Saturday 7 November 2015

What Body Shape & Body Type Am I? | Shop By Shape

The one thing I have learnt during my years working as a fashion designer is, most women are really very clueless! 
Oh, they know the latest trends and the kind of dress they want, the fabric the colour right down to the shade of the sequins. 
However, most of them are happily unaware of the most integral detail: their body shape.

I have spent endless hours explaining to brides-to-be and clients why their dream outfit is just wrong for their body.
While some will say, “I am thin. I can carry off anything!” the others will say, “But this looked great on Kareena Kapoor and my body is similar to hers!”
Yes, you are thin, and yes, you have a “similar” body to a Bollywood actress, but that alone is not enough to decide if a specific outfit is apt for your body shape or not.

Our bodies have a specific structure that can largely be broken down into four basic shapes: Apple, Pear, Rectangle and Hourglass.
Each shape has a certain set of characteristics that differentiates it from the other. (Keep in mind – body shape is not the same as body size. Body size is an individual’s body measurement. So someone who is a size 2 can be a pear and so can someone who is a size 22)

Illustrations via Cristina Alonso | Creatives by Digital Daku

Not sure whether you are a pear, apple, rectangle or hourglass and wondering, “what is my body shape?” Head to Myntra app for all your answers.
To help you find the right fit for your body shape and type, Myntra has launched a brilliant feature called Shop by Shape.
The Shop by Shape Guide helps you identify your body shape and type, offers suggestions on how to flatter your shape and find pieces that best suit a particular shape.  
Not only will this feature help you understand your own body shape better, but it will offer recommendation and help find clothes that best suit you body type and shape.

What I love about Myntra’s Shop by Shape feature is, along with educating women about their own bodies, it also celebrates body diversity. Women of all shapes can now find something for themselves.  
In a country with diverse body types and shapes, Myntra is helping women of all shapes find the perfect fit for their body type.

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