Saturday 26 May 2012

From Runway To Real Way

While most fashion bloggers have other day jobs, my day job is fashion too! I have studied it, work in it, and pretty much know the nitty-gritty of the business. And, like every professional, I too, constantly get bombarded with question regarding my profession: “Why is high fashion so unwearable?” “I wonder if people actually buy that?” “How come it look so good on celebrities and not me?” And my all time fave: “Do normal people really wear something like that?”

 The truth is, couture and high fashion is often eccentric and over-the-top but it is not always unwearable.
 Here are some easy–breezy tips that will help you  transform runway trends 
into real way looks and make them into your individual style statement.
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I.Deconstruct The Look.
While most {non-fashion} people look at a style/trend-runway or editorial- as a whole, fashion denizens-editors, stylists, buyers, merchandisers- deconstruct the entire look. You’re wondering what is ‘deconstruct’? In simple language, deconstruct is basically breaking down a piece of art-books, movies, poems, paintings- into smaller parts and understanding how that thing was created. Rather than seeing the object as whole, it  focus on smaller, individual elements. What appears as far-fetched and unwearable by many, when broken down into smaller parts-colour, print, texture, silhouette, accessories, era- becomes unique and trendy in the eyes of the fashion illuminate.

II.Interpret It Your Way.
Your individual understanding and interpretation of things plays a significant role in everyday life. That is why even in the 21st century people discover new aspects of Shakespeare’s plays and Freudian philosophy.
For example the 90’s high-school rom-com ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ was inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. But instead of staying true to the original time frame, location and character names {16 century Italy}, the director’s choice of the location, time frame and names {20th century America} was apt to appeal to a modern and younger audience.
Similarly, in fashion, an individual’s interpretation of a trend is of paramount importance.
Lets take the neon trend. Everyone loves it but a lot of people find its boldness very over-whelming. I too love this trend. And since I don’t wish to wear it in all its bright glory, I opted to interpret this trend the best way it would suit me.
[Images via 123456,]
Instead of doing a head-to-toe neon, I prefer to add a neutral colour to balance my outfit. Personally, I love the combo of white and neon. It looks amazing with western as well as Indian wear. This way, I get to wear the trend and not be too self-conscious about it.

III.Make It Work For YOU!
The final step is also the most crucial one. How you interpret the trend and then style your outfit can actually make or break a look.
It’s like our board exams. We all study the same stuff and give the same paper, but some will score better than the others. The reasons varies from whether you liked the subject or not, your understanding of a tricky question and how well you could perform in the given time. A combination of all this plays a significant role in the end result.
 In fashion too, certain key items and trends are common to all, but the way we relate to a trend and style it makes all the difference.
[More information on these pieces here]
{Look I: A-line silhouette mini dress is apt for someone with a petite, delicate frame.
Look II would ideally work well with a pear shape body type. Depending on your personal preference, the length of the skirt can be adjusted. For those who don't like sleeveless, you can always add a jacket or shrug to compliment your look.
Look III is plus size chic. Pair a well-fitted tunic/kurti with ivory/cream jeans. This way you break the all-white monotony and still manage to get the desired white-ish look.
Accordingly, women of all shapes and sizes get to wear the same style in a look favorable to their body type}

Ever so often, I get a comment from readers asking me to style looks more wearable by plus size woman. The truth is every look and trend works on anyone and any body type as long as it is styled correctly.
Since I don’t do style post, I create collages. These collages mainly function as visual aid and style guides. In all honesty, most of the clothes in then are unaffordable, but the idea is to find similar pieces within your budget as well as according to your body type.
Someone who has struggled her entire adult life with body issues, I can understand the reservation people have to trying-out certain styles. Here’s the trick-you can always trade one piece of garment for another. Not a skirt person, swap them for a pair of pants in the same colour, or add a shrug if you’re uncomfortable in sleeveless. To hot to wear a scarf, wear a necklace instead. Or if a silhouette is not for you’re body structure, then just work with the suggested colour palette and accessory picks. All you need to do is keep your personal preferences and body type in mind and you too can achieve aesthetically stylish results.
Always remember, fashion is for women {and men} of ALL sizes, shapes, ages and social strata, and not just a privilege of the thin, the young, the rich and famous.

How do you interpret a trend? And what are you self-styling tips? Share your views  with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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