Saturday 5 May 2012

Trend Spotting: Colored Jeans

One fine day, the quite boy who has been working with you for the past 3 years, shows up looking like a corporate version of Ryan Gosling! Shocker!!! What do you do, other that stop in your tracks, stare and take notice of him like you're seeing him for the very first time. Well, that’s exactly how this new trend has taken-over and made its impact on the world of fashion. For years and years we all have worn jeans like second skin, but for the first time we are actually giving them insane amount of attention {Almost at par with Kate and William’s wedding coverage}. Why so you ask? Because designers’ world over decided to add some serious colour to our otherwise uniform indigo/blue jeans, and offer us a complete new way of wearing a classic piece of garment.
So, the next time you're off to buy a new pair of jeans, make them a coloured pair.[Images Via Top:1,2,3,4,5,6 Bottom:1,2,3,4,5,6]

While selecting colored jeans for the first time, keep in mind:
1.Pick a color you're most comfortable in. There is no point buying one in a colour you won't wear and that will eventually been seen adorning your closet instead of you! If you’re not a colour person; and want to try this trend, then start with shades similar to classic denim like navy or dark brown. If you are a colour lover like me then the world is your coloured denim oyster. From in-your-face neons to soft pastels the colour variety is endless.

Note to self: Pick a colour you will wear more than five times.
2.The same rule of picking a pair of good, well-fitted jeans apply here too. They must fit very well on your waist, hips, butt, and crotch. No bulging, sagging, hanging, please. Remember, an ill fitted colored jeans will not only look bad but attract unwanted attention on places you don’t want to flaunt. The fit is of paramount importance.

3.Colored jeans are a statement piece, therefore the cut and style should be flattering to your body type. Finally, make sure along with the colour and fit, the fabric and the overall finish of the jeans is up to your liking. 

For the colour experimenters, here are some of my styling suggestions for bright and bold coloured jeans.
[More information on these pieces here.]

Different ways to style Colored Jeans

1.Mix it with Neutrals:
The safest way is to pair your colored denims with neutral shade-black, white, grey, nude, beige, ect. Any coloured pair-bright or light- would look amazing with a white button-front shirt or a tan blouse or a black tank. For a night out you can spice up the look by pairing it with a metallic top.
For example, I have paired scarlet red skinnies with silver grey beaded top- it is a regular grey and red outfit, with a trendy twist! Glam-up this look with a complimenting purple clutch and black and white earrings and stilettos. Or if you're in a mood for soft shades, then pair lime green jeans with a light brown pussy-bow blouse. Because the base of the outfit is so classic looking, polish the look off with bold accessories such as printed bag and cuff bracelet. Throw on a pair of bright coloured sandals and your good to go!

2.Pair it with a Print:
Prints are having a major moment this summer-ranging from classic floral to nautical stripes to funky tribal and many more. The beauty of prints is that they can be styled  in a casual as well as formal way.
The cobalt blue jeans plus colorful stripe top and a contrast colour shoulder bag and bangles is perfect for a casual outing. While for a more sophisticated or semi-formal look combine a tribal print blouse with lilac jeans, chunky jewelry and taupe wedges. The beauty of coloured denims is that they work very well with western as well as Indo-Western wear. Style an embellished ikat print tunic {kurti} with salmon colored jeans and gold earrings and sandals, and you have the perfect ensemble for a dinner with the in-laws.

3.Try Colourblocking: Another fun way to rock your colored jeans is to pair them with another colour piece. You can pair colours from the same harmonies-cool colours, warm colours, pastel on pastel ect- or you can pair contrast colours. Opting for a colour combination that works well, pair canary yellow jeans with a pink {floral} top for a brilliant colour-block look. The outfit is a statement on its own, therefore finish this look with classic jewelry and bag.
 If bright colour is not your style; have no fear, you can always opt for soft and candy coloured jeans.
[More information on these pieces here.]
Whether you like to wear then bright and bold or soft and light there is a coloured pair that is bound to whet your style appetite! 
{For some more coloured denim styling options check out how to style tangerine, mint green, pale pink, neon yellow and neon pink jeans}

What's your take on this trend? And which coloured jeans has your name on it? Share your views with me in the comment section.

Till then, tra-la,
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