Wednesday 17 June 2015

Smooth Sailing With Gillette Venus

Sometime, second time's the charm. What may have not worked the first time round, could, very well, be the best thing that happened to you on the second go!
My shaving experience is one such ‘second time’s a charm’ story. 
I started my hair removal journey with shaving and then stopped it after having my head filled with shaving myths. Since then, I’ve switched to waxing.  
My entire outlook on shaving changed a little over a month ago. Along with finally getting all the age-old shaving myths busted, I also discovered correct shaving techniques and methods thanks to Dr. Rashmi Shetty and Namrata Soni.
After hearing all the benefits and pros of shaving at Gillettte Venus Smooth Sail event, I decided to give shaving another try. 

Happy to say, this was one of the best moves I’ve made. As a creature of comfort and habit I avoid change of any kind.
However, the #SubscribeToSmooth challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to adapt to this much needed and welcomed change.
Not only is shaving cost effective, less time consuming and self-reliant, it also does no damage your skin. Unlike waxing where I would sometimes get red blotches, no such thing has occurred post shaving. 
Since I re-discovered shaving, I have shaved 3 times and have not found any skin damage, irritation or discolouration. In fact, I found my ingrowth problem reduced.

One of the reasons why I am finding a huge difference in my pervious and recent shaving experience is, the change in my methods of shaving.
Previously, I used to only dry shave. That was a huge mistake. Now I make sure my skin is well lathered with a good quality shaving gel before shaving. 
To pull out the small hair, I used to stretch my skin a lot. Bad move. Instead of stretching the skin, the right way to do it is by stretching the arm and leg itself. This will give a smooth finish without damaging the skin in anyway.
Shaving disasters and the subsequent nicks and burns was one of the reasons why I decided to stop shaving completely. My biggest shaving mistake was applying too much pressure on the razor. The trick is to invest in a high quality and technologically enhanced female razor like Gillette Venus, which is designed to glide with minimum effort over the skin’s surface.

I was not very particular about moisturising post shaving before. Major mistake. It is extremely important to moisturise after shaving. Applying a good moisturise or even Lacto Calamine post shaving is vital and helps keep your skin smooth and healthy.
Post usage, wash your razor thoroughly and store in a dry place in an upright position. Also, once you notice the coloured strip of your Gillette Venus razor discoloured or the blade has gone dull make sure you change the cartridge to get the optimal shave from your razor.
Thanks to #SubscribeToSmooth challenge I have had an opportunity to rethink my hair removal choices. Along with being extremely convenient, less time consuming, cost effective and self-reliant, shaving also has no side effects and is totally painless. A complete win-win situation

After years of shying away from it, I have finally added shaving to my grooming routine and I would recommend you do the same. 

Photography by Suraj Warrier and Mubasshir Sayed 

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. You look great!! Love your glasses!! I haven't tried Venus but have been using Mach 3 religiously for almost a decade. The best a woman can also get heeheh

  2. You look so pretty in bright colors! Loved your glasses! I love Venus, it's great <3

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