Thursday 12 November 2015

When Fashion Meets Comfort | #UnboxWithLiva

There is an age-old debate: Can fashion be comfortable?  Is it possible for these two to function in tandem? Or is fashion and comfort mutually exclusive?
With people now aspiring to dress in a fashionable manner as well as be comfortable, more and more fashion brands are trying to put an end to the fashion vs comfort dichotomy and create something that is a blend of both.
That is how Liva was born.

For those who do not know, Liva is a new age, eco-friendly, high quality, soft, fluid fabric made from natural (wood pulp) cellulosic fibers. 

Liva recently launched 
its #UnboxWithLiva campaign that is all set to break the stereotype that fashion and comfort cannot coexists together. The main aim of the campaign is to put an end to the fashion vs comfort debate by offering both at the same time.

The fabric is the spine and foundation of a garment and is often the unsung hero of fashion. Therefore, this post is all about celebrating Liva.
The look for the post has been planed with the aim to highlight the key features of Liva. 
I have layered two high-low hem tunics together. Both of them are from Global Desi and belong to the pink family. The inner one is on the coral side with 
cerulean blue embroidery. The outer printed tunic, styled as a duster coat, is in fuchsia pink. To make the pink colours stand out I paired it with a contrast cobalt blue pants.

No stranger to Liva, I have loved it ever since I discovered it. These are the reasons why I am a fan of the fabric.
Free Flowing Fluidity
The key feature of Liva is fluidity. The fabric’s inherent free flowing characteristic makes Liva a perfect choice for a number of silhouettes and drapes.  
From tunics to palazzos and from structured jackets to flowy dresses, the fabric can be styled into a variety of shapes and designs.
Plus Size Friendly and Flatters All Body Shapes
Being plus size I always look for fabrics that drape well on my body and do not make me look larger than my size or shapeless.
Since the USP of Liva is fluidity, the fabric has a graceful fall that drapes beautifully on every body shape and size. While it is lightweight, the fabric is not flimsy. What I most love about Liva is, at no time does it add bulk. Even when layering multiple pieces the overall look is body shape and size flattering.
This is boon for any body shape or size, but for plus size it is a matter of joy. This feature of Liva makes it easy for us plus size women to pick form-flattering garments in a variety of styles and silhouette, plus, gives us the confidence to layer pieces together.
Vibrant Colours
Liva has a natural sheen to it that adds to the vibrancy of the colours. If you look at any Liva garment, whether it is in a bright or pastel shade, the colours stand out. Even the most somber colour has a rich and lustrous look to it.
Liva is a durable fabric too. The colour does not fade even after multiple washes.
Natural and Comfortable
Liva is made from natural cellulosic fibers because of which it has great absorption ability and breathability that allows the skin to breathe easily and provide comfort even on the most hot and humid days. 
Along with being skin friendly, Liva, compared to other natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, creases much lesser.
 Liva is made from natural fibres, produced from wood pulp. This is a natural renewable resource. The pulp used is from the trees that are specially grown for this purpose and more trees are planted than cut down. The best part is, it conserves more water in comparison to other natural fabrics.
Featuring: LIVA
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With the growing need and demand for minimising the gap between quality fashion and wearable comfort, Liva has been pioneer on that front. Offering consumer a product that is a fine balance of fashion and comfort.
Along with being fluid, lustrous, skin-friendly fabric, Liva is also ideal for all weathers, flattering to all body types and suited for most occasion.

Photography by Suraj Warrier 

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. Fabric made from wood?! That is so cool. I think you've proven that fashion and comfort can indeed come hand in hand with this beautiful pink ensemble :)

    Rachel xx

  2. This looks gorgeous on you <3 Love the pics!! Fashion & comfort is such a desirable combination!

  3. Ameena, you look fab in Neon Pink. Love that bag you picked too
    Style.. A Pastiche! – Diwali OOTD -

  4. Looking Very Nice &Pretty


  6. Wow Looking so cool!! i really loves red dresses for outing. You are really looking so cool. I wants to buy pant style salwar suits for outing.

  7. Hi Amena,
    Heigh ho, for the neon tunic (‘When Fashion Meets Comfort’)! By the way, we’re lucky to stumble upon that ;)

    Creativity embraces the one inside, and thanks for the thought – ‘Breaking Plus Size Fashion Rules’!!

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    Thanks & regards,
    Hamida, Content Manager, Sulekha US

  8. Love ur styling Amena! **whistles** You look so beautiful in that hue :-)

  9. Love ur styling Amena! **whistles** You look so beautiful in that hue :-)

  10. I liked the earrings you are wearing with the dress. It's not the size that matters but the will to look good is all that matters. Keep up!!
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