Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Style It Thrice: Neon Layered Necklace

While some women have a love affair with shoes, mine is with eye catching statement necklace (as well as bright colour lipsticks and oversized bags). 
In fact, the amount of necklaces and bags I have bought in the past few months has crossed my outfit count!

The first time I saw Accessorize's neon layered statement necklace I had a major Amy Farrah Fowler "Who" moment (the same reaction I have every time I see Harvey Specter!)
I went weak in the knee, my mouth got dry and all I wanted to do was grab that thing and label it as mine!
Ever since I treated myself to this stunning beauty I have been wearing it everywhere. Like literally!
 One of the many reasons why I decided to feature my Accessorize neon layered statement necklace {Rs.2645} in this week's 'Style It Thrice' segment.
 Other than being absolutely gorgeous, it is hands down my favourite statement necklace at the moment; plus one of India's biggest fashion designer complimented it. His exact words:"I love your necklace. It is stunning!"
What really makes this week's 'Style It Thrice' a special post, is, for the first time I am featuring something from my personal wardrobe on this segment. 

I have to be honest- The first time I shared a picture of the necklace-as much as everyone loved it-some of my readers and friends had a few reservations about it.
Most of them felt that you can only wear it white or neutrals and not with bright shades and prints.
I have worn this necklace with white {at Inglot event}, dark brown {at Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe launch} and bright yellow {at the launch of Trinny & Susannah ‎Makeover Mission India}. 

With the right styling the necklace can easily be styled in many different ways.

Keeping the latest trends as well classic styles in mind, here are few of my neon layered statement necklace styling options.

Casual: As glamorous as the necklace maybe, it can easily be styled for a casual look. Paring the necklace with a soft beige lace top, pink coloured jean, coral tone bag and nude wedges this look is ideal for a brunch date or family gathering over the weekend.
The beige of the top acts as a subtle background for the necklace without stealing its thunder.

Classic: One does not often hear the words neon statement necklace and ornate print in the same statement.
However, when paired together the look can be either drop dead gorgeous or a complete train wreck.
To really make this combination-neon statement necklace and ornate print-work, the print colour has to be in a contrasting shade. 
For an elegant look ideal for high tea or gallery opening, pair the necklace with a midnight blue dress and silver shoes. Polish the look off with tangerine bag and pink lipstick.

Street Style: If there is one place where a trend is tried and tested in every possible way, it is the streets of fashion.
The one trend that 
has been the darling of street style fashion and caught the fancy of everyone from bloggers to editors, is the neon trend.
Pairing a classic white ladylike blouse, with an eye catching neon full skirt and black bling clutch, the look is bound to have a few heads turn your way. Add a pair of cobalt blue pumps and the neon layered necklace and you are set to stop traffic with this look.
From Fashion Week to first date, this look can take a girl everywhere!
Style Tip for wearing statement necklace: Avoid wearing long dangling earrings with statement necklace. More statement necklace styling ideas here and here

Even though the neon trend is on its way out, this necklace has an evergreen look to it. It can be worn with any style, at anytime round the year.

Like me, are you a statement necklace person? And what type of statement necklace do you like to wear? Share your views in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. I love this necklace and you carry it off very well doll :D
    xoxo <3


  2. I really like the list !

  3. I already told you how yummy it is! Also, that white and neon dress! Hot dayum. I want.

  4. Awesome collection but I must say designer eyewear missing somewhere in this post!!!

  5. GORGEOUS necklace! I absolutely love it!

  6. Hey loved all three styles!

  7. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Necklace Set with matching pair of earrings designed for all young girls with an intrinsic artificial jewels-collection.

  8. Anonymous3:02 pm

    OMG those are so cute and fierce at the same time!! Gorgeous necklace!!Where do you get your tunics from which shop??Love your necklace! Shalu

  9. Wonderful tunics..hey do you have collection of Indian Ethnic Wear ??

  10. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Loved all the three ways! Its gr8 to see such posts and now i have a strong heart to buy pieces like this as m sure it can be worn each time differently!

  11. i love the necklace with the blue dress.looks fantastic!


  12. wow...loved the necklace...
    so pretty

    my recent one :http://www.stylishbynature.com/2013/09/indian-ethnic-embellished-saree.html

  13. Well, I swear by statement pieces. Mostly necklaces and earrings. All you need is a treasure chest filled with these, and you can rock n roll a basic wardrobe too. Love the way you have matched with your outfits. <3


  14. lovely necklace!
    very well combined!

  15. Seriously, someone stated it very apt that-
    There are some stylish people who style what they gave , others just have them :)
    I now understand the difference

  16. Anonymous12:53 pm