Pink Passion'. Ever since I got it I have literally been wearing it to every outing. For starters, the shade is eye catching, plus, the lipstick is very well hydrated, making it easy to apply. Great colour, smooth application and long lasting, a total win-win situation.

Colourful Nail Polish:
Ever since nail art became a phenomena, colourful nail polishes have been a hot fave.
 I recently had a chance to try out Inglot nail polish. A wide variety of colours to choose from, it is a 
must buy for all nail polish lovers. For starters, the nail polish does not chip off easily, in fact it last for a good 10 days and most importantly it does not leave a residue after removal.

Gel Eyeliner:
I have never been able to master the art of applying liquid eyeliner. When gel eyeliners were introduced i the Indian market I instantly feel in love with them. They are easy to use and have a very good lasting time.
From the moment it was launched I have been using L'Oreal Paris Super Gel Eyeliner. It is the only gel eye liner I have used. Along with being oily skin friendly it does not smudge or run easily. I wear lenses and the liner has never hampered or spoilt the lenses. For someone who wears eye lens a non-flaky, non-irritating, water proof eyeliner is a catch.

 Lip Gloss: While I am obsessing over bright colour lipsticks, my lip gloss preference is more towards the neutral shades. Just something to add a hint of colour and shine to the lips.
 I am currently using Inglot's Sleeks lip gloss. What I really love about it is, it helps me enhance my natural pout and give a lovely shine to the lips. After using this lip gloss, I can't wait to get my hands of Inglot 3D lip gloss. That is bound to be something!

Since I have oily and sensitive skin I stay away from thick foundation. I am currently looking for an oily skin friendly compact or base that will help control the shine and excessive oil from my face.
Please Note: The beauty and make up products mentioned above are not exclusive to monsoon season and can be used year round. Since I have been benefiting from them in the monsoon, they have been featured on my monsoon mush-have list.
Before using any of these products please make sure that they are the right match for your skin and hair type.
 All products have been tried and tested by me for over  a period of 2 weeks.

What all do you do to take care of your skin and hair during monsoons? And what are your monsoon beauty and make-up must-haves? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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