Wednesday 4 September 2013

TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe India Launch

“Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.” ~ Hubert de Givenchy

As someone who has been a part of the fashion world for most of my adult life, I have seen way more fashionable women than stars in the sky. While most women on some level are fashionable, very few are impeccably well styled and groomed.To transcend from being just fashionable to being overall well styled ever aspect has to be taken into account: Clothes, accessories, makeup and hair.
While most of us give utmost attention to our clothes, accessories and makeup; our hairstyle on the other hand is never a priority.
 However all that is about to change thanks to Toni&Guy's HairMeetWardrobe.

When Britain’s most celebrated hair-styling brand, Toni&Guy decided to launch in India they choose to combine the twin worlds of high fashion and hair styling. TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe coherently defines everything that lies in between. The brand’s debut launch emphasises their philosophy of ‘HairMeetWardrobe', showcasing the revolutionary concept of how hair can be worn as an accessory. Aptly put ‘Dress From The Head’ 
The much anticipated India launch witnessed a fashion forward evening with spectacular musical performance. Toni&Guy’s HairMeetWardrobe Global Hair Ambassador Mark Hampton and official fashion stylist, king of kitsch, Manish Arora together brought to life the brand’s HairMeetWardrobe philosophy by lending their creative sensibilities to hair styling and wardrobe, respectively.The effervescent Anusha Dandekar, elegant Soha Ali Khan and the dazzling Malaika Arora Khan, each of these fashionistas represented the theme of a Toni&Guy’s HairMeetWardrobe range, namely – Casual,Classic and Glamour.  Themed on the concept of ‘HairMeetWardrobe’ and the three timeless looks – Casual, Classic and Glamour - ace choreographer Shiamak Dhawar, beautifully brought to life the brand’s philosophy through a themed musical performance. At the musical, Anusha, Soha and Malaika performed as showstoppers for their respective themes.

While Manish hypnotised us with his brilliant fashion aesthetics, Mark's captured our attention with trendy, yet easy-to-create, hair styles. Combined together, the three looks created were par excellence.

Mark highlighted Anusha’s naturally casual and chic personality with a trendy top-knot bun using TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe Sea-salt texturing spray from the Casual collection. 
Inspired by Manish’s casual rock chic look created for Anusha, here is how you too can rock a look similar to hers.
Mark highlighted Soha’s innate elegance and accentuated her classic Indian beauty by giving her vintage side-swept waves. He used TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe shine-gloss serum, a lightweight formula, from the Classic collection to seal her flawless look.
Inspired by in Manish Arora’s ‘scarlet princess dress’ and overall look created for Soha, here is how you too can style a look similar to hers.
[More information on the products here]
Mark enhanced Malaika’s glamorous personality by emphasising her beautiful diva like tresses into a high-glamour waves. A Moisturizing Shine Spray from the TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe Glamour collection was used to give her hair a weightless shine. 
Inspired by in Manish Arora’s ‘Glam black baroque dress’ and overall look created for Malaika, here is how you too can style a look similar to hers.

For someone who has been an ardent fan and follower of Manish Arora, meeting the maestro himself was the highlight of the evening. To make the night even more special, Mr Arora complimented the necklace I was wearing. His exact words, “I love your necklace. It is stunning.”

[Outfit Details: Top- AND, Jeans- Marks & Spencer, Bag- French Connection, Necklace- Accessorize]
And just when I thought the night could not get any better, I was charmed away by the adorable Mark Hampton. 

[Image courtesy Shanaya]
While most of us from the fashion fraternity are familiar with TONI&GUY HairMeetWardrobe brand, I am very happy that it has officially been launched in India. After a memorable launch event one can't help but look forward to trying out their fabulous products.

Till then, tra-la,
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