Monday 21 May 2012

Street Style Inspiration: Floral Jeans

Personally, I feel there are a somethings that are awesome by themselves. But when they get paired with another remarkable entity the end result could be anything from brilliant to bonkers.
That's exactly how felt about the floral jeans trend. I love jeans, I love florals but will these two work together?
So, before I decided to buy or suggest a pair to anyone, I needed to be 100% convinced about this trend myself. Is this trend just for the runways and red carpets and will they look as good on me and you as they look in an editorial spread?
Lucky for us, since the invasion of social media, we are now getting inspired by a whole new breed of fashion icons. Everyday girls like you and me are taking high fashion and giving it a whole new wearable look. And honestly, not until I saw a few of my fave fashion bloggers wear this trend was I convinced that floral jeans is a real-way trend too.

[Image Via: 1234567, 891011]
While selecting floral {or printed} jeans for the first time, keep in mind:

1.Choose Correctly: First off, you need to pick a floral print in a style and colour you are most comfortable in, as well as one that suits your body type and structure.
 If you’re not a print person; and want to try this trend, then start with small floral motif instead of big cabbage roses or colourful tropical flowers. If print is your thing, then there are a variety of floral patterns to play and experiment with.
2.Must Fit Perfectly: The same rule of picking a pair of good, well-fitted jeans apply here too. They must fit very well on your waist, hips, butt, and crotch. No bulging, sagging, hanging, please. Remember, an ill fitted floral {or printed} jeans will not only look bad, but also attract unwanted attention on places you don’t want to flaunt. The fit is of paramount importance.
3.Balance is Key: Lets face it, this trend is not for those who are print shy, and if not styled correctly one may end up looking like grandma’s bedroom! But, don't let it's novelty and statement making quality scare you off from trying it out.
Thanks to our fave fashion bloggers, we’ve learnt different ways to style this trend. Since floral jeans are a statement piece, the outfit should be built around it. From print-mixing floral with stripes to pairing then with solid colours and adding statement jewellery, floral jeans can easily be mixed with key-items and current pieces from wardrobe.
The beauty of floral jeans is that it is an any-time-of-the-day friendly item. Be it family brunch or shopping trip with the girls or dinner date, floral jeans can work its way through different social occasions. With unlimited styling options, here are some of my suggestions to styling summer’s blossoming trend.
[More information on these pieces here.]

Well then ladies, are you ready to adorn your legs with some trendy floral bouquets? And how would you like to style it? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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  1. looks cool.Great ideas for a nice summer lunch

  2. Super post! I just showed my boyfriend my new floral jeans and he made a face but then again boys don't understand fashion.
    I Want It All

  3. Love this post! I got a floral jeans recently and can't get enough of it! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  4. Frankly speaking in my opinion floral jeans just should not be made...they are no more then fitted pajamas to me :) anyways, its just my opinion i guess :)

  5. Hey girl. As usual, you are beautifully presenting information with clean design. And thanks for the styling tips, particularly like the second combination!

    Love, Miffalicious.[]