Monday 1 June 2015

Shaving Myths and Facts

They say old habits die hard. One such old habit is, blindly believing superstitions and old wives tales. The minute someone shares a new piece of information, we either totally reject it or completely believe it.
While I consider myself a practical rationalist and a freethinker, I too have been guilty of succumbing to myth believing in the past.

Among many things, I have been very skeptical about shaving for a long time. While I don’t remember any bad shaving experience, a friend filled my head with her bad shaving experience that had put me off shaving for a long time.
However, thanks to Gillette Venus’ Subscribe To Smooth challenge I have decided to give shaving another try. 

I learnt a whole lot about shaving and had all of my preconceived notions and myths debunked at the Smooth Sail event. 
Now that I have finally started shaving again, I can say with confidence that a whole lot of what is told/known about shaving is pure myth and hearsay.
Time to finally bust and demystify these age-old shaving myths!
These 5 classic myths along with a few more have kept women away from shaving. However, now with technologically advanced razors like Gillette Venus, the whole experience of shaving is not just time and cost effective, but also very convenient, self reliant and skin friendly.

I am finally free from all the preconceived negative notions about shaving. Now that I know the truth about shaving, I have made it an integral part of my grooming ritual.
After reading this post, I hope you do the same too.

Art work by Khalid Azeez

Till then, tra-la,

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  1. thanks for sharing this! very informative about shaving - didn't know so many of these were actually myths haha

    stop by and chat! :)

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