Wednesday 4 November 2015

My Sneaker Story | Converse Made By You

At some point in life you need to take a leap of faith and follow your own heart. The first time I did that was when I decided to quit college and go to fashion school. 
Never in a billion years did I think it would be my first eye-opener to the real world. 
Since fashion school is primarily about sketching, sourcing and sowing my dad suggested I buy shoes that would be comfortable for doing all my tasks and activities. That is how I discovered Converse.

While looking for comfortable shoes we ended picking my first pair of non-gym sneakers. Before getting a pair of Converse, I used to only wear sneakers for an out of town holiday or at the gym.
To think back to it – I started my career in fashion in a pair of Converse.
Since we use our feet for practically everything we do, our shoes are invariable a part of our life’s journey.
They are with us when we start a new journey or scaling the heights of success. They dance with us in our moments of happiness or help us navigate a rough patch. 
At some point your shoe stops being just a shoe and become an integral part of who you are.
This is exactly the philosophy of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star series. 

The Chuck is not just a sneaker, but an idea. Every new pair carries a powerful message: This is your blank canvas waiting to be filled, ultimately becoming a unique celebration of your true, authentic self.

Last month, Converse introduced its biggest campaign, Made By You, to celebrate its iconic Chuck Taylor All Star shoes.
The core concept of the campaign is, Converse patrons are given a chance to transform their beloved Chucks from canvas sneaker into an artistic canvas.
The main aim of Converse ‘Made By You’ campaign is to combines customisation and visual storytelling and give consumers a chance to show off their individuality, their emotions, their lives, and their true, authentic self.
Whether you are a famous celebrity travelling the world or a girl next door trying to make her mark, your Chucks tell a story. Your story.
When I got a chance to tell my story through my Chucks I knew exactly what I wanted it to be.
There are a lot of things that make me who I am. I am a voracious reader, an avid sudoku player, a fashion lover, a devout pop culture junkie, a wannabe political analyst, an aspiring traveler and so on. But the one word that describes me perfectly is – Feminist.

Above everything else, I am an egalitarian who is a strong believer of gender equality, equal pay, equal marriage, equal parenting and equal rights. 
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Other than expressing my true, authentic self, I also chose to get the word #Feminist painted on my Chucks as a way of paying homage to all those feminists who have paved the way for my generation.
Form Mary Wollstonecraft to the Suffragettes to Gloria Steinem to Emma Watson and many other nameless women and men who have fought for women’s rights and gender equality.
The best way for me to express my gratitude as well as carry forward the feminist legacy is by unabashedly pledge my allegiance to feminism and everything it represents.

Whenever I wear my pair of red Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, it brings to life a very intrinsic part of me and lets me show my personality and beliefs in a creative way.

Like me, if you too feel passionate about something and want to show your love and support for the same, Converse 
Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers are the perfect canvas to do so and let the world know that those Chucks not just represent you but also are Made By You!

Photography by Suraj Warrier | Collages by Digital Daku

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. They look lovely with cool customization. And, when I look back at my own college days... ha ha, I wore converse for the most part..of course x)

  2. YAY, I was waiting to see how this turned out. Loving it Amena! YOU GO GIRL. <3

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