Wednesday 30 May 2012

Did You Know?

Last week I was suffering from an insane ear infection. And at the peak of my pain I get this amazingly fab invite asking me to attend the launch of a denim brand’s spring-summer men's wear collection. Now on any give day I would have avoided a men’s wear launch on such a painful day, but ear ache or not, when the denim brand is dENiZEN and the invite is from non other than hottie actor Imran Khan {Bollywood actor} the brand’s ambassador as well as designer of the new collection, wild horses could not stop me from attending this event.
Before I share some Imran anecdotes, let’s talk about the collection he has put so much effort to design and create.
*The theme of dENiZEN Spring-Summer 2012 line is “Modern Crafted”. It combines a contemporary and modern look that is easy to wear and consist of casual wardrobe essentials.
*They have used Japanese Selvedge fabric, which is considered as the world’s highest quality denim. Clearly, there has been no compromise on quality.
*The colour palatte of the collection is classic red, navy, natural white and grey heather
*Since it is a Spring-Summer collection, the pieces are more on the casual side. Tee shirts and chambray shirts along with classic blue jeans and canvas shoes.

The Imran Touch.
*Know as ‘Imikipedia’{Imran +Wikipedia} by his friends. The tee’s have Imran’s fave catchphrase “Did You Know” printed on them.
*Red is Imran’s fave colour. The entire collection has red accents in them. There is a special Imran Red Rivet on the coin pocket; the last button of all the shirts is red (which looks super cool BTW), along with red overlocks on the busted side seams and red zipper tape in front.
*Raw canvas has been used for the back label. Imran said the old canvas shoes severed as an inspiration and was added to this collection on Imran’s advice.
*Imran loves to have an authentic and natural feel, so a special vintage wash is given to the tees to give them a buttery feel.
*Each piece under this collection had Imran’s signature on it. It does not get more personal than this!
During the Q&A section, we asked Imran to give us his styling suggestion, and he very smartly added the chambray shirt to the host's ensemble. Nothing looks hotter than a woman in a man's clothes!
This event was special on many reasons; firstly I got to meet Imran. He’s not just eye candy, the man’s got some major grey matter too. Plus, he likes to dress up. He loves to wear ties and change his shoes according to the occasion. Yeah go figure!{But, he is not an accessories person}. 
Beauty, brains and a sense of style *Sigh* God, we need more men like these. ASAP, please!

He was wonderful to interact with, very easy-going and no starry attitude, answered our question well and posed with us for photos. It’s very obvious from his answers that Imran has actually put efforts and contributed to the collection more than just his name and face. He has done his share of research and added his personal touches to create a fresh and trendy spring-summer collection. Must say, Imran turned out to be a complete gentleman in jeans!!!
[That's me with the new designer]
The other amazing thing was meeting with fellow bloggers and getting to interact with them. It was great time chit-chatting with Ila, Rachana & Diana, Gargi, Ritcha and Bhavna. Do check out the blogs of these lovely ladies.

FYI :Imran and the team of dENiZEN are working on a women's wear collection, which should hopefully be launched around fall-winter. Can't wait!

This was an extremely very well organized event. The entire team did a stellar job and all in all it was a brilliant launch for dapper new product.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. Great to read your always.. Zoher

  2. You know, I always thought you are based in London!!:-) BTW, fun event and you look great! Imran looks cute too;-)

    1. Why did you think I am based out of London? I am a born and raised Bombay girl. Thank you for your lovely words. They mean a lot to me.

  3. Wow! That's amazing!! :D Congrats! :) Yess! We need more men with style and are gentlemen haha!

  4. Copied our title huh? :P

    1. Ladies that is his catch phrase, pretty much on all the tee's. I knew this would be my post title when I saw him wear a tee with it. You just beat me to it. :)

  5. Did he tell you that you look very cute?
    Nice post!

  6. Thanks for tagging me Amy :)
    You are looking sweet with Imi :)

  7. Hey! Was great meeting u and thanks for tagging me :)


  8. Finally found you!
    It was lovely meeting you.
    Great blog you've got here hun :D

  9. Amena! You look so pretty! Everyone's been posting about this event, I think it was super awesome! :)

    Love the red touch and the canvas inspired part. Definitely going to be a hit I see :)


    P.S: newest post is up, do stop by

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