Tuesday 31 July 2012

Make It-NOT-Work!

Most people won’t dare leave their homes without their BBs and I-Pads. Yet, they very easily forget to give their appearances a once over before stepping out. In a world full of smart packaging and snazzy presentations don’t get left out because you forgot to take care of some small yet significantly important work place dressing etiquettes. Note to self: “Carelessness in dressing is moral suicide.”

I. If you've got it, DON’T Flaunt it!
Well, contrary to the famous belief, office is not the place to flaunt anything except your personality! Everything else should very well be covered up. Keep the sexy lacy top, see-through blouses, miniskirts, shorts, and bare midriffs for after hours. If needed, sheer outfits must at all cost should be worn with lining. Office ain’t no place to play peek-a-boo.

II. No Flipping!
For those who already don’t know, flip-flops are footwear for the home. Believe me, nothing screams laid back (read lazy) quite like walking in for a 9am meeting in your favourite pair of slippers.

III. Oh My, Look what the cat dragged in!

Wrinkled pants and stained or faded tunic top are just as bad as showing up in gym shorts and flip-flops. The "I don’t care what I wear" look does nothing to enhance your credibility. What you wear is the first indication of who you are.

IV. Are you Hairy Scary?
You know what is worse than a frumpy colleague? An impeccably well-dressed one whose hair is all over the place! Your hair is called your crowning glory for a reason. Not combing it is a cardinal sin! The “I just got out of bed” look works only in the editorials. Plus, it shows your unorganized side. Keep in mind; it is the little things that go a long way. Neat and tidy hair has always been the trendy way. Bad hair day or not, there is just no excuse for untidy locks. In words of Hubert de Givenchy: “Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.”

V. Never try this at Work.
Finally, you must always say no to: garish makeup, insanely long nails, clothes that are tad bit too tight, chunky jewellery and shoes that make noise. In short, anything that’s makes you look like BeyoncĂ©’s back-up dancer is a big no- no.

Remember, if people are talking about your clothes more than your qualifications, you're wearing the wrong clothes.

What is that one thing you would never ever wear to the office? And why? Share your views and opinions with me in the comment section.
Till then, tra-la,
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  1. absolutely agreed and I think loud colors are also an absolutely no for office :)

    1. You are completely right. Loud Colour is a big no no as well. Thanks :)

  2. Love this post!! Hilariously written and to the pint! You nailed it girl!!!

  3. Thanks for you lovely comments, your blog is beautiful and this is an amazing post!



  4. Thanks Elpi. Would definitely visit your blog and follow you. I am all for mutual support.

    Happy Blogging <3

  5. Thank you so very much Rachel for your comments and visit. Keep up the great work :)

    Happy Blogging <3

  6. This post rocks ;)


    1. Thanks you so very much Miranda for your support <3

  7. Hello!
    LOL, crazy post!
    Today is Sugar Lane first anniversary and I would like to thank you all with a especial post! Drop by and leave a comment ;) Have a lovely weekend!
    Kisses from Spain,

    1. Thank you my dear. BTW great First anniversary post. Keep up the great work <3

  8. Love,love your writing style!
    Agree with each word out there- super-crisp and super-true!
    This article should seriously make its way to a magazine/newspaper .I wish people read it and never again repeat those mistakes in office!


  9. amazing post Amena I must say ! And so much valid point !


    Bong's Belleza

  10. So true - even though my office is pretty laid-back, I hate it when people wear flip-flops - they are for the beach ONLY in my view!

    Also, I have started following you on Bloglovin, just thought you should know :)


  11. agree,, flip flops and messy hair are so not meant for office.

    great post


  12. Amazing post, I have just find your blog and I like so much, so I follow you now. I´m agree with your coments, I invite you to visit and follow my blog if you like it, i hope you yes.


  13. I tend to have the "Look what the cat dragged in" moments at times at work when im pressed for time. lol
    I love all your posts.. they make interesting reads. Keep up the good work!!


  14. Great post. However I'm so glad I work in the fashion industry. So I can wear whatever and pretend it's in fashion! :-P No but seriously, really great pointers here..

  15. precise and to the point. Very well articulated Ameena!

  16. Anonymous12:51 am

    very nicely written, great style, easy to understand. Excellent..... :)


  17. Smart post! Messy hair and Creased clothes top my pet peeve list!! and at a work place - a strict no-no!! v concise and direct Ame :)